Anthrax: From The Road

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From the Road: Anthrax

Here is a submitted review of an Anthrax concert that took place in England at the Wolverhampton civic hall sometime in the winter of 1996.

This Anthrax gig was the middle in a set of three or four dates. Luckily I arrived just as the doors opened, keeping us from being subjected by the freezing weather we have been having in England recently. After waiting for about three quarters of an hour for the terrible C.D that was being played to end (at the very end they put a couple of DOWN songs on which was o.k) the support act came on. Oh dear, a group that plays Beatles covers supporting ANTHRAX??!!??!!

By the time they had finished every one was ready, but there was a delay with the sound check. Eventually the lights went down and in complete darkness we could just make out the silhouettes of ANTHRAX taking up positions. Suddenly the lights exploded in our eyes and a blistering rendition of ‘Random Acts of Senseless Violence’ kicked in. John Bush with shorts t-shirt and shades screaming along with Scotts shaven head generally blinding people. Without a gap they burst straight into ‘Fueled.’ At this point, being right at the front, I thought I was going to die before the end of the show. Five songs in all were played from STOMP 442: Random acts… Fueled, The new single Nothing, In a zone and Riding shotgun. We got a speech just before the song ‘I am the law’, about them asking to be included in the Judge Dread sound track but being told no. After seeing the finished film they were glad they were not on the sound track. We also got a talk by Scott about how the new wave of pop punk doesn’t deserve the name punk and to prove a point blasted into Protest and Survive. They also played some of the old favorites: In my world, Antisocial, Got the Time and Hypro glo. We were told by Scott that ANTHRAX no longer did encores. And the set came to an all to soon end with Bring the noise (not featuring public enemy.)

All in all a brilliant set by a band that have been underrated to many times. But I was hoping that LIFE OF AGONY would be supporting.