Backyard Babies live at Sommar Rocken in Svedala Sweden 2005

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Backyard Babies
Sommarrock Festivalen
16/7 ? 2005

By: Anders Sandvall

Live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

The Summer Rock Festival is located a few miles outside Malm? and lasts for 3 days. This annual festival, that mostly focuses on children and families, contains only appearances by Swedish acts and this evening held shows from a few of the biggest acts right now in Sweden like, Wilmer X, The Ark, Jimmy Jansson and of course Backyard Babies. Backyard Babies are still touring on their last album STOCKHOLM SYNDROME from 2003 and earlier this year they released both a single CD live album LIVE LIVE IN PARIS and a documentary DVD called JETLAG THE MOVIE.  I arrived to the festival area a few hours before the Backyard show were about to kick off and by mistake I witnessed the Jimmy Jansson gig which was not a pretty sight at all. I also met the Backyard drummer Peder and he told me that the guys was real tired and that they returned to Sweden from the States were they are on tour with Social Distortion the day before. They have been on the road since January and soon it?s time for the guys to gather up and enter the studio to record some new material. Backyard Babies represented the more ?harder? music genre when they headlined the festival this last evening.



The band entered the XL stage right as scheduled and because of the disorder with the person that?s responsible for the photographers we missed one song and we could only take pictures of the remaining two permitted songs.

Well, BB have done numerous shows throughout the world and just as always I witnessed a well oiled rock machine on stage this night. Whether the play at a small dark club or at a bigger outside-venue the guys immediately get the crowd going and it?s been like that since the first time I saw them back in 1995.



The guys ran around on stage in between a minor backdrop and amplifiers and especially then Nicke and Dregen. Backyard Babies still consists of the same line up as usual.

Nicke Borg ? lead vocals, guitar
Dregen ? guitar, vocals
Peder Carlsson ? drums, b-vox
Johan Blomqvist ? bass

The sound this evening was excellent, they had cranked up the volume quite a lot from the artist earlier and you could hear BB?s glam/sleaze party rock?n?roll miles around.

The main material this evening was taken from their last two studio albums MAKING ENEMIES IS GOOD and STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, and the mix of songs felt pretty good I?d must say, they also played some older stuff but I think it?s sad that they don?t play anything from their highly underestimated debut album DIESEL & POWER from 1994.


Some of the songs they did were ?Brand New Hate?, ?Star War?, ?Heaven 2.9? ? all tracks from MAKING ENEMIES IS GOOD. From STOCKHOLM SYNDROME they did ?Earn the Crown?, ?One Sound?, ?A Song for the Outcast?, ?Minus Celsius? and ?Year by Year?. From TOTAL 13 came ?Total 13?, ?Made Me Madman?, ?Look at You? and ?U.F.O Romeo?.

One song I definitely longed to hear was ?Friends? from the latest album but otherwise I felt the material was really strong.

I?m really glad to see that the big countries in the west are beginning to open their eyes to this excellent Swedish act.  The guys out on the road with Social Distortion and it?s probably much because of that the guys are gaining some success also in the States.



BB was playing in front of a pretty young crowd (besides me and a few other BB fans) this warm evening but I think that a lot of the audience had stayed from the show before this (as you can see on the pics there were a lot of younger people). I haven?t got any exact number on how many that witnessed the BB show but I read that the festival had released about 2000 tickets per day but it wasn?t sold out. 

Back in the days it used to be Nicke that took care of the talking but now he shares that with Dregen. Those two also shares the vocals, Dregen sang lead vocals on two of the songs, ?One Sound? and ?Star War?, a song title that?s not taken from the movies Dregen said. Because of the time limit there wasn?t so much talking between the songs, this evening was instead all about music, sweat and a whole lot of fun. Nicke dedicated the last song ?A Song for the Outcast? to the band that was going to play after them Wilmer X  the last band this evening, and it almost took three songs before Nicke even opened his mouth. He invited us to sing a long in ?Look at You?, ?Star War? and ?Minus Celsius?.



Dregen is the one that works the hardest to get the crowd going and after a few songs he was totally soaked in sweat, if you haven?t seen the guys live I strongly suggest you do because it?s a moment to remember.

The band left the stage after 50 minutes but was called back by the crowd, they did the first single from the last album as an encore and that ended the show. By then an hour had past and I had seen one of my favorite bands do another brilliant show. But in my opinion one hour is pretty short for a headline act to perform but the short play time probably is because the festival had booked too many artists.



The next stop for Backyard Babies are Finland who surely are going to have their fair share of hard, sweaty, dirty glam/sleaze rock?n?roll.

Over all was the Summer Rock Festival pretty well organized except for the people responsible for the photo pit. There are no excuse for making photographers miss almost an entire song when you only are aloud to photograph three songs, maybe something to think about to next year?. Otherwise I saw a lot of guards and staff people all around the festival area, but I wonder if it wasn?t more staff members and guards compared to festival visitors.


Social Distortion are going to do shows around Europe later this year with BB as support act.

Thanks to Markus Lindberg for press/photo pass to the festival and for all the help.


Brand new hate
Made me madman
A song for the outcast
Heaven 2.9
One sound (Dregen lead vocals)
Earn the crown
The clash
Star war (Dregen lead vocals)
U.F.O Romeo
Year by year
Look at you

Minus Celsius

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