Motley Crue/Noise Therapy Mar 28, 1999

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Motley Crue/Noise Therapy, Sunday Mar 28, General Motors Place, Vancouver


Motley Crue, to some die hard fans they still rule, to the general public, despite major newspaper coverage.. its like “are they still around?” Well this die hard fan got a chance to see the sleazy boys from L.A. for the first time and this is what I thought.

The crowd. approx. 4000, capacity 160000, form the angle of the stage, it was set in the middle of the arena, and if you ignored the upper deck, it still seemed to be an impressive showing, although it might have been better suited to a large theatre or auditorium. The stage, not huge, but impressive none the less. Cool light show, confetti cannons that almost resembled pyro. Of note was Tommy Lee’s drum kit which on the bass drum said “drug testing pisses me off.

The set list, this was kind of a disappointment. No surprises here and too short! In no particular order: Live Wire, Looks that kill, Shout at the Devil, Home Sweet Home, Wild Side, Girls Girls Girls, Dr. Feelgood, Same ‘ol Situation, Kickstart My Heart, Don’t Go Away Mad. Anarchy in the UK. Primal Scream, Afraid. I heard they played more interesting/earlier tracks at other shows on the tour. No new tracks ala bitter pill which was kinda weird. Probably a 75 minute show.

Standouts? Well the band had two slut actresses hired to act out some of the songs. This was really funny. Girls, Girls, Girls, that’s obvious: big boots, cat o nine tails, etc. Same old situation, lesbian sex simulation, lots of kissing, horizontal play, boob flashing. During one song (I cant remember which) one of the chicks was dressed in a nuns outfit and the other in a school girl outfit and they were pretending like they were getting it on. During the song Wild Side, I thought I was watching the video. Very cool.

Performance. the guys played really well. Tommy especially, was pounding the drums. At one point he came out and addressed the crowd, stating how good it was to be free after being inside for 4 months. He stated that he felt love from all the fans while he was inside. Then he asked to see some titties, He started getting really upset when no one would flash their titties at them. He called the audience lame, especially since Vancouver is supposed to be famous for their strip clubs; the boys spent a lot of time here in 89 for during production of their Feelgood album. Anyway, he really got into it when he grabbed one of those extinguisher things that sprays dry ice and jumped off the stage into the audience looking for titties. That was a riot! Mick also was cool, banging his head, he actually did a cool solo that began Kick Start My Heart. Some of the solo contained bits of Stevie ray Vaughn little wing. Nikki was cool.. very into it. Vince…well. When he sang into the mike, he was ok. Most of the time I couldn’t even hear him. Some nasty gossip, from a reliable source, my friend who works at gm place knows the promoter who stated the the band insisted on having a separate dressing room from Vince cause they were not getting along. the reason being is that Vince is “apparently” a heroin addict. Stupid Vince, think he would have learned from Nikki who overdosed and almost died on the shit several years back. Anyway, turns out that these instructions were given way in advance of the show and the separate room was no longer necessary. Anyway, he definitely was not up to par in terms of his delivery.

For fans of Noise therapy, I’m not really familiar with their music, but they sounded really cool. It was their last night with Motley, so they got special treatment, flour dumped on them from the lighting truss and a real live sheep was brought on stage. They did end their set with Kiss’ Do you love me.

All in all, it was a very cool show and I had a great time. It was great to see the guys in all their sleazy glory. If they happen to come to your town, dot miss it.

Thanks To Darrin for the review