Giants of Rock in Copenhagen Denmark 2005

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Giants of Rock
Gentofte Stadion
10/7 ? 2005

By: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall

The day after I?d been in Gothenburg to witness the greatest heavy metal act of all time ? IRON MAIDEN – it was time to take the overseas (and bridge) train to Copenhagen and the Giants of Rock concert. The announced bands were Rammstein, Slayer, Mot?rhead and Hammerfall (in exactly that order where Hammerfall started) but Mot?rhead cancelled only a few days before the show was ought to take place. The shows booking agency came up with, in my opinion, an almost better replacement band in Accept. Accept are one of my childhood idols and I didn?t have the opportunity to catch them live when they stood at the top in the 80?s, something I did with Mot?rhead, so in my case I think that Accept was a great choice as a replacement.


Due to my very weary head I was quite late (so late that I missed Hammerfall) to the stadium but I got in smoothly and then the search for the meeting spot for photographers began. I don?t know if it was because of my tiredness or because of the lack of instructions but it was almost impossible to actually find the place. But after I harassed a few guards and the pr. woman I finally found it. But because I was so late I didn?t have the chance to take any pics of Accept.


Accept entered the stage with an enormous energy and blew off one classic track after another. The last time I saw them on stage was about 10 years ago when they first got re-united but this night it felt like it was only yesterday. The guys were really tight and it looked like they had some great fun together once again on stage. I guess that Udo and the boys can play each and every song in their sleep but despite that it felt never that the concert went on routine. Wolf and Peter looked as hungry as always as well as the other gentlemen on the pretty big stage.

Accept played in front of an enormous back drop and a hell of a lot of amplifiers. Udo was at his best, maybe because he still is on stage pretty often with his own band something the other guys aren?t, and talked and sang together with the audience. He also thanked everyone for coming and for that the crowd hadn?t forgotten Accept.

The classic tracks came one after another like ?Metal Heart?, ?Burning?, ?Princess of the Dawn?, ?Balls to the Wall?, my personal favorite ?Fast as a Shark? and ?Son of a Bitch?. Udo let the crowd sing the intro to ?Fast as a Shark? something the audience gladly did.

It wasn?t quite the original line up that entered the Gentofte Stadium this evening, the band was:

Udo ? lead vocals
Wolf Hoffmann ? guitar
Peter Baltes ? bass
Herman Frank ? guitar
Stefan Schwarzmann ? drums

Stefan has been in Udo?s solo band as well as with Accept when they first re-united in the beginning of the 90?s, he?s also been in the German power metal act Helloween.

The German legends played for about 1.30 minutes, and it sure was 90 magical minutes. It will never happen again that Accept are standing together on a stage and I?m really happy that I got the chance to witness this re-union once again.

Well, after this nostalgically moment I was ready to meet, the also legendary, Slayer and by then I actually had found my way to the spot and therefor I have some awesome pics of Slayer.

The intro started after a short delay and the American icons came out on stage.

Tom Araya ? bass, lead vocals
Kerry King ? guitar
Jeff Hanneman ? guitar
Dave Lombardo ? drums

The crowd went nuts and it looked like many had come only to see Slayer. It has been a while since Slayer played in Denmark but earlier this summer they were in Sweden and played at the 20th annual Hultsfred Festival.


?South of Heaven? opened the show and already by thenthere were many throats soar. The only thing Slayer had on stage was their huge back drop, amplifiers and their flags with their logo . The front trio stood on each side in the front of the stage and headbanged throughout the show. Tom looked sincerely happy top be on stage in Denmark but he also warned the audience that this was going to be a short but sweet gig. And he was right, they only played for about 1 hour, which is a bit cheap considering their large collection of songs they have gathered through the years. Tom mostly introduced every other song and he almost didn?t do any talking besides that. For those who have seen Slayer live before you know how Tom introduces the songs, he does it in a very special way and this time it was the same as always.


Besides the opening track they did ?War Ensemble?, ?Dead Skin Mask?, ?Postmortem?, ?Angel of Death? and ?Seasons in the Abyss?. Slayer wasn’t supporting a new album so the show was jammed with old goodies.



The sound was clearly much louder now compared to when Accept played and the sound technician had done a really good job because the sound was excellent. Slayer had the audience in their hands throughout the whole show and especially Tom and Kerry are brilliant frontmen that infuses respect. Tom announces the last song and dedicated it to all the young fans in the audience this night, then comes ?Mandatory Suicide? that tranceds straight into ?Angel of Death?, after that was the one hour of Slayer ended. The only negative thing was that they didn?t do any encores even though the crowd sure screamed for at least one, nut besides that can the Slayer show only be summed up with one word ? BRILLIANT!!.


South of Heaven
Bitter peace
War ensemble
Dead skin mask
Seasons in the Abyss
Altar of sacrifice
Mandatory suicide
Angel of death




I didn?t hang around to see the headliner act Rammstein, I was too tired and I haven?t heard their new album so I decided to get back to the trainstation. You were also asked to sign a paper if you were going to photo Rammstein to say that the band had fully right to use the pics in any way they find suitable. But when I returned the paper to the press woman I found out that I wasn?t allowed to take pictures anyway, that?s why I didn?t stayed to see them.


When I walked out of the VIP section I met the D.A.D bass player Stig Pedersen (Stigge Nasty). We talked a bit about the new album and when I asked Stig about a tour he says that they are going to tour in Denmark in October and that they are going to take on the rest of the Europe during the fall, that also included the rest of Scandinavia, and probably are they going to do a few warm up gigs in Sweden prior to that. And when I have the opportunity to talk to Stig I said to him that D.A.D HAVE to finish every show with ?It?s after dark? otherwise it feels like the show isn?t over and he agrees, and promises to end every show with that song, if it?s dark will say.

To the first tunes of the intro to Rammstein?s first song I left Gentofte Stadium and got prepared for a train ride home and to bed.

The negative things with this evening was the problems to find the meeting place for photographers, the restrictions regarding Rammstein, they had no big Tv-screens for the crowd at the back to look at.

The positive things were warm weather, nice and big crowd, only one stage so that the bands didn?t collide with each other, a good mix of bands it was something to see for every kind of metal fan and I really hope that this is going to become an annual festival.

The stadium have a capacity for 30 000 and tonight it were 20 000 people there, in other words the interest for harder music is huge in Denmark.

Thanks to Heidi Nielsen at ICO & ET Concert Promotion for photo/press pass.


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