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Mille Petrozza – Kreator
Interviewed in Jan 2001 by EvilG

This interview was scheduled to be done via phone, but due to time constraints was done via e-mail. Mille was pressed for time so the replies are not the longest. However it does give some insight on what we can expect for the next Kreator CD. Hopefully when that comes out we will get the chance for a proper telephone interview so we can pick Millie’s brain a little better! 

I’m sure you’re been asked this by almost every interviewer but I haven’t read a reply yet…so, what is the deal with “Past Life Trauma” – This marks the 3rd “best-of” so far, the first being Scenarios of Violence and the second one Voices of Transgression.” Was this your idea to do all these best-of’s or were they forced upon you by the labels?

The first two definitely were just forced on us by the labels……I am especially not happy with ” voices…..”


Where do you keep digging up these “rare” tracks from and were there any other such rare tracks lurking in your private collection? 

There are still some live recordings that were pretty o.k. other than that I’d have to look again ….Maybe there’s some unreleased demos somewhere but they’re only demos for a reason you know.


I think a GREAT idea for the fans would be to take all the rare, unreleased AND Japanese bonus tracks you’ve ever done and put them on ONE CD. Now that would rule! 

We haven’t really released that many rare Japan tracks so it would not be enough for a whole CD…sorry.


I’ve read that you are planning on a return to a thrashier sound…did the Endorama stuff not work for the band financially or musically?

ENDORAMA represents a depressing time of my life while I was writing the album….Musically I think it’s one of the best Kreator records ever! Kreator stands for extreme music and the next record will be very extreme in a more aggressive meaning than Endorama.


Do you think that true thrash metal no longer exists, and that most thrash bands now play mainly hybrid styles like death-thrash or black metal with thrash influences?

I don’t know…..I think there is still a lot of pure thrash bands out there just take The Haunted as an example…….To put different influences into that style keeps the music interesting.


There have been many line-up changes over the years, can you tell me who will be playing on the next Kreator CD?

Not yet…….Ventor and me are definitely involved and also Christian who has been the bass player for the last 6 years.


Do you consider the “heart” of Kreator to be yourself and Ventor??

Yes…..short and true.


What made Ventor come back for Outcast?

See above……( Heart of the band…..). 


What do you think of Kreator’s earlier records and style – any favorite albums or songs?

The early stuff is an very important part of our history…..I like all the records except for maybe parts of Terrible Certainty.


What is the deal with the last (hidden) track on Cause For Conflict? It sounds like layers of animal sounds, with you guys jamming in and background. That track is very disturbing to wake up to is you fall asleep while listening to that album!

Haha… you’ve got the effect there…..No special meaning though……..


Speaking of Cause For Conflict, that is one of the most brutal thrash albums ever! The album seems out of place, coming between Renewal and Outcast??!?! What happened??

All the records reflect a certain mood that we were in while we wrote the songs for it. We felt quite pissed during songwriting of Cause For Conflict due to business problems.


“Suicide in Swamps” is a brilliant, somewhat disturbing song. Why was it put on the Scenarios of Violence compilation and not Cause For Conflict?

We thought it would be a rip off to not put any rare or new tracks on Scenarios of Violence… this song was exclusively written for that Compilation.


After all these years aren’t you glad you changed the band’s name from Tormentor to Kreator?

Oh yeah……I can still identify myself with this name and I don’t know if Tormentor would have lasted that long.


Can we ever expect Kreator to tour in North America again? When was the last time you toured here?

We’re working on some Festivals and a tour at the moment. Let’s see what happens. We would love to do a tour in the U.S. Last tour was in 96 for Cause For Conflict.


Out of the many bands I listen to, Kreator has always been one of the few where I read and like the lyrics. The same things that piss you off, seem to piss me off, and I relate to this big time. Where do you get most of your lyrical ideas from? When you look at your older lyrics do they still ring true and mean what they did to you originally?

Thank you very much…..I’m inspired by everyday live situations and books……Sometimes by something I see on T.V.  Old lyrics to me are also cool since they’re more naive….. 


What CD’s / bands have you been listening to lately?

A lot of doom or stoner rock like the spiritual beggars….Mostly old Wave, Metal Hardcore…… 


What CD’s / bands have you been listening to lately?

Yeah, The haunted and Witchery are cool…I’m really into a German band called Mila Mar…. 


What did you think of the “return” of Destruction with their new CD All Hell Breaks Loose?

Very inspiring…….They’re next record should have better songs though. 


In what musical direction will Kreator be heading in for the next CD?

The next album will be in the same vain as Pleasure ….or Coma…..Very intense songs with cool melodic stuff Kreator style…..No experiments this time! 


How much of the new album is written and recorded? Do you have any album or song titles that you can let us know about?

We’re going into the studio in February. The title of the record is Violent Revolution….Producer will be Andy Sneap…( Nevermore , Testament….) 


What label will be putting out / distributing your next album?

The record will be released to SPV.


What final words or other news items would you like to pass along to readers?? Thanks for you time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, watch out for the new album !!!!!!!!! Thanx for your support and loyalty!!!!!!!!!!!


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