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Interviewed by Noel
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Can you please tell us about your recent involvement with the Brazilian band Krisiun.

Krisiun is an awesome band so I wanted to produce their next CD for I knew I could bring out their best performances and also give them a quality sounding record. I am very pleased with the outcome of the CD.


How did your appearance on Ritual Carnage’s “The Highest Law” come to fold and how long did it take for you to do the solo’s on that  album. Also, are you still on good terms with this band? What about George of Cannibal Corpse – what was his involvement and were the both of you approached together at Morrisound for guest appearing?

Well, I met them at a record store and they asked if I would do some guest solos for they really like my playing and would consider it an honor, being a nice guy like I am I decided to do it. Unfortunately, the label exploited my name ,but I enjoyed doing it. Ritual Carnage are a bunch of great guys but I will never, ever do guest solos on another CD, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just heard that Doug and Tim are gone from Hate Eternal, could you please tell us the details on this?

Doug is retired from music and has a steady 9 to 5 career now and Tim decided he has other ventures in life that he would rather pursue at this moment. So they are out, Derek Roddy is playing drums for Hate Eternal, phenomanally I must add, and we are staying a 3 piece like it was originally planned.


What are some of the guitarist’s your looking at trying out for the band?

We tried out 15 guys who were not capable of picking up the the style of playing that we as Hate Eternal have created, once we started touring as a 3 piece, I realized the energy and the power we possessed as a band, just like it was, for me also a new experience as a guitarist for every band I have been in has had 2 guitarists. As a 3 piece it really individualizes everyone’s skills and abilities as musicians and I have found it to be a great and rewarding experience for me as the solo guitarist to really highlight my personal capabilities, so we shall keep it a 3 piece. I am very satisfied. Someone best explained it on tour, it is like the rush of death metal.

Why did you use Derrick Roddy for the drumming slot considering he was kicked out of both Divine Empire and Malevolent Creation?

Because Derek is the most maniac and fastest drummer there is next to the king, Pete Sandoval. Basically, he was the only one that could pull it off the way that I wanted Hate Eternal to be expressed. We are truly lucky to have him in the band and his style of playing is truly allowing us to expand into territories that I feel have never been reached before. We are on a mission, together, as a team. The fact about his previous bands, I don’t know the deal and really don’t give a shit!


Will the promo used for label shopping ever be available?

No, that is gone forever.


What do you think of the new Dim Mak album?

I think it is one of the most original records to come out. The musicianship is amazing and those guys are creating their own style that I am very excited about. They are great friends of mine and have much respect for them.


What was the reason behind ripping corpse break-up?

We were together for 7 years, we did 1 record, many demos and after our label went bankrupt, we were never able to secure a deal. No one wanted to sign us. I think we were very ahead of its time and were so different from most death metal bands. We were raving lunatics, maniacs ready to explode after all the frustrations so we decided to call it quits. Then I moved on and joined Morbid Angel – then started Alas and Hate Eternal immediately.


What other guest appearances besides the Ritual Carnage is your playing on?

None, and will probably never do it on any other CD’s but my own.


Will you be appearing on the up and coming new morbid angel CD?

Actually, yes I will and I am writing a song or two also for it so I am very excited about that. It is going to be a great record. It is so heavy and different than anything, I still cant believe the songs Steve and Trey have put together, they are amazing!


What are some some of your top picks for best album of ’99?

Cannibal Corpse “Bloodthirst”
Krisiun “Conquerors of Armageddon”
Dimmak “Enter the Dragon”
Nile “For Short Catacombs”
Vital Remains “Dawn of the Apocalypse.”

What bands will you be playing with on the next tour?

Hate Eternal will be touring in Europe with Deicide, Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, Marduk, Vader, Dark Funeral, then we shall tour the US with mayhem around the Milwaukee fest in July. Then Japan in September.


Do you know anything about Steve Tucker’s appearance in the movie Crematory? Who released it and where can fans get it. are you in it or anyone else of metal fame?

I don’t know much about it to be honest with you.


Why are you not in the “where the slime live” video?

I am in the video, playing the white Ibanez, time to get some glasses my friend!


What are some of the best new death metal bands coming out?

Nile, Krisiun, Vile, those bands.


Are there any future projects that you are involved with?

Alas I will record in July, then we will do another Hate Eternal CD at the end of the year.


What does Conquering The Throne represent to you as a musician?

To me it represents my goal to achieve all the highest standards I set for myself and to be respected amongst the death metal scene as one of the elite death metal bands out there. It is the beginning for us to reach those goals, and I think it has been so far an incredible start to reach our plateaus. It was the hardest record by far that I have been involved in, thus making it my deepest and most rewarding CD I have been involved in.


Do you think that Hate Eternal will take over the death metal reigns as one of the main leaders in the scene?

We hope just to be amongst the elite bands of death metal someday like Morbid Angel, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse – those are the leaders of death metal. We will never be as big as those bands, that is not our goal. Our goal is to add something to death metal in this day in age those bands for over 10 years have reigned and they earned it. I just hope to earn the respect of the death metal listeners.


What are some of your fav death metal guitarists?

Trey is definitely the innovator of death metal, that is what I feel, Shaune Kelley of Dimmak is also incredible.


What’s Trey or Pete’s opinion of the new hate eternal CD?

I know they respect it very much and think its great. They are very supportive of me and Hate Eternal which is very important to me.


Who did the album artwork and what does this piece represent?

Hans Memling over 500 years ago, it is actually a piece of the original painting that was truly phenomenal. It made a big impact on me when I saw it, very classic and very traditional in a old way and that is what Hate Eternal is all about.


The original drummers you tried out weren’t they Anatar of Diabolic and Clayton of Eulogy? Why not one of them for a new drummer both are awesome!

Clay does not live here and Aantar is in Diabolic but foremost Derek is the better drummer for Hate Eternal and I feel that he is the perfect man for the position. You must have not seen us play yet, then you will know why he is in Hate Eternal, he is a maniac!


Do you have any contact with Dave Vincent anymore? what are your feelings on him in the genitortures?

Not really, once a year maybe, dont know what he is up to and don’t know much about his involvement or what’s going on with the genitotures.

How many tours did you do with Morbid Angel and do you think this experience that you gained with them will help Hate Eternal become a more well known and better with label negotiations?

I played on 2 CDs and have done about 20 US tours,10 European tours plus Japan, Australia, South America, Mexico, Peurto Rico, Canada….so I have had much experience on tour and has certainly helped me with Hate Eternal. I feel that I am certainly a professional and know how the whole business works and surviving on tour. Touring for me is incredible, I love touring.


A bunch of questions about Alas…
On a final note can you please tell us about your other band Alas? Who’s in the new line-up and where and who do they come from? When is the new album coming out? Are you signed yet? What influences Alas – technical metal/power metal anything like that? Will the demo songs on that 4 song demo release in 97 be re-recorded? Will alas ever be a full time band like Hate Eternal is?

Alas is recording for Hammerheart records in July. The lineup is me on guitars, Howard Davis on drums, Martina Hornbacher on vocals and Scott Hornik on bass. I am very excited about recording this CD for I have been working on it for 6 years. My biggest influence for Alas I would say is Mozart, some of his operas and concertos are truly deep and dark and heavy, that is my biggest influence for Alas. I thought imagine a metal band with this type of power with female operatic, semi choiristic vocals with really intricite melodies. Alas has become I think its own identity and is perfect timing for it to be recorded. We shall record many records and tour in the future. Alas, Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel are all equally important to me for all different reasons. I will continue with all 3 bands.


Thanks for the opportunity of the interview, a thousand hails. Thanks. Any final comments?

No problem, thank you for the interview and I just want to say to all the death metal listeners out there, I dedicate Hate Eternal “Conquering the Throne” to all the true fans of extreme music and promise them that Hate Eternal will continue the path that we have set forth.


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