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Zinny Zan of the Swedish band Zan Clan
Interviewed by Anders Sandvall
Thanks to the band for supplying me with promo pics.
Thanks to Robert at GMR Music Group for setting up the interview.

Zinny Zan is one of the inventors and founders of the Swedish glam/sleaze genre. He has recently released a new album with his friends in Zan Clan so its the perfect time to ask this legend some questions about his long career in acts like Easy Action, Shotgun Messiah, and of course his new album and the band Zan Clan.


You have had a really long career to look back on but would you please tell the readers that don?t know you a bit about yourself and what you have done throughout the years?

Well What is there to say? I?m Zinny J Zan I have been a rocker at heart since I was born and played with bands like Easy Action, Shotgun Messiah, Did a solo album and now Zan Clan.



How did you end up in the glam/sleaze genre, what?s so special with that kind of music?

Well if you make a bitches brew out of the bands I like you will get Sleaze rock, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Sweet, Thin Lizzy, Sex Pistols, Judas and more?..




Older bands like M?tley Crue and Hanoi Rocks are coming back, and a lot newer acts like Crashdiet, Crucified Barbara have appeared on the glam/sleaze arena, why do you think that is? Are glam/sleaze having a revival?

That?s because everyone is so fuckin fed up with the music scene today!!! And just look at the old school man, Let me tell ya that it kicked ass big time and people want that back, And you know what!!!!!!!! Yours truly Zinny J Zan is here with Zan Clan 2 give them what they have been craving 4.




Do you have any role models or idols that you look up to? If so who and why?

A role model would be my mom, she is the coolest person I have ever met without a doubt. She is Intelligent, great with 1 liners, a huge and warm hearted person and gone through so much shit you wouldn?t believe but she still has a smile on her face.



You were the lead singer in the Swedish glam/sleaze act Easy Action, what do you think of that time when you look back at it today and are you proud of what you and the band achieved. I mean you practically started the glam/sleaze genre before anyone even knew its existed?

I had a great time with Easy Action and yeah we started the whole glam/sleaze together with the guys from Hanoi Rocks. If I?m proud I don?t know but it does feel great to see that somewhere down the line you have actually made some impact.





After Easy Action you moved along to Kingpin, which later became Shotgun Messiah, what do you think of the time you spent with that band?

Shotgun Was Heaven & Hell but I don?t regret 1 single day with that band we kicked some major asses in the U.S. and we did it with style.




Why did you leave Shotgun Messiah and what do you think of the two albums the band released after you left?

We didn?t get along to well so I got sacked !! I wasn?t to thrilled with any of the albums but ?the second coming album had its moments.



When and why did you decide to form Zan Clan, and why did you call the band Zan Clan, has it a special meaning or was it just a fun name?

I have made myself a name over the world and since it?s me and my gang Zan Clan seemed like a brilliant idea.



What do you think of Zan Clan?s debut album CITIZEN OF WASTELAND that came 94?

I don?t!! next question.




What did the media and the fans think of that album?

The media hated it and I don?t think there was too many fans who loved that album either.

There are fragments of songs that could have been ok but I was to fucked up to pull it off and the studio and the producer was fucking awful.





How did you decide what members you wanted to be in the band, are they people you know from before? Are all of the guys steady members?

It was me and my partner in crime Chris Laney who came up with these 3 guys. How we did it!!!!! Simple, we called up the best bass player, drummer and guitarist in Sweden and that was it.




What have you been up to in between the last album from 94 until the new album today?

Raised my daughter Yasmine and did a solo album ?City Boy Blues?



The title of the new album WE ARE ZAN CLAN WHO THE F**K ARE YOU is quite straight forward and straight-in-your-face, who came up with that title?

I did, I?m a cocky son of a bitch sometimes ,I look at the music industry today and I laugh!!!! spineless bastards everywhere.




How long did it take to write the album and who has written the music and lyrics? What are the lyrics about?

Write the album took a few months. We wrote the album together some people contributed more than others but over all we write together. Sex, Drugs and Rock?n?roll my friend.



Have you read any reviews of the new album? What have the media to say about it?

So far everyone just love this album, from Swedish reviews to American, English, French, German yeah U name it they love the album and I am surprised cause I didn?t think the critics would take it.




Personally I don?t think that the cover reflects the music at all, what?s the thought behind the cover, who has done it and what do you think of it?

The cover came up cause we were in a hurry and we just couldn?t come up with anything special in that short of time . So we decided to do it clean and simple.



The member Chris Laney are listed as producer, what?s it like to work with a producer that?s also a member of the band?

This guy knows his shit so neither I or the others had any problems with it. I trust that guy 100%. Love U Chris…..




You have featured a cover of the Cheap Trick song ?Surrender? how come, are Cheap Trick a favorite band in Zan Clan?

No Not really but since my old label who put out my solo album did a Cheap Trick tribute and asked us we just said yes. I think the song came out great and a lot tougher than the original.




Do you have any dates on when the album are gonna be released in Japan and the States? In what areas are the album released right now?

Wow ,to be honest I don?t have a clue on this 1. Have 2 check and get back 2 U.




What do you think of your own effort on the album? What do you think of the other guys achievement on the album?

I think we all went in with a kick ass attitude and came out like winners on this album.

It?s a little rough on the ages here and there but Hey that?s life and we didn?t want to do a Europe album. I?m happy with the album cause it ooozzeees Rock?n?roll.



Do you have any favorite tracks on the record? If so which and why?

High Speed Junkie does comes to mind but hey !! all of em are great in my book of Rock?n?roll.



Are the any current plans on heading out on tour now that the album is out?

Yes we are working on that as we speak. You have 2 check out on the News section on www.zanclan.com



What have the other members in the band done before they became a part of Zan Clan? Have any of them played in any famous bands?

Oh yeah, Pontus Egberg and Koleberg was in Lion Share. Pontus Norgren with Great King Rat, Talisman, Jekyll?n?Hyde. And Chris Laney is a well known producer and songwriter.



Are you going to keep Zan Clan alive now or do we have to wait another 10 years for the next album?

HA,Ha,Ha, no you will not have 2 wait that long for the follow up to We are Zan Clan who the?? And that is a promise.




I?d say that Zan Clan delivers raw, dirty glam/sleaze rock?n?roll, how would you describe what kind of music you guys play?

Well U can be my press agent anytime dude!!! U hit the nail right on the head there!!!!




Your voice sounds as good today as it did back in the 80?s, how have you manage to keep it in such a good shape?

Woaw thanx man!!! My hat of 2 U!! I have practiced and I just cant stop singing Rock?n?roll so my vocal cords are used to be abused.



Are the older albums available today and do you know if they?re going to be re-released?

Do not know to be honest.



Who have the legal rights to the older albums with Easy Action, Shotgun Messiah and the first Zan Clan album?

When it comes to Easy Action its me and the Boys. Zan Clan is me. Shotgun Messiah I do not know.



What does it feel like to, together with Hanoi Rocks, be the founder of the glam/sleaze genre before the genre had its big breakthrough?

It feels good to have made a mark down the road of Rock?n?roll off course, who am I kidding???? It feels GREAT.



What was it like to be a part of a glam/sleaze band back then, what?s the difference between then and now? Do you have any fun stories from that time to tell us?

Back in the old days everything was fresh and new and off course there were people who got  offended by our looks and music. Lets say it has been a couple of fights down the line but overall the old days was a great time. Today its like everything has been done and U just cant surprise people no more.



Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Metal-Rules.com?

Come and see our show when it comes to a venue near you. Its our party but you?re invited.



Thanks so much for taking the time to answering my questions.

The pleasure is on my side Anders. Have a good 1

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