Ruisrock Festival 2005 – Turku Finland

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8-10.7 2005

Reviews and pics by Arto Lehtinen and Marko “Spandex” Syrjala

Ruisrock is one of several festivals arranged on the soil of Finland every year by carrying the profile and image of the main stream rock with the proud and honor. Ruisrock is claimed to be one of the longest running rock festivals arranged in a row without big breaks in Europe. The main important purpose of the concept of the festival is to present the frontline names of the Finnish rock scene and have a few big names booked to filling up a headliner?s spot. Originally the much claimed Velvet Revolver was supposed to conclude the whole festival on Sunday, but for a reason or another Slash and the company packed up and was replaced by a long time British gothic mongers Paradise Lost. However the festival was damn success in every aspect as all in all 70.000 people visited the festival during the weekened in the beautiful national park in a town called Turku. However here is the brief article of the festival with a solid dissection of a few bands which played there.

FRIDAY – The First Day

The festival kicked off on Friday afternoon, when a few Finnish mainstream rock names took to the stage to deliver their own material in front of what was not yet a huge crowd. But the real eccentric and odd listening experience was when former Faith No More frontman Mike Patton was on stage with his current band, Fantomas. The band?s music is definitely not any type of metal…so all true metal freaks could jump over this. Fantomas music is a weird combination of various wide-ranging styles of music. This four piece combo definitely explored strange musical territories. There was jazz, grind, fusion, and whatever, mixed to create the chaotical musical concept of Fantomas? But above all Patton?s eccentric way of using his voice deserves nothing but a real respect as he is able to growl and makes all kind of weird sounding voices which could be misundertand as some kind of samplers, but however they all come direct from Patton?s own mouth and throat. Of course he used all kinds of samplers and effects in the voice and music by doing the programming while making weird sounding voices to the mic.

Even though Dave Lombardo wasn?t behind the drum kit, the current drummer, legendary Terry Bozzio, tried to keep up with the same technical skills as Lombardo used to do. It must be admitted this Fantomas? music is damn strange, even Primus can?t reach the same weirdness.  Frankly, it is kinda hard to say if Mike Patton is a musicial genius or just a musical crackpot after this cacophonical musical adventure..



Children Of Bodom have always enjoyed a fanatical and loyal following amongst the younger metal generation in Finland. That factor could be noticed when the frontline of the safety barrier was lined off with young metal kids. In general the whole field area was also full. Bodom is bodom, they didn?t let anyone down, just punching away on the stage like extreme maniacs driving the audience to go nuts. The five piece was in extreme dangerous form for the whole set. They gave a great deal of the most ass kicking COB tunes and of course the audience went entirely beserk when getting what they were eager to hear. It was quite amusing to pay attentiton to guitarist Roope Latvala?s new look, who seems to have become a pernanment member of COB by the way, as the Finnish metal guitarist legend has now grown a huge Lemmy styled mustache? Black clouds started gathering above the festival area and when the lighting struck quite near the stage, it was about time to leave the area to find reasonable shelter to stay away from the heavy raining.



The rain rampaged the earth extremely hard along with the thunder and lighting roaring and storming above the festival area for about two hours, causing obvious delays in the well planned schedule as the German metal industrial monsters Rammstein had to postpone the start of their show app. 15 minutes. 

Ok Rammstein may cause extra heartbeats for some purists. Therefore it might be a good reason to skip this over to look at other stuff?

Rammstein?s show is like one hell of a firey theatre of pain from the beginning to the end. Several small details had been taken well in the stage concept and construction for the night?s show. The stage had been built to hang massive technical equipment from the ceiling and all kinds of lifts rose the Rammstein guys up and down. It was obvious the fire security issues had been taken to another level indeed. The guitarist had obtained a real stupid looking Tirolian hat, but all in all the Rammstein dudes had been coved in weird looking color to make them look like some kind of mine – or steel factory workers. In general, the sound, the general approach in their look, and way on stage are definitely reminiscent of the old German steel factory world, where machines grind and keep unbearable inhuman metallic and industrial noise. Rammstein is defintely a huge industrial corporation as photographers of net-magazines were not allowed to take any pics. Therefore, there are only a few lame pics for them below that were taken from a long distance. The show was pure fireworks, bombs, fire, and especially firelighters on faces of the vocalist and the second looked amazing. The flames were tremendous and the keyboard player was boiled in a huge kettle. As for setlist, Mein Teil, Rammstein, Sonne, Du Hast and a plenty of other wellknown Rammstein songs..

While Rammstein roared and thundered their industrial noise, the earth started shaking and moving due to the immense soundvolume of the loudspeakers and monitors, that?s was a little bit odd experience indeed?

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