Catapult Live In Vancouver May 19th, 2005

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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Pub 340
Vancouver, BC  Canada

**Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

Local hard rock stalwarts, Catapult, are making a name for themselves around town based on their live performances and a damn fine demo released late last summer (read review here).  Led by Myk Shaflik(vocals/acoustic guitar), Catapult?s hybrid of hard rock, bluesy acoustics and bar band grit is a winner in my books but the surly crowd at Pub 340 on this night didn?t seem to share that feeling.  Besides myself and the few onlookers accompanying the band, there were maybe 20 people in the whole place.  Granted, Catapult was opening the show but the nu-punk sounds of Soma City Ward and thrash/death leanings of fellow Vancouver-ites Cradle To Grave didn?t exactly mesh with their sound.  I saw Catapult open for veteran hard rockers, Kick Axe, last November (read review here) and they received a much warmer reception.

Despite the echoes of indifference among the audience, Catapult put on a solid eight song, forty minute set and debuted a few new tracks, as well.  Jason Dekoning?s bass intro to ?Bury Me? is a favorite of mine and his endless posturing shows he gets into the music.  Jay Jarvis is the least assuming of the bunch but when he lays down a solo, he means business while drummer Aubrey Trotter sits at the back and provides a steady backbeat between verbal jabs at Shaflik.  Shaflik is a charismatic frontman interacting (or in this case attempting to interact) with the audience and providing some insight into the songs (Who would have guessed that ?Yesterday? was an acoustic ballad framed around transvestites and aliens?!?!) between hits on his acoustic guitar.  Shaflik also pointed out that he had the best seat in the house since he could see right in the ladies? bathroom from the stage!  At least the band was having fun!  The new tracks??Feed The Sin? and ?Yesterday??are excellent additions to the band?s set of originals and show Catapult growing as songwriters, while old favorites, such as ?Regretful Words,? ?Bury Me? and ?Find Out,? sound as good as ever.  Any of these tracks could fit into a modern rock radio playlist but also have enough originality and edge to them to separate the band from the endless slew of Nickelback clones.

Local acts have to pay their dues and it seems like Catapult is paying theirs.  A Thursday night opening slot at a small downtown club in front of 20 people is hardly a morale booster but Catapult has the goods to go places.  They are dynamic enough to appeal to the modern rock crowd, the metalheads and even the ladies.  If you live in Vancouver, don?t miss them!

Find Out
Feed The Sin
Regretful Words
Forced Faith
Bury Me
Cemetery (on setlist but not played)

**Thanks to Myk Shaflik and the rest of the band for the t-shirt and the new demo.

MP3s available at Catapult?s official website