Vomit Remnants/ Godless Truth, London Archway pub. 19th May 2005

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Vomit Remnants/Godless Truth

London Archway pub.

The 19th of May 2005

Archway pub, London, England

By: Mikael Da Costa

This cold and rainy Thursday the UK was about to be blessed with the first visit from Japan?s top quality extreme act. After 5 years? absence from performing live in Europe, Vomit Remnants returned with a reformed line-up and with a discography CD freshly released and for the joy of many Death Metal fans here.

Due to many problems caused by the  last minute venue change and getting people informed and the equipment to the new bar,  UK?s Bludgeon was cut off the bill. The gig was supposed to be in a pub in Kentish Town and many people including myself went there first to discover that the location had been changed, not a big problem actually because the new venue was only two metro stops away, and it was very fortunate that the organizers had managed to find a place in such a short notice. Around 9 pm the Czech boys from  Godless Truth started the set introducing songs from their latest CD ?Arrogance of Supreme Power?, and I must say watching them live I noticed all the time  improvement in their playing skills! Zdenek had some problems with his vocals –  he?d been sick on tour – but nothing that affected the set at all. The great thing is that this gig attracted some local Hardcore fans since both bands have a HC touch in their music. ?Mission:Fuck you?, ?Perceive the Mockery? showed that Czech Republic holds one of Europe?s best extreme acts, the ones who follow the band could notice a change in their song writing and specially a change in the vocal style going from guttural to a more Hardcore one. The changes made many lose interest in the band but for the ones with open minds like myself, the band just got better and better with time. A short but straight set that left the crowd cheering for more, but it was time to see the headliners of the night.

After the intro Taka, Keisuki(the only original member of the band), Kei and Michito went on stage and destroyed everything with ?Prodigy of Solitude?, the opening track of ?Indefensible Vehemence? and in my opinion their best song ever.

Vomit Remnants have the energy and attitude that I would really like to see more Death Metal bands having, this new line up proved to be right in every way. Taka has an amazing voice and Kei proved to be  more than perfect to the job, and what can you say about Keisuki? Really for a very small guy he is one hell of a drummer and Michito was just the fundamental part with the great backing vocals. The crowd was going mad since the ?dance floor? was divided with the Metal heads banging their heads and on the other side the Hardcore kids dancing the typical ?New York style? kick boxing. They could not have left out from the set songs such as ?Putrefying Dead Flesh? from their debut CD  ?Supreme Entry? that lead the kids in the dance floor to go nuts.

Its good that Vomit Remnants are breaking the barriers of the typical Death Metal band with a lot of ?slams? and ?groove? in their sound. I guess if a more radical Metal head would see them live he could think that they are just a Hardcore band by the way they dress up with baggy shorts and pants, which for me never made a single difference since cloths have never made music –  people and instruments do. By the end of the set the band was going through some difficulties in the sound  –  understandable since the bar was not properly set up  to hold a Death Metal gig, but the band managed to finish the set without any major problems, leaving the fans very satisfied.

If any of you have an opportunity to check out these two awesome bands on their European tour do not even think twice before doing it because you never know how long it will take for Vomit Remnants to come back here. Truly a unforgettable show that unfortunately  didn?t attract many people, but those who cared and are always there to support the underground scene came and left more than happy.




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