Helloween Live in New York City at Coney Island High

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Helloween Live in New York City
at Coney Island High


Recently I went to go see Helloween play in New York City, at a club called Coney Island High. The club was packed, I spoke to fans who had come from as far as Alabama to see them. This was to be Helloween’s first U.S. appearance in nine years.

I happened to be sitting on the stage due to the size of the club. The opening band, Click, was  a hardcore band which wasn’t bad. However they were booed because they weren’t metal. I felt sorry for them, but they should have known that would happen when they signed up for the gig.

Helloween came out in force, starting off with “Eagle Fly Free” and following up with “Dr. Stein”. Many of us took this as a sign of respect for the American fans, it showed that Helloween wasn’t here for a mere album promotion.

Fans who own Helloween’s double CD “High Live” will have a pretty good idea of how the rest of the night went on. When Helloween played “Power”, Andi Deris (lead singer) went into a game with the audience of “which side is louder?” where both sides of the audience sang against each other.

Helloween played with audience all night actually. Deris made hand motions for every song, and when audience members mimicked them, he would point or give a thumbs up sign. This was especially seen on “I Can” and “Where The Rain Grows”. From his position, my friend was able to see Helloween’s song list. We noticed that two songs had been crossed off the list, one being “March Of Time”. Still, Helloween played on, guitarists Roland Grapow and Michael Weikath throwing guitar picks into the crowd throughout the show.

Helloween treats the audience as though they are there, not as though the audience is invisible. At one point my friend and I yelled at Weikath “Stay in America!!” Weikath bent down and pointed to his watch. “We can’t” He yelled. “Plane leaves early tomorrow.” They even threw drinks into the crowd.

Later we found that Helloween does not plan to return to the U.S. before the year 2000. Even on there concert tour t-shirt, it doesn’t say U.S. It says New York, though.

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