Ignitor – Take To The Sky

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Reviewed: August 2005
Released: 2005, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Y’know, for all of the different genres and sub genres of heavy metal, there are still times when nothing beats the pure sound of classic metal, the way old-school Priest, Maiden, and Dio used to do it. The five metallians that form the ranks of Ignitor apparently agree with me, and have made it their mission to bring no holds barred, fierce heavy metal back to the forefront. Formed by ex-Agony Column string-killer Batlord, other experienced stage pounders (from various and sundry underground bands), and vocalist Erika Swinnich (ex-goth pussies Autumn Tears), Ignitor have arrived, as TAKE TO THE SKY TESTIFIES.
From minute one, you’re swept into the classic metal rumblings of the ass-kicking “Demonslayer” with riffs straight out of the Priest handbook. In fact, the Demonslayer could easily be one of Priest’s celebrated characters, right up there with the Painkiller and the Sentinel – it’s that good! The band absolutely rips it up on this song, with Erika giving a vicious vocal performance, sounding like a possessed (and talented) Geddy Lee. She also carries the power of Gigi Hangach from long-gone girl metallers Phantom Blue. From there the band carries on to get political (“Execution”), and give Iron Maiden-sized history lessons (“The Gray Ghost” and “The Last King Tiger”), all the while firing off riffs and screams like its 1985.
There are times when the band relies too much on clichés, others where they recycle a riff or two that should have remained buried in the ‘80s, and Erika’s vocals can admittedly be a bit of an acquired taste (for me at least – I loathe Geddy Lee’s vocals), but on the whole, TAKE TO THE SKY is an admirable effort. If you love the metal classics, Ignitor might just be your next favorite band.


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Track Listing:
1) Demonslayer
2) Execution
3) The Gray Ghost
4) Take to the Sky
5) The Last King Tiger
6) Lean Mean Leather Machine

Batlord: Guitars
Pat: Drums
Erika: Vocals
Brendon: Bass
Beverly: Guitars