Ruisrock Festival 2005 – Turku Finland

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SATURDAY – The Second Day

While thunder raged over the festival area on Friday, it was the sun that literally grilled the skin during the whole of Saturday. There wasn?t any sight of rain clouds at all. When the Northenrmost power metal pentad, Sonata Arctica, hit the stage a lot of the Sonata fans arrived on time to grill. These power metal messangers have gained solid success in Finland as the field was nicely crowded. Sonata Arctica did quite a normal festival gig without causing any unexpected surprise in their set list as going through the normal tunes. It was a nice and safe set.

Ahem, now a long break fortunately before the famous suicide rockers would get on the stage to perform their own Funeral March. As all of our readers know pretty well, Sentenced decided throw in the towel after this festival and summer tour. Their entrance was kinda funny as the four Sentenced guys carried a normal coffin to the stage and kicked the set off with the most furious instrumental tune off from the FUNERAL ALBUM called “Where Waters Fall Frozen” and continued with the more recognizable Sentenced sounds when vocalist Laihiala came out of nowhere. Laihiala?s speeches between songs and in general here and there were lame. It could easily be ranked to the same category along with some lame b-class teenage pee/shit movie. It was quite easy to note the fire, passion, and heart for being on stage wasn’t there at all. Instead the Sentenced guys handled the whole 60 minute set with a normal routine grip without expending much effort at all, just waiting for their last funeral gig in their hometown.  


Then a long nice break again to have some social communication with other people from various magazines and bands before Helsinki?s own gothic bats got the stage. When all the needed communication and other small bullshit talking had been handled it was about time to return to check out bands, especially when 69 Eyes was about to start their own gothic messages on the main stage. The five piece kicked off the set with “The Devils” and was continued by a fistful of other wellknown 69 Eyes tunes. While following the men-in-black on the stage for one reason or another it crossed my mind these guys may have been on the Motley Crue gig in Helsinki as some aspects have been adopted to the stage appearance. The 69 Eyes did their job in the proffessional way and several young chicks were happy for sure.  


Holy shit, did I go to the photopit at the wrong time now, because from the linefront of the safety barrier and all way to the back part of the field of the area was all of a sudden packed by young underaged and heavily painted small teen chicks screaming and acting like real maniacs, was some boyband getting on the stage?! No instead the Finnish biggest music gift and export to the world of teens was about to enter the stage namely HIM. As a matter of fact, I couldn?t believe that I would be writing a gig review of the HIM show in one day, now it seems to happen, well what the heck?The HIM world is entirely focused on the character of the frontman, Ville Valo, as it was obvious when hundreds of little chicks screamed their lungs out when the frontman happened to wink at the crowd countless times. But however, the sound, as well as the music of HIM, appeared to be tight and heavy. Valo?s singing style could be described as quite flegmatic so was his appearance on the stage to be honest during the 60 min set. When he sang the lines pretty relaxed and quite half careless which has become more or less his wellknown trademark within the existence of HIM. The drummer?s tight and punctual playing keeps the whole concept together of HIM anyway. The HIM’ers did a nice set at their show and only show on the soil of their homecountry this year, by covering Sacrament, Join Me, Pretending, Right Here In My Arms and of course the Chris Isak cover Wicked Game. However HIM ain?t the truest metal band on the earth, but the nice love metal stuff for all kinds of love metal and gothic diggers.



SUNDAY – The Third Day



First band I was going to see on Sunday was Hanoi Rocks. They recently put out a brand new album called “Another Hostile Takeover” and since it’s release they’ve been constantly touring across the Europe and Japan. Now they return to Ruisrock where they have played in every year since their re-union in 2002. It was strange, when they have always been the last band on the bill, they now played surprisingly early at 3:00 PM. The show started a little bit late which is not a big news when we are talking about Hanoi and Mr. Michael Monroe but about 3:10 the band appeared on stage and soon “Back In Yer Face” started the show. Well to be honest, the sound was quite awful in the beginning and unfortunately it didn’t get much better during the show. For some reason Mr. Monroe seemed to be in a really angry mood and sometimes his singing sounded horrible and consisted of only one word – “FUCK”. He also constantly threw away his microphone and kicked monitors all the time and continued cursing both in Finnish and in English which sounded not so good. Unlike his longtime partner in crime, this time Andy McCoy did a great job. I remember when this Hanoi re-birth thing started it was usually Andy who was too drunk on stage and his playing was sometimes really bad. Now Andy looked extremely cool and his playing was solid with no mistakes. The new guys, guitarist Conny Bloom (ex-SG5, Electric Boys, Rolene) and bassist Andy Christell (ex-Electric Boys, Rolene) are true professionals and they’re very good singers and performers on stage. They have definitely brought a new, fresh life for Hanoi and that’s good for them. How was the set list then? Overall, it was quite okay, but they only did two tracks from the new album which was not enough in my opinion. They did five tracks from the re-union album “Twelve Shots On The Rocks” including less often played “Bad News” but then only a few classics from bands 80’s golden era. Nothing special, but just the standard tracks which they always play like “Tragedy”, “Oriental Beat”, “I Can’t Get It” and CCR classic “Up Around The Bend”. A very funny thing happened when the band had finished their set, Michael refused to leave the stage and tried to get whole band back to play some more songs although their time was already ran out! What happened next was that the organizer cut the power and Michael and guys were so forced to leave the stage… very funny indeed. Alltogether I have seen a lot better gigs from these guys but at least most of the audience seemed to enjoy…


Back in Yer Face
Better High
Dont You Ever Leave Me
People Like Me
Oriental Beat
Cheyenne (Andy on vocals)
A Day Late, A Dollar Short
High School
Bad News
I Can’t Get It
Up Around The Bend
Malibu Beach Nightmare






Originally it was Velvet Revolver who were meant to play at Ruisrock on Sunday but then suddenly for some uncertain reason they decided not to appear and the organizers were forced to to find some replacements for them within a very short notice. Names of Paradise Lost and another band (pop band called Teenage Fanclub) were soon announced and I’m sure that the fans of Velvet Revolver are still still more than pissed about having these bands in here instead of their favourites. I was a little disappointed as well but on the other hand this was a great opportinity to see Paradise Lost, especially when they completely skipped over Finland on their last tour on spring. I remember when I saw Paradise Lost playing in Donington in 1996 but since that I haven’t seen them playing outdoor festival so it was time to see how it’s going to work? The set kicked out with “Don?t Belong” and “Grey” which both are new tracks from their new “Paradise Lost” album. It?s just my opinion, but “Don?t Belong” is not definitely the best possible opening track for the show. This slow, mid-tempo and a lazy sounding song didn?t impress the audience too much and people mostly only stood still and wondered when the show was going to start? Things definitely got better with “Gray” and “Erased” but it must be said that as good as the bands latest two albums “Paradise Lost” and “Erased” are, still most of the audience didn’t seemed to know that stuff too well and it wasn’t untill “Hallowed Land” when everyone started to raise their fists and then then next song ,”As I Die”, did the rest. The band itself appeared to be very cool. It?s more than great that after a few more or less “lost years” this band has now returned more of it?s roots both musically and looks. Guitarist Greg McGregor and singer Nick Holmes have now let their hair grown back like they had in the past, everyone were wearing all black clothes and bands stage presence was overall looking very good, dark and gothic. Their reduced lightning show was simple but impressive and both guitarists Greg and Aaron Eady did their endless headbanging on the both sides of the stage when Nick and bassist Steve Edmondson did their expressionless but efficient work in the middle. New drummer Jeff Singer (ex-Blaze) did a great, solid job and I think they used less backing tapes and loops from what used on some of their last tours. The set list was a kind of “Best of Paradise Lost” where they did all their biggest hits from “As I Die” to the latest hit single “Forever After”. Only one track, “So Much Is Lost” was played from the band’s experimental period, which was a good choice. Most of the fans, including me, were more than pleased with that decision. Unfortunately, there were no songs from pre-“Shades Of God” era and that was the only thing missing. Something like “Eternal” from “Gothic” would have been a nice addition on this otherwise perfect set list? Maybe next time.. CHEERS !!!



Don’t Belong
So Much Is Lost
Hallowed Land
As I Die
True Belief
One Second
Forever After
Over The Madness
Say Just Words
The Last Time




The Ruisrock festival was nice and hopefully the organization of the fest will have more hard rock and metal names on their ?wanted? list for upcoming events. For the time being? Ensi Vuonna 2006! 


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