Timeless Miracle – Into The Enchanted Slumber

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Reviewed: August 2005
Released: 2005, Massacre Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Timeless Miracle is a new band from Sweden that I never heard of. I’d say that the guys play very melodic power metal influenced by Swedish folk music (?) and melodic hardrock.

Timeless Miracle has chosen to focus on lead vocals and heavy keyboard tunes, there’s not much of any guitar play here. There are quite a lot of tempo changes throughout the whole album but I really wonder who this album is aimed at.

Maybe it’s to those who like melodic hardrock or the ones who want a crossover between melodic power metal influenced by folk music. I really think that the band is going to have severe problems to find buyers in the flood of power metal bands that come out today. To succeed in the power metal genre nowadays you ought to have something really special and these guys have nothing special or out of the ordinary to offer the market.

The guys recorded this album in Roastinghouse Studio in Malmö Sweden and the producer is, as always when it comes to the Roastinghouse productions, Anders “Theo” Theander (Majestic, Pain of Salvation, Last Tribe etc). In my book, Theo’s never done a good production so you can figure out what I think of this one. He has managed, though, to do some OK melodic hardrock production but he should keep his hands off black, speed, punk well, any kind of other metal.

It seems like Timeless Miracle isn’t a steady band, it looks more like a project if you read the info note properly. The only member I recognize from other bands/project are Jaime Salazar on drums, he’s been involved with The Flower Kings, Midnight Sun, Opus Atlantica and Last Tribe etc. It also sounds like that all of the members are really skilled musicians besides the singer. He hasn’t got much of a voice and he practically destroys the whole album. It sounds like he sings on command and that he can’t improvise the least. His singing style would fit better in a rock or pop band. Besides all that he can’t sing in English, he hasn’t got the nerve or feeling in his voice and it’s simply painful to listen to him.

The album consists of 12 tracks on everything between 47 seconds to 15 minutes. The quality of the material varies a lot and it seems like the guys have a hard time deciding on what genre they want to be in. They want too much at the same time and the only thing I get out of this experience is a headache.

This album doesn’t impress me in anyway and the only thing I can say about this sad album is AVOID IT!


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Track Listing:
Curse of the werewolf
Witches of black magic
Into the enchanted chamber
The devil
The red rose
A minor intermezzo
Return of the werewolf
The gates of hell
Down to the gallows
The dark side of the forest
The voyage

Mikael Holst – lead vocals, bass
Fredrik Nilsson – guitar, keyboards
Sten Möller – guitar
Jaime Salazar – drums