Gemini 5

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There still seems to be a market for hard rock bands that produce radio friendly songs. These newer bands may not sell a few million copies but they are out there plugging along. That seems to be the case with Swedish imports Gemini 5. With the release of their new album ?Black Anthem? due to hit stores, the band is preparing themselves for the long road ahead. I had the opportunity to speak with singer Tin Star. You can check out their website at for more information.


How did the band start?
Me and Pete left our then current band Plaster to form an old-school L.A hard rock band. We heard Rod was back from the US (deported) and told him to come to Stockholm and do an audition. Snoopy was a local drunk at my bar and we asked him if he was interested to join a cool new band in the same vein as Motley Crue and Skid Row. Everything happened very fast and we got a record deal half-year later


How is the Swedish hard rock scene?
For the moment very good. Its sometimes hard to get the media you deserve. There?s loads of good hardrock bands, but the media only writes about a few. As long as there?s shows to play I’m satisfied. We love being on stage and touring.


Do you see much of a difference between the U.S. and European music scenes?
It?s hard to say. We?ve never played in US, but it seems like Americans get excited about Scandinavian rock bands. Like we?re exotic or something. Our fav bands come from the states.


Who is in the band?
Rod Teilmann/bass, Snoopy/Lead Guitar, Slim Pete/Drums,Tin Star/Vocals&Guitar


How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of Gemini 5?
Late 80’s hard rock with a touch of the new shit going on. Heavy riffs and catchy choruses. Motley Crue for the 21st century.


What do you think separates your band from all the others out there today?
We have everything. Good songs, cool looks and we don?t pretend. We?re rockstars 24/7.


Who handles the songwriting and how does that process go about?
I write most of the songs. I get inspired from hearing good bands and writing songs is a big passion for me. We try my ideas in rehearsals and then everybody put their special touch to the song. I write the lyrics last. I love cool song-titles. The content isn?t that important.


What are the tour plans?
We play shows in Scandinavia and Europe for the moment. We?d love to play in the US. Rod got deported from L.A a couple of years ago so I?m not sure if the government will let us in. We just released our first album in America so hopefully we can do a tour in the near future.


How difficult is it for a new band starting out to hit the road?
If you want it-just go and get it. It all depends on how much you?re willing to sacrifice. There?s always shows to play if you really put your mind to it. But it can be really hard sometimes and you?ll definitely end up doing some crappy gigs in front of 15 people.


Tell me about your new album ‘Black Anthem’
We started recording the album last fall. I started to arrange the songs in the studio with producer Peer Stappe and then the rest of the boys showed up and did their parts. We owe the producer a lot for the new sound. He?s great with the modern stuff and added some crazy beats and shit to the songs. The album?s already released in Japan and will hit the streets in Europe in August. America has to wait a little longer for the new album. Sorry! It beats the crap out of the 1st one for sure.


What single will go to radio?
When The Body Speaks


Do you find it very difficult for a new band to get any airplay?
It can be hard. We?re added to the commercial radio stations and TV. National radio can sometimes be more difficult.


How did you end up on Deadline/Cleopatra Records?
The usual way. They heard about the album and wanted to sign us up. I think they met our record company in a music convention in France. I?ve been doing loads of interviews and read lots of reviews so far so I guess they?re doing a great job.


What’s the future for Gemini 5?
Promote the new album and take the band to a higher level. US is a great market and it?s a dream come true for any Swedish band to get a record deal in the states. We?ll shoot the second video from the new album later this summer and tour our asses off as usual. Germany is a big country so we?ll do a big tour there in September. I?m quite sure the “Black Anthem” album will appeal to the American rockers.