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Esko Salow of PATHOS
Interviewed in Feb. 2000 by Noel

Pathos are a creative band from Sweden. As the name indicates this band describes emotions in their music with heavy breaks and beautiful harmonies. A lot of people are trying to put PATHOS in various genres of metal, everything from doom to death metal. But the members of the band has decided to call it Open Mind Metal. Consisting of  Stefan Carlsson – vocals, Daniel Antonsson – rhythm   lead and bass guitar, Lennart Specht – rhythm guitars and Esko Salow – drums. Pathos have released the following albums:





How is the response been for the HOVERFACE album (a personal fav)?

The response we got was great, we got lots of mail/e-mail, from all over the world. And it feels great to know that people got the album in spite of Black Marks poor work.


How are Black Mark Records treating you guys, considering everyone else they signed are literally pissed of at them, so what’s the story? 

Actually we are not on Black Mark anymore, our work together stopped right after the release of  “Hoverface” we discovered that B-M wasn’t interested in promotion, tours or spending money on their bands in anyway.


Can you tell about Pathos’s involvement with Yngwie Malmsteen tribute  album. The song is called “I am a Viking.”  How did that come about?

Roffe at GOTHENBURG NOISEWORKS asked us if we were interested of playing on the album, and we didn’t have anything to do for the moment so, we thought it should be nice (having some true Yngwie Malmsteen fans in the band). We decided to do something different, so we started to rehearse the song (I am a Viking, from Marching out, Thomas & Daniels choice) as it is on the original album and then change it into a more metal and “Pathos” sounding song.


What bands do all you guys come from or used to play in?

Nothing big or famous, Stefan played with Momento Mori awhile and the other guy’s played in different small underground garage bands not even worth to mention.


How are Swedish label Liphone Metal treating you?

Liphone Metal is great, but to small to actually help us or to reach out to a bigger audience.


What material (songs) was lost on that 3rd ADAT tape you said was  destroyed on Sep.6th-7th and for what album?

Actually I don’t remember for sure but I think it was the songs “Rest Your Mind”  and  “Under the lence” from “Uni Versus Universe.”


Define the Uni Versus Universe album for us here at Metal Rules –  what it  represents.

Uni versus Universe is a true Metal album, telling us about our drive to evolve and to destroy anything in our way if its necessary. That’s the human race!! The song “Under the lens” tells the story on “Uni versus Universe.”


I find that your sound is influenced by Death metal generally (WHICH I  FUCKING LOVE), Slayer, old Metallica. I find that your sound is similar to  that of Fifth Reason, Illwill, Memento Mori, Hexhenhaus what do you have to  say about that?

We are trying to find our own sound and I believe that listening to a lot of different Metal makes the sound similar to lots of bands or genres.


Michael Semprevivo did your new album cover for UNI VERSUS UNIVERSE – how  did that come to be?

Michael Semprevivo didn’t make the cover for “Uni versus Universe”. He was supposed to do it but when we left Black Mark that deal was off. Stefan Carlsson our singer did the “Uni versus Universe” cover.


What influenced the writing on the new album, who writes the material?

Its really hard to find something specific that influenced us in our writing, probably everything around us and all the music that we  heard in that period of time, and we do all of our material together when we rehearse.


What was Stefan reasons for not being in Memento Mori anymore?

Artistic freedom I think, I believe that Memento Mori didn’t give Stefan the space he needed to feel good.


Esko behind the kit!Will you ever come the USA or CANADA? Arch Enemy did just recently?

Hopefully we will manage to get there, its our goal to get out and play live as much as possible so…. in time we will get there.


As being a drummer myself, are you influenced by Watchtower or Mekong  Delta or Seige Even maybe SEANCE (Mikk is a awesome drummer). Obviously you  must love DEATH the band or DARK ANGEL and of course Destruction / Sodom / Coroner / Kreator?

I have been listening to all of the bands mentioned and I believe that you pick things up from these guy’s whether you want or not, (you know, good things sticks to you like glue) but they are all great drummers playing in incredible bands and of course they influence me.


What do you listen to before you record to hype you up?

The best thing to do (for me) is to see a great live act the night before you start recording, and try to catch all the energy and use it the next day, the next best is to listen to your fav band, whatever it might be for the moment.


What are your top 5 albums your listening to now?

Right now??? this is a tricky one.  Dimmu Borgir (Spiritual Black
Dimensions), King Diamond (Abigail & Them), Dream Theater (Metropolis pt.2: Scenes from a memory), Mekong Delta  (The Music of Erich Zann) and a “demo” with our new songs, that’s some of the things I listen to now.


Do you hate Korn, Deftones, Coal Chamber like most other TRUE METALHEADS? (Editors Note: I certainly do!)

I don’t hate them, and I don’t listen to them


Will you guys ever appear on any more tribute albums?

It depends on the band to tribute, but I don’t think there will be any more tributes for us. We said when we started this band that we would play our own songs and not a bunch of covers, but who knows, there’s a lot of bands that I would like to tribute for what they have done for me and my progress.


What’s it like playing in a terrific band?

It’s terrific!! hahaha  somehow it doesn’t feel as terrific when your in the band yourself.


Do all you guys get along great?

Yes, I think we are all good friends and hang out in our spare time, we have our fights but I think everyone who spends as much time together fights sometimes.


What’s your fav Canadain Band?

It really depends on the mood I’m in, sometimes I love to listen to Primus (ed.note they are not Canadian), or to listen to my old Voivod vinyls but for me the all time Canadian fav is Rush.


“What Now” Is my personal fav off of HOVERFACE what is yours?

Personally I like Mask of Fear best or Scorned.


The New Album “Uni Versus Universe” –  do you think is going to do just as much for the band as what the first one did?

Hopefully, we have some trouble getting the album out, but when everything works as its supposed to I believe that Uni versus Universe will do more for us then Hoverface cause its the better album.


Did you ever record any demo’s?

We recorded one demo (never released) when Stefan joined the band, 5 songs – Scorned, Up stream, Hoverface, Act on Impuls and Wake up call. Stefans vocals on that tape is really incredible, it gives me the chills every time I listen to it.


Lastly how did PATHOS get their name and what does it mean to the band?

Pathos was actually Depict Pathos from the beginning, and it means something like describe a feeling or reproduce a feeling and that is something that we try to do with our music so, I think our name is really important to us and the way we play.


What are you or your label trying to do to promote Pathos in NORTH AMERICA – anything at all?

As it seems now I would have to say nothing at all, but hopefully that will change. We get  lots of mail from North America and I personally try to do everything I can to let people know that we still exist.


Well thanks for doing this interview any closing comments for all us PATHOS fans here at METAL RULES?

Thank you for your interest in the band and to all our fans, don’t lose faith, we’ll reach out to you in one way or another. Thanks.

For more info on Pathos visit the official webpage of the band at


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