Ingurgitating Oblivion – Voyage Toward Abhorrence

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Reviewed: July 2005
Released: 2005, Unmatched Brutality Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

This is fucking brilliant; it is easily the best technical Death Metal album I have heard since Gorguts left the scene. Fans of the aforementioned, as well as stuff like Cynic and Carcariass are going to want to track this down. I mean that. This is “intelligent” Brutal Death, with majesty and melody interwoven between its hammering riffs and rhythms, shrieks and growls.
After a somewhat Kitaro-ish intro (that seemed to be disturbing almost in spite of itself), I was floored from the get-go with opener “Spiralling Out Of The World.” I played it probably three times before it all sunk in. This is how actual musicians might define “brutality.”
The slow, lurching and gyrating chug of “Veil Of Perception” remains, perhaps, the album’s strongest cut. And again, it takes more than one listen. (“Toward The Flickering Light” ranks as my second choice). “Nothingness” recalls the glory days of technical Death Metal, with nods to Pestilence and Cynic. The guitars are so sharp as to be lacerous. The vocals are more standard of the genre here, but more than effective. If “Veil Of Perception” is the album’s best track, “Poetry Of The Flesh” is it’s heaviest, and the most conventionally “Brutal Death” cut on the disc. Flashes of Carcass-like guitar-work bleed in and out of “Waters Of Rebirth.” Hell, you\’ll even hear a little Immolation here and there. This will hammer your your sweaty man-sack to the chair. It will nibble the gristle from your very ribs.
I should also mention that, despite what one might think from their cumbersome name (hey–it used to be worse; they used to be called \”Of Trees And Orchids\”!), the band’s lyrics are incredible””especially the thought-provoking “Imprecations.” This is a great album, by an out-of-fucking-nowhere band. I can’t wait to see how far these guys can go.
This is a brave move for label Unmatched Brutality””up to now, their roster has consisted largely of Gore-Grind bands and grunting belch-happy Brutal Death bands. And don’t mistake it””this band is brutal. But their wanton creativity, unbridled cleverness, and high-quality production make this a true step forward for both band and record label.



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Track Listing:
1. Unfolding

2. Spiralling Out of the World

3. Veil of Perception

4. Nothingness

5. Poetry of the Flesh

6. Towards the Flickering Light

7. Water of Rebirth

8. Imprecations

Florian Engelke – guitars and backing vocals
Florian Neumeyer – drums
Ulrich Kreienbrink – vocals
Henning Dinkla – bass
Sascha Hermesdorf – guitars
Karsten Schöning – vocals