Ronny Milianowicz of Dionysus and ex-Sinergy

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Ronny Milianowicz of Dionysus and ex-Sinergy

Interviewed by Rick

Ronny Milianowicz was the original drummer for Sinergy and is now part of a great new up and coming metal quartet which features Olaf Hayer from Luca Turilli‘s band. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Ronny about his past with Sinergy, his present with Dionysus and his future. 

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First let me start by asking you how you came about being a member of Sinergy?

It was Joacim in Hammerfall who met Kimberly in Gothenburg and she was searching for a drummer and since Joacim and me were working on a musical called “Conspiracy”, he recommended me. I have known him for some years now so he knew that I’m quite a proper drummer and a nice guy to work with.


That?s cool, I will get back to your work with Joacim a little later. What was it like being a member of the band? Was it a true band or did it seem like a project and you were just a hired member?

To be honest I think it felt like a true band in the beginning. I’m not saying it is not that nowadays but for my taste the band changed line ups a little to much from studio, live and so on. I’m very honored to play with Jesper (who since that time has become an extremely close friend and we always hang out together) Alexi, and Sharlee but to me it wasn?t the right thing after the tour in Japan.


The constant line up changes were taking a toll and making it feel like less of a band effort?

I also felt that some parts of my expression was missing and therefore I needed to start something of my own which absolutely isn?t MY band. I learned one thing …you are dumb as hell if you do not let all these extremely talented musicians be as creative as they possibly can. So I am honored to play with Johnny, Nobby, and Olaf and just do one quarter of input to the band to get the best music.


How much input did you have into the recording of the first Sinergy CD? Were you given free hand in creating your drum parts or were they already set out for you?

I can say those rehearsal weeks in Gothenburg was very good for all of us cause we learned from each other and both Jesper and Alexi are really easy to work with so it was pretty much like brainstorm we had really fun together and I think everyone were better musicians after the recordings.


Why did you quit Sinergy?

Well its not my table anymore but to me it wasn?t what I wanted. I will definitely write/record more music with Jesper and also the live guitarist of the Sinergy?s European lineup Peter Huss, who asked me if we could do something together so as you see I don?t regret the time in Sinergy and what comes with it afterwards.


What (if anything) do you think of their second CD “To Hell and Back”?

Great musicians, not so great composing as on the first. I just heard it once but it ok I guess.


How soon after Sinergy did you start to put together your new band Dionysus? Did you feel the need to have a band right away?

Yes, everything was already arranged except a vocalist at that time. Another thing was that now I could rehearse every second weekend in Stockholm and a flight for Olaf doesn?t take much more than some hours from Hamburg.

You first brought Johnny Ohlin and Magnus Norberg into the band. I believe they are from the band Nation? How did you get these 2 guys to join your new outfit?

A friend of mine who also is a drummer and studied at the same music university as me, played me the Nation album “No Remorse” and I was blown away. I think those 2 guys are the most tight players of hard rock music in Sweden. They even played with some famous artists of Sweden.

You then had to find a vocalist. You eventually chose Olaf Hayer of Lord Byron and most well known from Luca Turilli’s solo band. How did you find him?

Hmm…..I think it started when I talked to Sasha Paeth when I met him in Sweden and I was speaking on the phone with him when he recorded Luca?s solo album so I heard Olaf directly from the studio first time so then I called him up. The great thing with Olaf is that he fits into the band also when it comes to philosophy of life. I was a little worried the first time he came to Sweden cause I knew that he was an extremely good singer but I didn?t knew if he was a dickhead ha ha!! He turned out to be very down to earth and was easy to work with. We pushed him very hard when we recorded “Paradise Land”, “Key Into The Past” and “Pouring Rain” but at the same time we really had to see if he was as focused as we are and he DEFINITELY was and we knew afterwards that we just couldn?t picked a better guy for the job. We’re extremely honored to have him as our front guy.

Does he consider Dionysus as his full time band?

Yes it?s a band. We have all been busy sending promos, recording, composing as all real bands work. We all are signing the contract so I guess that is proof in some way. Luca is a session and Lord Byron is his friends from his hometown.


Does the band find it hard having a singer who also has another project?

We don?t see a problem. We all are into different projects and it just good that we can play as much music as we can. It is also a very good thing to play with different musicians.


What is the status of Dionysus? Do you have a CD recorded to shop to the labels or are you waiting till you get a deal before recording a full CD?

We have songs for a full album and are right now in the process to recording some more songs for 2 labels that we picked out as capable of taking care of Dionysus. Then we sign and then I guess the ball starts rolling.

What else have you been doing to help get the Dionysus name out to the metal fans and to the labels?

We actually just promote ourselves to the labels at this time. The reason is that we want the real buzz when people can buy the record. We don?t wanna blow everything now!

You have a pretty good website at Who does the work on the site and has it generated much interest in the band?

Yes it has. It?s the same guy who did the old Official Sinergy homepage and he also does the worldwide known Hammerfall page. His name is Sven Fuchs and as you can see in the guest book the future of Dionysus looks bright.

Well let me congratulate you on a great site… I’m sure it will get Dionysus lots of attention. Since Olaf is the vocalist for Luca Turilli, I was wondering what your thoughts on Luca’s solo work, his main band Rhapsody and Symphonic Power Metal in general?

Oh..this is a hard one….. He?s an idol of mine you can say. I could name 100 things about his music that I love. I can recognize myself in his music, one foot in metal and one foot in classical music. I think the quality bands will always survive all hip shit but to be honest some bands out there can hardly play. I think most people call us power metal which is fine and also true but there so much more kind of music into Dionysus. Metal, classical, pop, and westcoast. I’m doing a musical with Joacim Cans as well and that?s the absolutely greatest thing with metal. You can melt it all together.

You have mentioned a few times that you have collaborated with Joacim Cans on a musical called “Conspiracy”. Can you fill us in on what that?s all about?

Yes this is something I’m very proud of. For the first time I can call myself a composer instead of a songwriter. It?s a massive production for symphony orchestra, choir and solo vocalists.


What other instruments do you play other than drums?

I play some piano but cant keep up with Johnny?s chops, but when I compose I do it the absolutely best way, at the drawing board. I think I’m the one of the only one who doesn?t sit with a guitar. Its also good since I travel a lot so I can work even when I?m on a train or something.

Also I see that you plan on some future collaborations with Jesper Stromblad (In Flames) who was a member of Sinergy along with you. Have you done any work with him recently?

There is no time for it now but I will be at his place over New Years. In Flames take up all his time but when time is there…sure we will work together again!!!!

In North America, Mallcore (Nu-metal) or whatever you want to call it, has become very popular with bands such as Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and Korn. Do these bands have any popularity in Europe and what are your thoughts on these rap core bands and their type of music?

Oh god!!! I don?t even dare to comment on this cause its way out of my field. I hardly recognize the names ha ha! Limp basket??? Well I heard some of these bands but if they’re big here I don?t really know. Time is not my friend nowadays I don?t have so much time to be a music consumer but I don?t think they’re selling half as much as Hammerfall or Helloween.


That?s great! Glad to hear that real metal is still popular over there unlike here. This Month did an editorial on the importance or non importance of lyrics in heavy metal songs. What is your opinion? Are they important or not?

I think it up to the listener how interested he /she is in what?s going on around us. For me I cant play old jazz tunes from another decade with a happy smile when the world around us is falling apart. I want to write about important things that effect our daily lives.

What are some of your influences and who have you been listening to lately?

I was brought up with Abba and BoneyM cause they were my father?s favorites. But I got hooked on metal after hearing “Fast as a Shark” by Accept. Then Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Rhapsody, and Bach, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Swedish folk music even some jazz. I try to my as open minded as I can to get new influences.


Any final words for the readers of

So this is where I should come up with something really smart to say ha ha !! Well I would say that Metal is here for us all!!! White, black, male, female, believer or not, long hair, short hair, young, old. For me that?s the meaning of “true” metal.

Thanks Ronny for your time!!!!

Metal Rules!!

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