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Robin Engstr?m of LEFAY!
Interviewed, Dec. 6th, 2000 by EvilG

Below is an interview done with Lefay’s drummer, Robin Engstr?m. What precipitated this interview was the rumors I had heard about Lefay being dropped from Noise Records. I wanted to find out what happened and hopefully lay to rest any fears I had about the dissolution of one of my favorite bands!!!

Lets start with the obvious… Lefay was dropped from Noise Records – correct?

Noise decided to not use their upcoming option, so in theory that would mean that they dropped us yes.


Can you explain to us why?

Hmm, well…I think that the main problem would have to be money…we just don’t bring in as much as we cost I guess.


Has this put a damper on how you feel about playing music, or being in Lefay at all?

No, not really. We look at this as a new possibility to get a step up on the success ladder. Maybe we can land a deal with a company that will put us higher on the priority list…hopefully. 🙂


Did you feel that the lower sales was the fault of the label’s lack of promotion for the band?

Hmm, touchy subject…he he. Well I personally feel that they could have done more. On the last tour I checked the CD stores every other day for our “…—…” CD…and it was missing in like 9 out of 10 stores so, go figure who’s fault it is…I dunno. 🙂


Yeah, I hear ya. It was hard to get here in Canada as well!!! Was it even released over here, or was it only released in Europe?

It was released in the States at least, and as far as I know it should be released in Canada too.


Were you happy with the way the songs turned out on S.O.S.?

What can I say…the songs are all good, but given a little more time for a pre-production might have done the album better…who knows? But overall I think it is a good album that takes a few listens to get into, and that usually turns out to be the kind of album that sticks for a longer time.


How much involvement do you have in the Lefay song-writing process, is it mainly Tony and Charles?

Yes, Tony writes all the music while Micke and Peter helps out a lot in the arranging parts, then Charles does all the lyrics with some help from me…and then we all put the music and vocal lines together in some way.


So what does all this mean for the band (I hope no one has left?), and what are the band’s immediate plans, have you been writing songs for a new album?

Nobody has left the band, but as far as songwriting…we’re on a break so to speak. Everyone but me are out of town working for the moment and will be for quite some time forward. As far as plans go, we have received a few good offers from great metal labels (no names yet) that we need to look at together and decide which way to go for the next album. When all that is done we will start working on a new album I guess.


So no time frame has been decided yet? Will there be a new Lefay CD in 2001?

Hopefully, if everything works out with a new label and everything…we should have an album out by fall/winter 2001.


You have been with Lefay for three albums now  (Seventh Seal, the re-recording of Symphony of the Damned and S.O.S.). Can you tell me how they discovered you, and how you got asked to join the band? Also, what were your thoughts about Morgana Lefay prior to this?

How they found me? Well, me, Micke and Peter have rehearsed next door from Morgana Lefay for many years with our other band Fantasmagoria and we’ve been friends for more years, so maybe we were the natural choice when they needed new members. I always liked Morgana Lefay’s music, maybe ’cause they are such good friends…who knows…but I’ve always liked Tony’s songwriting and Charles vocals.


Are you still a member of Fantasmagoria? If so, what’s up with that band? By the way, did you get the band name from the Annihilator song “Phantasmagoria”? 🙂

I’m still a member yes, and we just got a new second guitarist: Johan Wadelius (also bassist/vocalist in Evercry) and we are trying to work out some new material to send around to the labels…we have a few lined up for the moment so.

And yes, we got the name from there…just changed the “Ph” to an “F” ’cause it looked better in the logo. 🙂


So I assume you are a big Annihilator fan? In my opinion, they are probably the best metal band from here (Canada)!!

Yes I like Annihilator a lot…or at least the early stuff…haven’t heard anything for a while now…


Does Fantasmagoria have a webpage?

We do not have a site yet, still looking for someone good and reliable to run it.


Is Fantasmagoria also based out of Bolln?s, Sweden? Tell me a bit about the scene there. Last time I spoke with Tony, he said that it was amazing how many metal bands are from there!!

Fantasmagoria is from Bolln?s too yes, and what can I say about the scene…we have a big house here with 11 rehearsals and some 16-17 bands playing there. Out of all this it’s about 10-11 bands that either has or is negotiating a record deal…that’s pretty good stats if you ask me. And another thing…nobody sounds like any of the other bands. 🙂


Last Fantasmagoria questions…
How would you describe the band’s sound and how different is it from Lefay?

We are much more aggressive, more in the realms of Pantera, Machine Head with a little Iron Maiden tossed in there…


How can people hear Fantasmagoria’s music??

So far I think we are available on Nuclear Blast mailorder, but if not contact the label that did the CD, e-mail: info@trudani.se

A typical question, but one I always like to read about – what bands would you consider as an influence?

Well…ALLOT!!! All from Metallica to Uriah Heep, it’s very hard to pick out a few because we have such different preferences in metal and music in general so…I dunno…I think we get influenced mostly from what we are listening to every day…which is all from the darkest Death Metal to the crappy stuff they play on commercial radio. 🙂


Do they play any REAL metal on the radio there? Here we don’t get any except for a bit of it on the local university station.

Same here, I actually run a show at school…”Apocalypse 98,4″ but we only reach our town and our neighbor town so….


What do you play on your show??? All metal??? Do you plug LEFAY on the air? hehe…

We play all kinds, and of course I plug my bands a little bit 🙂 …would not be objective if I didn’t right?


What bands have you been listening to lately?? Have any albums released this past year blown you away???

Don’t hate me now…Slipknot really got my attention recently and the Machine Head CD “The Burning Red” is growing on me every time I hear it…

OH MY GOD!!!! I’m dying here. hahaha. I hate ShitSnot, and Machine Head’s latest album was an abomination!! Rob Flynn should NEVER RAP!! hahah

Do you like any non-trendy true metal bands? hahah

Well, dare I say that I completely forgot (I’M SORRY GUYS!!!) Nevermore’s “Dead Heart In A Dead World”…that’s a total KILLER!!!

Yeah, that is a GREAT album – dark, heavy, melodic…METAL! No “nu-metal/rapping/mallcore” sounds on that on hahaha!!

So….You mentioned to me that you were attending some type of school. What are you studying?

Radio technique…gonna be a host/technician some day I hope:)

Cool!! So you wanna read out www.metal-rules.com on the air some night? muuuhahahah!

Sure, no prob…


Does the band own or run www.lefay.com? It’s a great site, but…I was just wondering why it’s not updated all that often?

Duh…as if I don’t know…ha ha, well I’m in an argument with the webdude at the moment regarding whether I told him to update or not…he’s a bit soft in the head I think…but check out www.lefay.net she might be taking over soon…if nothing happens with the other dude…


Is there anything else you would like to let Lefay fans know about???

Well, they don’t need to worry about the label situation…we’ll be back soon…stronger than ever hehe, and have a Mental X-mas and a Scrappy New Year!!! And don’t forget…beer makes Your hair grow faster…he he.


Well I guess that’s all I can ask you about. I just hope, as a Lefay fan, that things go well for you and that we can rest assured that a new album will be out…the sooner the better haha!

Cool, and thanx for all the support bro:) Hope to be back soon with a release-related interview 🙂 C-YA!!!

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