Amorphis – Tomi Koivusaari

AMORPHISTomi Koivusaari (Vocals, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars) Interviewed in July 1999 By EvilG Finland’s Amorphis are a band that are not afraid of progression and experimentation. I am a late comer to this band (1996’s Elegy to be exact) so I am in no way hung up on the fact…

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Testament’s Eric Peterson

Testament’s Eric PetersonInterview By EvilG in 1999 Eric Peterson is one of the founding members of Testament. On June the 8th Testament release their new CD “The Gathering.” I was given the opportunity to chat with Eric just one week before it’s release.

Gamma Ray – Kai Hansen

Kai Hansen Interview Interviewed May 19, 1999 by EvilG Let me tell ya it’s not everyday that I get to chat with someone who I’m such a fan of. This interview was rescheduled about two or three times but thanks to Steve (Noise) it finally happened on May 19th, 1999.…

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Michael Weikath of Helloween (audio)

Michael Weikath of…Interviewed in June 1999 By EvilG Michael Weikath, as most of you know, is one of Helloween’s lead guitarists. I talked at length to Michael about Helloween, pumpkins, their music, tours, fans, the internet, legs, and the upcoming Helloween covers CD.

Archetype’s Chris Matyus

Archetype’s Chris MatyusInterviewed in June 1999 by EvilG There is hope for real metal in America. Just off the top of my head I can think of new great bands that I’ve heard lately like Imagika, Of The Fallen, True To Form and Unleashed Power. Well now there is another…

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Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell

Fear Factory’s Burton C. BellInterviewed in June 1999 David Lee FEAR FACTORY is one of the most unlikely bands to be having a radio hit yet that is exactly what they have with their version of the Gary Neuman classic, “Cars.”  Their music is intelligent and brutal, both qualities that,…

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HammerFall – Oscar Dronjak

HammerFall interview with Oscar DronjakInterviewed May 1999 by EvilG There were a few rumors and news items coming from the HammerFall camp that we wanted to get the inside story on. We therefore contacted Oscar (lead guitarist) to elaborate on these items. this is a short interview, for a more…

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Rob Urbinati: Ex-Sacrifice / Interzone

Rob Urbinati: Ex-Sacrifice frontman returns with new band INTERZONE! Interviewed by EvilG When I was “growing up” there was always a small number of bands from Canada that I respected both for the fact that they were (like myself) Canadian, and for the fact that they were one of the…

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ROYAL HUNTInterviewed by Metal Rules!!, April, 1999 ROYAL HUNT have established themselves as one of the premier progressive rock groups in the world and have done so strictly on their own terms. You wouldn’t have to listen to the group’s entire catalog to get an understanding of what this unit…

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Paul Crook – Anthrax

Paul Crook – Anthrax (audio only interview)Interviewed March 27, 1999 by EvilG You’ll need real audio to listen to the interview. Don’t sweat it though, it’s FREE from Once you have the player then just download the files and hear, unedited, what Paul had to say about metal, Anthrax,…

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Steven Rice of Imagika

Steven Rice of ImagikaInterviewed March 13, 1999 by EvilG If you’ve been a reader of the Metal Rules!! website for any amount of time then you’ll know that we’ve supported Imagika since the beginning. We thought that after reviewing their two CD’s and then making their newest one available from…

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