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Live at St. Andrew’s Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Monday, December 6, 1999
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson



Mike Patton. Dave Lombardo. Buzz Osbourne. Trevor Dunn. Man, these four guys are AMAZING! I would guess there were only 150-200 people at this show. St. Andrew’s Hall is a good place to see a live band. It is right in the heart of downtown Detroit.

Opening for Fantomas was some stupid-ass techno bullshit “band” called Kid 606 or something like that. What is the purpose of this? It’s one guy, a computer, and some other electronic crap on stage. He doesn’t really play anything?just pushes buttons. Why not just pop your CD into a player, push ONE button (“play”), and be done with it? Stupid?pointless?annoying. I cannot believe people listen to this crap. In ten years, is anyone going to care about this ass wipe? This kind of “music” has no integrity.

Enter Fantomas. They opened up with Mike ripping on us for being the home of Kid Rock. This was pretty funny indeed. But without warning they started the music with Dave and Trevor’s pounding drums and bass, along with Mike’s hiccup vocals . Everyone in the audience just watched in awe as the show progressed. I just had to get close to witness this monstrosity. Fantomas sounded superb, and their performance was virtually flawless, which is amazing considering the technicality and insanity of their album. Timing is critical for this band, and it was very entertaining watching Mike staring at Dave with evil eyes to make sure they’re right on target. And if you’ve never seen Dave live, you’re missing out on quite a sight! Damn is he furious! Fantomas ripped through the first half of their album with very little pauses and in-between-song ramblings. Although during the quiet parts of the music, people were yelling various Mr. Bungle song or demo titles, or other nonsense, to which Mike responded by telling us to “shut the fuck up” and threatening to play a Kid Rock medley and all of his hit songs, including a ballad. Mike couldn’t remember the name of Kid Rock’s ballad and asked Buzz what it was called. Buzz shrugged his shoulders with a clueless look and muttered “I don’t know?the ballad of Detroit?” Mike replied “wait, I know?it’s called ‘The People Mover'”. Which is very hilarious if you’ve been to Detroit and know what this piece-of-shit public transportation train thing is.

As a change in pace, after completing the first half of the album, Fantomas played what I would guess is a cover song. If you know Mr. Bungle, Patton’s other band (duh), you know they always play covers?anything from D.R.I. to Loverboy! The song Fantomas played tonight sounded like a love song, judging from the words and how soft the song was. But there was a middle section that was fast and heavy that threw everyone off for a bit. After this song, they played the second half of their album. So in all they played their whole album! Is that not awesome!? And the crowd loved every minute of it! And as usual, the band left the stage while the fans shouted for the band to come back. Well they did. And guess what they played for an encore: a fucking Slayer medley! HOLY SHIT! Every time you go to see a band perform live, and that band has a musician formerly from another band, people shout that other band’s name. For what reason I don’t know. So naturally, during this show people were yelling “Slayer!”, as if the band would hear it and respond by playing “War Ensemble” or something. Well I sure as hell wasn’t expecting a Slayer medley! Starting off with the intro drums of “Criminally Insane”, they mixed up various songs from “Reign in Blood”, but Fantomas style. They toyed with the arrangements and tempos, exaggerated some music or vocal parts, or played the parts true to form. Absolutely brilliant and exciting! After the show Dave threw out his sticks to the crowd. I missed my chance at getting his second stick. It went right by me. Damn! What is my problem!?

This is perhaps the best show I have ever seen! These guys are breathtaking. Just phenomenal! It’s no wonder I bought a hat, shirt, jacket, sweatshirt, and stickers after the show! Remember, a band makes its money from merchandise sales, not ticket sales nor record sales. And the band deserves every penny of my contribution!