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Wiley Arnett (January 1996)

Interview by EvilG

Here is the very first interview I’ve ever done for

 HUGE thanks to Wiley for taking the time out to answer a few of my questions. I hope you all enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to ask one of my favorite bands some questions. If any bands out there want to see reviews of their product, or if you have any info to pass on to me, e-mail me. I am open to any suggestions, criticisms, or comments, please send them on.

Wiley Arnett, for the unenlightened, is the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band, Sacred Reich. I had the chance to ask Wiley a few short questions regarding the metal scene and SR’s long awaited CD, HEAL.

Metal Rules:
I read last year that Sacred Reich were in the studio with Rob Halford recording an old Priest song. (Rapid Fire – I think?) Anyway, what happened with the song, and will it be on your next CD?

Sacred Reich:
Yes we did cover “RAPID FIRE” with Rob H. I think a German label will be releasing it soon. I’ll let you know when I get more info. I can tell you that the cover of “Sweet Leaf”(Black Sabbath) that we recorded at the same session has been released on Capricorn Rec. “HEMPILATION” CD. check it out!!

To me metal is not the 1980’s stereotypical bands with spandex and spikes…It is bands like Sacred Reich, Slayer, Machine Head…etc. Therefore, I would say that the metal of the 80’s is dead, but the metal for the 1990’s is alive and well!!! What do you think of this? Is metal dead????????

NO !!!!! Suffering a decline? Maybe… As long as people keep playing it, and others listen to it, It’s ALIVE!!! & band’s like PANTERA,MEGADEATH & METALLICA Selling gold & platinum, I’d have to say “Metal” is alive & well.

Could you tell me about your new album “Heal” that will be out in Feb. 1996? Any directional changes?

HEAL. A cross between IGNORANCE & INDEPENDENT. This record goes from one extreme to the other. Very heavy, to blue’s like slide guitar. Let me know what you think “” Heal will be available Feb. 96.

It seems that more and more bands have home-pages and e-mail addresses. However, the e-mail is usually handled by the band’s management. Do all of SR personally read their e-mail and what does Sacred Reich use the internet for?

I do! I answer all our E-Mail, But I type real slow……Hunt-N-Peck!! Know what I mean? So please be patient….I like checking out different stuff on the net. Music, art, graphics & shareware.

Will Sacred Reich EVER play in Newfoundland, Canada?? We NEVER see any shows up here!! It really rots to be such a metal fan but to be denied the chance to see ANY bands!!

Will we be touring through Newfoundland? I hope so!!! If you could tell me the cool club in your area, the city & their approx. capacity. I’ll forward the info to our booking agent. That goes for all who read this…

A note in closing: It’s been quite a while since SACRED REICH has toured. We are all very anxious to get out there. Beginning Feb. 27 1996 we will be. See ya on the road !!

Wiley =SR=


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