Swedenrock Festival June 9-11, 2005 S?lvesborg Sweden

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Reviews and Pics by Arto Lehtinen

& Marko "hairock" Syrjala

Once again the Finnish Metal-Rules.Com squad made it’s annual visit to the prestigious Swedenrock Festival. The festival is located in the countryside of southern Sweden. Again we witnessed a number of amazing and unforgettable metal and hard rock names on the stage. As expected, all tickets for Swedenrock were sold quicker than expected due especially to the booking of the legendary LA  80’s metal outfit Motley Crue. If some wild estimate of sold tickets could be said, it would be apx. 22,000 people that arrived at the festival each day. It is interesting how the organization of the Swedenrock Festival will carry on and expand and develop the festival in the future.

Swedenrock is definitely one hell of a paradise for old school "h?rd rockers" to see several bands that we never thought would be seen in North Europe like Styx or Kansas, and in general classic metal has a dominant grip on daily life in Sweden as it became more than obvious that Swedes are 100% loyal to the 80’s classic hard rock and heavy metal. Even younger kids seem to grow up listening to the classic metal stuff, thanks to their parents who indeed have had metallic experience in their own youth.

It was originally planned to have Doro Pesch as one of the co-hosts at Swedenrock along with the local Swedish promoter Peter L?fberg. However, the German metal vixen was forced to cancel her appearance because of surgery. Instead, a Swedish TV weather forecaster showed up to introduce a few bands… Hmm.. Obvious a nice way to have some media attention indeed. When speaking of the media attention in general, it is damn weird as the biggest newspapers in Sweden Aftonbladet and Expressen did massive reports and published them every day in the daily edition by giving quite fair and honest opinions about bands and artists. The Swedish TV station TV 4 was there all the time having air shows and the Swedish radio station recorded some of shows for later broadcast in the fall…so keep your eyes open to get a great opportunity of hearing some live shows!

Once again the Gods of the weather had blessed the hard rock/metallic event with absolute fantastic weather during the whole weekend, even though nights were freezing cold, but the feeling was totally red hot. It was a real wonderful atmosphere from the beginning to the end to tell the truth.

Here is once again the "brief" article of the Swedenrock festival. So read, enjoy ( and of course remember to rate!!! 🙂 )