Hate Eternal / Krisiun / Into Eternity: Live In Vancouver July 7, 2005

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Thursday, July 7th, 2005
The Red Room
Vancouver, BC  Canada

***Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

It was literally down to the wire with this show, as it seemed like with each passing day, bands were dropping like flies.  Initially a five-band package consisting of Hate Eternal, Incantation, Krisiun, Into Eternity and All Shall Perish, it was announced soon afterwards that Incantation had to sit out the Canadian dates due to visa issues but Chicago?s Jungle Rot would be filling in.  The tour carried on with that lineup until the week prior to the Vancouver date when All Shall Perish announced ?van problems? forced them to drop off the tour.  Soon after, Jungle Rot inexplicably dropped off, as well, with Hate Eternal reportedly stuck in Ohio due to more vehicle issues.  With only Krisiun and Into Eternity remaining, things looked grim.  But despite canceling several gigs along the way, it was reported the morning of the show that Hate Eternal had made a 2,500 mile pilgrimage, driving straight through from Ohio to Vancouver like the heavy metal troopers they are, in order to play our city for the first time.  For that feat alone, Hate Eternal deserves a big pat on the back?THANKS GUYS!

Canadian progressive death metallers, Into Eternity, will become well-known around Vancouver in 2005 with a whopping FOUR appearances before the year is out!  Having seen the band headline back on April 16th (click here for a review of that show), Into Eternity kick-started this evening with an extended 40-minute set due to the absence of Jungle Rot and All Shall Perish.  Into Eternity is creating unbelievable buzz right now and the mixture of groups they are touring with is going to help them in spades to reach a broader audience.  Their unique blend of metal appeals to so many different styles of the genre that they kicked the asses of the brutal death fans on this night, won over the power and gore grind fans last time and will surely dazzle the Hammerfall, Edguy and Stratovarius crowds in the fall.  Still riding the crest of 2004?s BURIED IN OBLIVION, Into Eternity is a mere shadow of that album?s lineup, with only guitarists Rob Doherty and Tim Roth remaining, but one would never know it based on their live show.  New vocalist Stu Block has the uncanny ability to channel the crystal-pure wails of Rob Halford (he regularly did a ripping cover of Judas Priest?s ?Painkiller? with his former band, Omega Crom) but can also growl among the best of the death metal elite.  Block?s range, mixed with Roth and Troy Bleich?s mid-range vocals and Doherty?s ultra-low growls, help create that unique Into Eternity sound.  Granted, the songs are a bit off from the originals with three new members but they are by no means of a lesser quality.  Roth?s technically-driven solos are spot-on and watching his fingers up close is a sight to behold.  Block?s endless mugging and over-the-top stage personality is a real treat, too, and the band really could not have chosen a better frontman.  Even drummer Adam Sagan delivered some technical flair behind the drum kit.  Barely 50 people (including Infernal Majesty guitarist, Steve Terror) were there to see the band?s set but Into Eternity stole the show once again.  DO NOT MISS THIS BAND!

Splintered Visions
Beginning of The End
Spiraling Into Depression
Absolution of The Soul
3-Dimensional Aperture
**a few others I missed



A quick set changeover paved the way for Brazilian death metal legends, Krisiun.  The band?s last attempt to play Vancouver in 2002 was mired in controversy over the venue and endless mistakes by the promoter causing Krisiun to not even get on stage during their tour with Cryptopsy and Dimmu Borgir but the brothers came back with an unholy vengeance and cast a swath of death metal Armageddon over the city.  The crowd was treated to an early display of Max Kolesne?s inhumanly fast drumming as he warmed up and capped that off with a solid drum solo later in the set that rumbled the venue?s walls.  Krisiun received a tremendous response from the audience and although, the band can be a bit monotonous at times on CD, in the live setting, they are a different band altogether.  The energy flowed out of them as they ripped through a 45-minute set drawn from as far back as 1998?s APOCALYPTIC REVELATION (?Vengeance?s Revelation?) but with the main emphasis focused on 2003?s WORKS OF CARNAGE (?Thorns of Heaven,? ?Ethereal World,? ?Wolfen Tyranny?).  ?Ominous,? a track taken from Krisiun?s latest E.P, BLOODSHED, was dedicated to legendary Vancouver blackened death metal pioneers, Blasphemy.  Set closer, ?Hatred Inherit? from 2000?s CONQUERORS OF ARMAGEDDON featured some insane shredding from Moyses Kolesne and showed just how potent Krisiun can be as a band.  Alex Camargo?s thunderous bass and anger-filled growls echoed through The Red Room, which had surprisingly good sound.  This venue is as far away from a place that would normally host a death metal show but I look forward to going back again in the future.  Vancouver embraced Krisiun with open arms and raised horns hopefully leaving the band with a much better taste in their mouth than their previous visit.

KRISIUN SETLIST (not in order)
Vengeance?s Revelation
Ethereal World
Dawn of Flagellation
Wolfen Tyranny
Thorns of Heaven
Hatred Inherit
**a few others I missed


The long, hard road faced by Hate Eternal to get to Vancouver must be applauded.  Many bands would (and have) cancelled shows under far less dire circumstances but kudos to the boys for soldiering on from Ohio to play.  At the band?s merch stand, a small note was taped to the price list begging for weed as they had none, which made me chuckle, as they were willing to trade their swag for it.  Without any signs of road-weariness, Hate Eternal took the stage and delivered a solid 65-minute set covering all three albums generously.  Hate Eternal?s entire catalog could be played back-to-back in less than 110 minutes, so for fans just checking the band out for the first time, this show was an excellent introduction to their music.  The new CD, I, MONARCH, was only in stores for two weeks before the show, so the latest material was still pretty foreign to most people including myself, as I picked it up at the show.  Still, Erik Rutan introduced each song so people were at least aware of what was being played.  The band?s muddy death/grind can be a tad repetitive on CD even with their short running time but like Krisiun, Hate Eternal sizzles on stage.  Rutan ?s stage presence and vocal delivery make him one of the most menacing-looking frontmen in death metal, while new bassist Randy Piro helps out with the higher-range lead vocals.  Behind the kit sat none other than Derek ?One Take? Roddy, who was a torrent of blastbeats, powerful fills and just plain stunning musicianship.  Between most songs, there was some weird effects looped that I found out later is tacked on the end of the title track of I, MONARCH.  ?King of All Kings? and ?Powers That Be? were real standouts with Piro and Rutan singing together on the brutal choruses, while the outright viciousness of tracks like ?Servants of The Gods,? ?By His Own Decree? and personal favorite ?Dogma Condemned? demonstrated that a death metal band can be brutal but also extremely tight.

Servants of The Gods
Powers That Be
By His Own Decree
Sons of Darkness
King of All Kings
I, Monarch
Dogma Condemned
Path To The Eternal Gods
Praise of The Almighty
**a few others I missed

Seeing Derek Roddy and Max Kolesne on the same night must have been a wet dream from the drum fans in attendance and neither disappointed.  With only three bands remaining from a five-band bill, the show was a bit of a letdown but at the same time, five bands can be a difficult to absorb all in one night.  Hopefully Jungle Rot, All Shall Perish and Incantation will make it back to Vancouver eventually and show us what we missed.  As for the rest, this show wasn?t one for the record books by any means, but overall there are no complaints whatsoever.  All the bands put on excellent sets, the 200-300 people in attendance seemed to have a great time and for the rock-bottom price of $20, what more can you ask for??

***Thanks to Curran at Earache Records, Heather at Century Media Records and Jamie at House of Blues for the press passes.

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