Nevermore at Jaxx, July 3, 1999

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Nevermore at Jaxx, Springfield, VA July 3rd 1999


I went and saw Nevermore at JAXX last night. It was a great show! They played with 3 local bands for only $10.00!!! This place JAXX always has great shows for good prices…

Anyhow the show started with a Baltimore band called Oppression. Pretty cool band, actually! Very retro…a definite Bay Area Thrash Metal Sound to them. Next local opener was a Northern Virginia band called Division. These guys were traditional power metal all the way! Highlights of their set were the covers of Power of the Night (I like their version better actually!) by Savatage and Rainbow in the Dark by Dio (a worthy cover song)!! After they were done, some local trendy rap/core band called Drivelink came on. They were ok, but sounded like every other STP/Creed/Rage Against the Machine type group out there…. 3 words to describe Drivelink: “Dime A Dozen”.

Finally, after 2 good bands and 1 mediocre one, Nevermore came on! Man I love these guys!!! This is a band worthy of respect and appreciation! They sounded just like the album for the most part! I wont go too deep into it, but they played the following songs: Beyond (w/in), Death of Passion, This Sacrament, Next in Line, Tomorrow Knows, Future Tense (old Sanctuary Song!! Yes!), Dreaming Neon Black, Desecration, Silent Hedges, Fault of the Flesh, Poison God Machine, Sorrowed Man, Battle Angles, and 7 Tongues of God. My favorite songs were This Sacrament, Future Tense, Silent Hedges, and 7 Tongues of God.

I met Warrell Dane and the whole band are great guys. They are down to earth and like their fans. Warrell has a funny sense of humor, right before the last song he told us that he was not “going to do that Rock Star Crap, and pretend we left, just so you can yell for an encore! That’s something Cinderella would do!!! This is our last song, period!”,  and then they ripped into 7 Tongues. He also dissed all the trendy “Short-haired Wanna-be Metal Bands” out there, and said “Korn is a fucking Breakfast Cereal, not a band”! So true so true! It is great to see a band that supports the underground and respects their fans!

I don’t have the new one or the EP yet, but I am definitely going to get them. If you like Nevermore I encourage you to buy the 2 Sanctuary albums that are available. They are excellent! This was one hell of a show and truly Nevermore are one of the finest metal bands around!!! 

Thanks to John Gee for this review!