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Matt Harvey of Dekapitator
Interviewed in Jan 2001 By Luxi Lahtinen

“…We wanted to show those Europeans that the Bay Area has always been the ultimate breeding ground for Thrash Metal and that we could whip ass on all the Swedish poser bands…”

Jezuz!! When you’re playing with Matt Harvey of DEKAPITATOR, you’re  playing with fire. At the age of 13, he got to hear bands like POSSESSED, KREATOR, CELTIC FROST, etc. for the very first time. I guess somehow he obviously knew that the world couldn’t be the same for him from that day on. The second coming of the Bay Area Thrash Metal may well be in the tight grip of DEKAPITATOR but now however, let’s just unleash the beast himself. That beast’s leading us right behind the darkest corners of the well-kept secrets of the band. Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present… DEKAPITATOR from the Bay Area, San Francisco…


Let me guess; DEKAPITATOR started off with your deep love and respect towards ol’school Speed/Thrash legends such as KREATOR, SODOM, SLAYER, CYCLONE and the likes, correct?

Not exactly… Yes we have a lot of respect for the  80’s scene, since that’s really where we got our start in Metal, but it was more of a response to shitty bands like INFERN? and DESEKRATOR, who have effectively killed the retro-Thrash movement before it got off the ground, which sucks. We wanted to show those Europeans that the Bay Area has always been the ultimate breeding ground for Thrash Metal and that we could whip ass on all the Swedish poser bands… What I’d really like to see is some attention being paid to real Thrash bands like us, MAZE OF TORMENT, HYPNOSIA, WITCHBURNER,  DESASTER and a handful of others who are not joke bands and who are keeping the real fucking Thrash Metal sound and attitude alive. By the way, I have yet to hear CYCLONE and it’s killing me!! Chuck Keller (ex-ORDER FROM CHAOS) has compared us to them also, yet only our rhythm guitarist Blackwulf has heard this supposedly awesome band! Another thing that inspired Andy and I to start the band was a friend’s band called INEXTREMIS. They were a straight up Metal band in the  METALLICA / MEGADETH vein, but it got us thinking that playing all-out Thrash would be really fun. We wrote a couple of songs and that was it. This was in ’94… A year or two later (too many beers ago to remember!), Bulldoze, our companion on many a vinyl-buying binge, was complaining about not playing in a band. So we decided to form DEKAPITATOR…”

Sounds like you truly are pissed off towards all these “shitty(!)” bands, like INFERN? and DESEKRATOR for making kind of “fun” out of the true essence of retro-Thrash, giving a bad name to the whole concept of Thrash Metal – what the true, original Thrash Metal was used to be all about. But don’t you think everyone’s allowed to try; even bands like INFERN? and DESEKRATOR, even if they supposedly don’t fulfill everyone’s personal expectations of what a real Thrash Metal should really be all about, first and foremost? Another hard fact is that we just CAN’T ignore Europe for its fertilizing ground for Thrash Metal either as many think what happened in Europe’s underground Metal scene in the mid’80s, was more remarkable than anything that was connected to the Bay Area thing. 

Well, not exactly what I’m thinking of it, but on the other hand, not too far removed from the truth either… I would never try to take anything away from the European Metal scene; I fucking love it! I just think that after VENOM, the US led the way in the Thrash revolution. Germany may be the all time #1 Thrash scene, but the Bay is where it began. As far as DESEKRATOR and INFERN? are concerned, they  have every right to make whatever music they want to and if people are foolish enough to put it out or buy it, then that’s their choice and/or problem. I think that Thrash has always had a sense of humour, but you should take the music seriously, not yourself! Another point that’s important to make is that countries like Canada and Brazil had killer scenes that are often overlooked! RAZOR, SACRIFICE, AGGRESSION, EXORCIST, SLAUGHTER, CHAKAL, MUTILATOR, SARCOFAGO, HOLOCAUSTO; those are all great bands that have not had the impact they should have due to their country of origin. The music is the most important thing, not where you’re from!


Did what happened in the underground Metal scene of the 80’s have more meaning for you than today’s Metal scene could possibly ever offer you?

Well, the 80’s were the ultimate decade, not only for Thrash Metal but for Death Metal as well. Don’t forget that albums like ‘Horrified’, ‘Symphonies Of Sickness’, ‘Mentally Murdered’, ‘From Enslavement  To Obliteration’, ‘Left Hand Path’ and ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ were all released in the 80’s. I was also thirteen in 1989, so I feel like I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the 80’s like I should have. All I could do  was listen to albums like ‘Endless Pain’, ‘Morbid Tales’ and ‘Seven Churches’, without ever seeing those bands Live because of my parents, age, etc. I was a Thrash maniac in Junior High School, along with our drummer and DEKAPITATOR is the band we would have wanted to be in!! I played in a very terrible band called DARKNESS (I hadn’t heard the German one yet) but our drummer didn’t want to play fast, so I quit! Another friend of mine and I both played guitar and wanted to start a band, but he moved away to Washington, so that never came through. DEKAPITATOR is the result of years of unfulfilled Thrash ambitions, you see!!


I totally agree with you that the 80’s was the ultimate decade for both Thrash and Death Metal. Besides the albums you listed here, some of my very favorite 80’s albums from the Death Metal era that should deserve a mention herein, were (and still are to be more accurate!) ATHEIST’s “Piece Of Time”, MORBID ANGEL’s “Abominations Of Desolation” (which unfortunately saw the light of the darkened day some years later in the 90’s, originally put out as a vinyl through Japanese Satanic Records, by the way.) and “Altars Of Madness” albums, AUTOPSY’s “Severed Survival”, PESTILENCE’s “Malleus Maleficarum” and “Consuming Impulse” albums, OBITUARY’s “Slowly We Rot” albums that set quite a few standards for the forth-coming trends to come. I was 21-year-old back in ’89 and have been following the Metal scene intensively indeed and was 99.9% into it from the very bottom of my (Metal) heart! And I STILL AM; In the beginning of the new millenium!!  Anyway, why you think it took this long to find this Bay Area sound again? Or would you rather like to say that it’s always been there and someone just had to dig it up back to the forefront of the scene one more time?

The reason that the Bay Area scene was forgotten was because it died a horrible, ugly death! Who can forget such awful albums as EXODUS’ ‘Impact Is Imminent’, VIOLENCE ‘Nothing To Gain’, FORBIDDEN ‘Green’, DEATH ANGEL ‘Act III’ or ‘Frolic Through The Park’ and utterly shitty bands like HEATHEN, LAAZ ROCKIT, MORDRED (uugghh…); that was some of the worst shit ever unleashed! And the Bay Area coined the worst term ever in the late 80’s: ‘Funk-Thrash’… Need I say more?!? The only people more responsible for ruining Thrash are ANTHRAX! The scene here was pathetic creatively, because every band thought that they would turn around and become METALLICA next week. So naturally the underground rose up to devour the bloated corpse of the once lean and mean Bay Area scene, as it should be: The strong will overwhelm the weak, until they become decadent and corrupt and they in turn are replaced by the next generation!


Well then… Tell us something about the songs on your debut album titled “We  Will Destroy… You’ll Obey!!!”. Besides, you’re having this “teutonic(!)” feeling stamped all over your music; the lyrics on “We Will Destroy…” also have quite an enormous tendency to remind us of old KREATOR / SODOM / CYCLONE albums in their own peculiar way… Was it a coincidence?!

I guess it’s inescapable because I spent about two years listening to mainly SODOM, IRON ANGEL, VIOLENT FORCE, LIVING DEATH, ASSASSIN, KREATOR, BATHORY, EXORCIST, SLAUGHTER, DESTRUCTION, PROTECTOR, NME, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, EXCITER, SADUS, EXODUS, VIOLENCE, POSSESSED, HEXX, NASTY SAVAGE, SACRIFICE, and a lot of other Thrash bands. I really think that the album sounds more like ‘Bonded By Blood’ or ‘Power And Pain’ than anything German, but we definitely live for German Thrash. We just wrote the songs that we’d want to hear on a Thrash record. That’s really our only plan of attack. We really don’t set out to do any one thing or sound any one way. We just like to drink beer and play fast.


A-HEM…! Drinking beer and playing fast, what a way of life indeed?! Are you sure you don’t have any roots in Finland? Those two elements sound so familiar and fit perfectly to many of us Finns for sure…

The only problem I have with Finland is that it’s too damn COLD!! IMPALED NAZARENE and ROTTENSOUND are godzzz, though! Hopefully we will get out to that dark and chilly part of the planet, drink your beer, bang your heads and fuck your women!

How exactly did your deal with BLACKMETAL.COM happen? Can you remember precisely what Elden and Debbie said or thought when they both got to hear DEKAPITATOR for the very first time?

Well, the whole DEKAPITATOR thing kind of just happened accidentally, step by step. We were just kind of fucking around and then got the offer for the 7″ and then, we played a couple of shows. We then got the offer for the album. I’ve known Elden and Debbie for a while now and it was really casual dealing. We have like a one page contract and total freedom to do whatever we want, so it’s really comfortable. I was really surprised that people have reacted the way they have to this band. A lot of my longtime friends tell me that DEKAPITATOR is way better than EXHUMED. We’ve gotten a lot of really killer compliments from people like Kevin from BLOOD FEAST, Moyses of KRISIUM, Kam Lee (the fucking man!!), Armando, ex-DORSAL ATLANTICA, Tony from WHIPLASH and a lot of other really fucking awesome people! So it’s been pretty fucking cool!


That’s quite intense, like you recently said that some guys from the bands which you considered as your influences, have really been into your stuff, too. I bet that all this utterly positive response is what keeps you going on, very motivated and devoted to the whole concept around DEKAPITATOR and Speed/Thrash Metal as a fine piece of (underground?) music. Seems like things couldn’t look more promising and brighter for the DEKAPITATOR camp at the very moment, could they really?

Well, we could use a record deal, as we are totally independent right now. But yeah, we’re pretty happy right now. Touring is also something we’re looking forward to doing after the next album, hopefully. The response that we have gotten has really blown us away! It means a lot to us that people we have so much respect for have given us that kind of encouragement! The main thing that has always kept us going has been the simple fact that we are just fans of the music. That’s the only reason why we do it! Everything else just ads fuel to the fire!


Did you receive some interest from other labels as well? What were the main reasons that made you end up choosing BLACKMETAL.COM‘s offer instead of some other offer that you may have well received at that time? What couldn’t other labels offer you that B.M.C. did?

We didn’t really have any label prospects at the time, as we weren’t even looking for a record deal! It was just very friendly and informal, the way it should be! The best thing about it is that everything is very simple and up-front, with no long term agreement, total freedom for us, lots of trust and respect on both sides and we can go hang out at their house and drink their beer and booze!


I bet the response for your debut has been immensely positive and surprising – Probably even more than you were expecting to achieve in the very first place… What has surprised you the most as far as all this utterly positive response is concerned? The fact goes that there are so many maniacs out there who swear in the name of ol’ fashioned Speed/Thrash Metal style, hailing bands like POSSESSED, KREATOR, ONSLAUGHT, RAZOR and other since they started and forever…

Well, we’ve gotten slagged as just another rip-off band that steals riffs and lyrics, which is bullshit! Again I think it’s because people expect us to be another shitty band like INFERN? or whatever, because that have made any kind of Thrash that’s out now look like a fucking joke. But aside from those people who didn’t bother to even listen to the record, the response has been really cool. As I said in the last question, we’ve got a lot of really fucking cool support, even from some of our influences! That makes me think we’re doing something right!


Actually, I could say there’s at least two ways of doing Speed/Thrash shit; Doing it like you do, seriously and very professionally from all its possible aspects. That’s just one way to do it. Another way to do it, as I see it, is more or less in the “tongue-in-cheek” vein, kind of playing with the concept of it by adding a humor aspect into it and yet having this very determined, serious attitude towards the actual creative process, composing music thing but at the same time, joking around a little bit and just making fun out of it, you know what I mean?! I guess a healthy dose of self-irony shouldn’t harm or cause any serious mental damage for anyone and that’s what bands like INFERN? and DESEKRATOR are trying to bring forth: The irony and fun for the world of Speed/Thrash Metal!! But I bet you obviously pretty much disagree…?!

Well, I think that Thrash definitely has a ‘tongue in cheek’ aspect to it; just read an old VENOM interview, you’ll laugh your ass off! Thrash bands definitely didn’t take themselves too seriously; you never saw them trying to take this ‘Evil’ stance that has become so popular lately, or even worse the ‘We are art’ bullshit that assholes like EMPEROR claim. Metal is fucking Metal! That’s it! It’s fucking music… No one can live the lyrics, kill babies, etc. No one should try to ‘elevate’ Metal to ‘Art’; it’s all about adrenaline, headbanging and raw fucking energy, not opera and synthesizers!?! How about CRANIUM; even though they have a totally zany sense of humor, their music is totally intense. My main problem is that these bands don’t really have any direction of their own or plans to continue on because THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK! You should keep going for your own satisfaction, not because of a trend, or because you already ripped off all the riffs on the three thrash albums you own! We don’t really care what the trends are or what anyone else thinks… We Thrash because that’s we love and that’s it!


Now about the song writing process for DEKAPITATOR: What kind of an event is it actually? What’s that “driving force” of yours, which keeps you writing new material constantly? What keeps you focused during that process in question?

Just drinking and Metal, really… I play guitar pretty much every day for at least an hour, so there’s always something going on. For the next album, we’re going to have more of a concept and idea that the whole band is going to revolve around, so that’s a definite source of inspiration. The album will be more focused on a post-apocalyptic world and the violence and freedom of that kind of environment… Not too far removed from the ideas in ‘A Boy And His Dog’, ‘Mad Max’, etc. Aside from that, it’s just being a Metal fan and that’s really the thing that drives my whole life…


As for source of inspirations, besides boozing and listening/doing Metal, you mentioned that you’re going to have a bit more focused, more of a concept album next time, inspired by such cult(!) films as Mad Max, A Boy and his Dog, etc. So, that makes me ask if you consider yourself as some sort of a film freak, too? Which films have impressed you mostly and why?

Well, those are two of my personal faves, but of course there are a lot of great movies like 2001:A Space Odyssey, Farenheit 451, Metropolis, The Beyond, Gates of Hell, Zombie, Suspiria, Once Upon a Time in the West, For a Few Dollars More, Tenebrae, Phenomenon, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Nosferatu and also books like Dune, 1984, Brave New World, Slaughterhouse 5, etc. Any tales of futures god mad, or sane men in an insane world, are an important inspiration for the band.


How important actually is a well-planned, well-thought out song writing process for you? I mean, do you find it important and essential to get songs together during a relatively short period of time in order to keep them kinda up-dated and fresh for a forth-coming release? For many bands though, the problem seems to be that some of their material may be two or three years old, some other just a week or two old when the songs finally end up finding their way on an album. Within this time, there may occur some drastic changes as far as the bands’ musical orientations are concerned…

We write over a long period of time, but we feel comfortable in our style and so, I don’t think it has a big effect. Some of the songs on ‘We Will…’ were written in ’95/’96, like ‘Attack With Mayhem’ (a song with just one riff in it!), ‘Faceripper’, etc. But the later songs like ‘Posessed By Damnation’, ‘One Shot, One Kill’ and ‘Release The Dogs’ still fit in really well, I think. We will write a lot faster for the next one, which we hope to record in late summer. I think that the songs for the first album took a long time because we weren’t very serious as a band, which is changing a bit nowadays. The new stuff that we have is more militaristic and futuristic lyrically and has a bit more variation than the first one… But not a drastic change. We write songs quickly, about one a night when we are working on shit in earnest. Right now, we’re really kind of locked in on the new EXHUMED album, so DEKAPITATOR hasn’t really done too much in a while. We’re kind of riding the publicity of this album and playing a few one-off shows and
 looking for a new contract for right this second.


Would you tell us a bit something more specific about new stuff you’ve done since your debut album? Who has done what; In the other words, how have you shared both lyric and song writing for the new material this time around? And do you believe your new songs are the most satisfying shit you’ve managed to come up so far? What’s exactly your own personal fave tune out of all the DEKAPITATOR stuff and for what reason(-s)?

My favorite DEKAPITATOR track is ‘Haunted By Evil’ on our split with NUNSLAUGHTER. The recording and playing on that day just came together in a way that cannot be duplicated. Aside from that, I really like ‘Possessed By Damnation’. ‘Release The Dogs’ is usually the song that goes over best Live, though. The new stuff, I think, has a bit more dark and heavy edge to it. There are a couple of pounding slower sections and I think the sound so far is going in a ‘Hell Awaits’/’Darkness Descends’ direction. It’s a little too early to tell what will happen on the next album for sure though, but we will be incorporating some faster sections in the MERCILESS/INSANITY vein.


“Bay Area Thrash/Speed Metal Renaissance…”  That’s how  your label is describing your stuff in several adds. Did they come up with that description or was it more or less your invention? And is there a bunch of new talented, young bands coming up from the area of San Francisco that kind of want to re-invent or re-find that once lost, golden recipe for “the Bay Area Sound” once again?

Unfortunately, the Bay Area scene is really pretty bad, but the Crust/Hardcore scene is really strong, a lot better than the Metal scene, that’s for sure. We just want to bring the words ‘Bay Area’ back to the minds of real metalheads and not just MACHINE HEAD poseurs! We are trying, along with EXHUMED, to bring the Bay Area back to the forefront of the Metal scene, where it belongs! They wrote the ad copy but we insisted that the Bay Area reference be put in there!


MACHINE HEAD is a disease… DEKAPITATOR is a cure… (?/!). When people start to think of the whole Bay Area thing all over again, I’m positive you’d like to achieve kind of a status that whenever a concept “the Bay Area” comes into the light, the first thing that people would think of could be DEKAPITATOR and NOT MACHINE HEAD, correct?! Could this be one of those things you’ll be striving for in the future; To remind people that DEKAPITATOR is one of the reasons closest to the real concept idea of the Bay Area for what you should be remembered for in the future and not bands like MACHINE HEAD, that has nothing in common with the true ideology of the Bay Area any more?

Yeah, that ‘gangsta’ bullshit is from L.A. and has nothing to do with Metal, anyway! The Bay Area could be a great Metal scene but instead, it’s half-ass, with no all-ages venue and no direction in the scene. DEKAPITATOR is more in the spirit of what started the whole Bay Area Metal scene. So hopefully we will try and start it up again in the right direction! Fuck that ‘cali-Metal’ trend! We wear denim, leather and bullets, not fucking jogging suits!!


What, in your opinion, made that “Bay Area Sound” so special for many of us back in the 1982/88 period? And if you compare all this Bay area thing to the German Speed/Thrash Metal invasion (= “teutonic invasion?!”) at that time, which of them was more influential for you personally, both from a musical and lyrical aspects?

It was a special thing that encompassed a lot of styles, from METALLICA to POSSESSED, with great acts like LEGACY/TESTAMENT, EXODUS, VIOLENCE, DEATH ANGEL (the first album), HEXX, EPIDEMIC, DESECRATION, BETRAYEL, and more filling in the middle nicely. There was a massive fan base here and tons of smaller (usually very bad) bands. But there was a sense of pride in leading the Metal scene forward. Really if you get down to it, the whole ‘German’ gallop picking pattern is based off of METALLICA’s fast stuff. The Germans took things to another level of intensity in Thrash. The first time I heard KREATOR (in 1987), I thought it was the fastest thing ever. Way crazier than ‘Reign In Blood’ because of the underground production and bloodthirsty vokillz! From then on, it was KREATOR and SODOM logos written on my jean jackets (I couldn’t afford patches on my allowance!), backpacks and school books! I think that DEKAPITATOR is a total hybrid of both of those influences, because we grew up here, with all of the VIOLENCE style backing vocals and crunchy mosh riffs (see the mid-sections of ‘Possessed By Damnation’ and ‘One Shot.. One Kill’, which should incite a circle pit!) but always listened to harsher stuff, like SODOM, DESTRUCTION, ASSASSIN, etc. I think the vocals fall between Jeff Beccerra and Ventor, so again you see the crossover between Oakland and Essen…


You put it up so nicely: “The whole ‘German(!)’ gallop picking pattern is based off of METALLICA’s fast stuff…”. I think it’s kind of true if you look back into the very first movement of Speed/Thrash thing in the States, which was raised into the tabloids by the “Big Four”, namely SLAYER, METALLICA, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX.  METALLICA’s “Kill ‘Em All”, for example, was such a cornerstone for any forth-coming fast and furious shit that was coming up from the European continent at that time. As we all know by now, it raised a storm which nobody could predict in the big Heavy Metal family on how it could effect the essence of heavier music, both in Europe and the States from that day on. Now we all know what happened and where we’re standing nowadays. I must admit it truly was METALLICA that brought Heavy Metal music to another level in its heaviness and brutality. Nobody though did talk, or knew a damn thing about “the Bay Area” back in ’82 but relatively soon, the name was spread successfully around by tape traders throughout the underground Metal scene. The European Speed/Thrash Metal scene also truly started to burst into bloom by the mid’80s with all those fine bands in the first line of which you’ve been mentioning about during the interview. What do you think of KREATOR, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, etc. nowadays, as they still… Well, some of them try to keep that ol’ flame hot’n’alive and win all the sympathies they can get from metalheads to their side? Some dinosaurs are still struggling there as we know…

There is no band in existence that I have more respect for than SODOM! Over fifteen years of Thrash Metal, no wimpy bullshit!! KREATOR has lost their way after ‘Cause For Conflict’ and DESTRUCTION has tried to re-kindle the flame. We’ll see what their new album brings. SARCOFAGO and VOIVOD are two other long-running bands that I can honestly say that I like all of their albums (to varying degrees of course). I think that some of the best bands have broken up at their prime (TERRORIZER, AT THE GATES, REPULSION, etc.). Even worse than the ‘dinosaurs’ are the bands that get back together for no reason: DESTRUCTOR or RAZOR, for example. RAZOR totally let me down with their ‘Decibels’


Watchful, sharp eyes can also spot something familiar in your logo… Something from DESTRUCTION’s “Infernal Overkill” album and something that reminds us a little bit of DARK ANGEL… Who came up with that impressive logo anyway?

The DESTRUCTION skull is my one complaint about the whole album! That was NOT put there by us and none of us wanted it there… It was a last minute addition by the label, not sanctioned by us! It looks cool but again, it makes us seem like another fucking rip-off band like INFERN? or some shit! Andy, our drummer, did the logo (and the cover of the split 7″). He’s a really good artist and thanks for enjoying the logo! I hope you like the cover and our mascot, the ‘Axecutioner’, as well!


Where did the idea for “Axecutioner” come from, by the way? I have to say that your album cover does remind me of any Thrash Metal album that was released in the 80’s; Just think of any album cover from bands like RAZOR, KREATOR, SODOM, HALLOW’S EVE, etc. and you can see some similarities. In fact, was that your ‘secret masterplan’ too, to use something for the cover which brings eyes of its owner right into the golden memories of the 80’s Speed/Thrash Metal music, filling us up with some warm recollections from this particular artwork era as well?

Well, the mascot was something we wanted from the start. What is more Metal than a monster mascot!? The Axecutioner is indeed a cross between SODOM’s ‘Knarrenheinz’ and the guy from the ‘Tales Of Terror’ album. We wanted something to identify with the band instantly. The guy who painted the cover is a great artist who can do any kind of art but we gave him a few classic album covers for inspiration. We just wanted to let people know what kind of band we were from the cover, to the pictures, to the titles, etc. The cover says ‘We’re a fucking Thrash band Poseurs beware!!'” “We Will  Destroy…” has been recorded, produced and mastered at Sound Temple Studios, in Oakland, under supervising eyes of James ‘guess-who’ Murphy. Would you tell us how your recording was like there and what kind of a person James was to work with? “James is a nut! He is really funny and pretty cool to work with. His schedule can be a little intrusive, but aside from that, it was definitely fun! I think it’s good to use someone who’s into Metal, that way you don’t have to explain everything to them like an idiot. He also pushed me a lot for the solos on the record, just because he’s a great guitarist that I’ve been a fan of for years! So I really didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of him. I’m pretty proud of how the leads turned out on this one and some of my friends have even accused me of having James play some parts. That was a really cool compliment!


Give us five good, well-grounded reasons why Thrash maniacs with a sense of pride and self-respect, should purchase a copy from “We will…” rather than waste their money on MACHINE HEAD’s latest effort, “The Burning Red”?

1. We drink more beer than those wimps! 
2. No fucking athletic gear in the DEKAPITATOR band photo!
3. No bleached spiky hair on the heads of any DEKAPITATOR members!
4. No one in DEKAPITATOR ‘pogos’ on stage!
5. We will destroy  MACHINE HEAD will OBEY!!!


“What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger…”; How does this slogan fit into the uncompromising world of DEKAPITATOR, in your opinion?

The world of DEKAPITATOR is a stark future where weakness is not an option. The law of the road, the law of steel and the Nuclear ultimatum is the only law in our existence. The weak shall inherit the earth after the strong are done with it…


Do you personally feel comfortable of how things have been turning out for DEKAPITATOR so far? Do you consider your band as a bunch of very lucky bastards indeed?

Yeah, it’s been cool because everything has come really naturally. No pressure, working with friends only and great times. We will do our best to continue working in this way for as long as we can. We have been really lucky to get ‘We Will…’ on vinyl and do a killer split with NUNSLAUGHTER, a great band! Things should only improve from here, we think. We will continue to press on until we conquer the fucking Metal scene!


What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve done with the band during your relatively short history in the band and are you also that kind of a person who’s always after some sort of challenges, whatever may come up into your mind between Heaven and Hell…?

“Well, we always want to take it to the next level. We really want to tour a lot for the next album. We are always looking for a challenge; DEKAPITATOR is about confrontation! So of course we’ll continue our charge. The most challenging thing has been to do shows with intense hangovers!


About dreams and hopes… Is there anything out there you’d still like to achieve with DEKAPITATOR? And I don’t accept any “becoming-a-rockstar” bullshit…

We just want to continue to make ripping Thrash Metal and tour the planet! Really, that’s all! We will do our best to create a crushing sophomore effort and get it out on a bigger label so we can get on the road and bang the heads of metallers across the globe!


If DEKAPITATOR was a torture chamber, how would it be like?

It would be like shoving a nuclear warhead up someone’s ass!


Just shit loads of thanxx for this opportunity to interview you Matt, as the spokesman of DEKAPITATOR. I really hope it was all worth it. Any closing comments you may have… Feel free to use the rest of the space for that purpose, sir!

Great fucking interview! It was like a discussion of the true nature of Thrash… Excellent! I hope to do it again soon! Thanks for your interest and love for Metal! All Speed, Thrash and Death Metal fans: We will destroy!!! Poseurs, wimps, ‘artists’: FUCK OFF  You Will Obey!!”


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