Motorhead/CoC/3 Inches of Blood/Damn 13 Live In Vancouver April 14, 2005

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Motorhead/Corrosion of Conformity/3 Inches of Blood/Damn 13
Thursday, April 14, 2005
The Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC  Canada

***Live Review & All Photos By Lord of The Wasteland

On Christmas Eve 2005, Motorhead?s Lemmy Kilmister will be sixty years old.  Many people reading this have parents that age; some may even have grandparents that age.  Now imagine your father/grandfather playing in a heavy metal band that comes on stage and not only calls a beer-tossing moron a ?cunt? before challenging him to a fight, but he also is worshipped by a sold-out audience and the recent winner of a Grammy award!  Don?t worry?I can?t picture it happening in my family either, but such was the case as Motorhead came to Vancouver celebrating their thirtieth anniversary.  Never ones to disappoint?this was my fourth time seeing the band?Motorhead brought along their good friends in Corrosion of Conformity, Vancouver?s own 3 Inches of Blood and Canadian newcomers Damn 13 for the party.

Damn 13
Apparently Lemmy himself hand-picked this Toronto band to open the North American shows so expectations were pretty high.  I arrived early to see all the bands and like clockwork, Damn 13 hit the stage at 8:30 for a half-hour set.  To be honest, they were a pretty unassuming bunch but their sound was something like that of Nashville Pussy, Corrosion of Conformity and Alabama Thunderpussy.  Lots of punk attitude but with some sludgy, southern-styled riffs.  The band has a new CD coming out on May 31st entitled BLACK HEART NORTHERN SOUL and several songs including ?High Friends In Low Places,? ?Head Full of Rattlesnakes? and ?Rocket Fuel? were played that showed promise of that release.  Unfortunately, few people were on hand to hear Damn 13?s set given the early start but they are definitely worth checking out from what I witnessed.

3 Inches of Blood
ADVANCE AND VANQUISH was one of the highlights of 2004 and with a major deal on Roadrunner Records, Vancouver?s 3 Inches of Blood finally graduated to the big time.  The band has had major lineup changes in the past year with only vocalists Cam Pipes and Jamie Hooper remaining from their salad days as an indie band playing dive clubs.  High profile tours and their own unique brand of metal has carved this band a niche that has been a long time coming.  Sadly, 3 Inches of Blood was only afforded thirty minutes and no tracks?not even the anthemic ?Balls of Ice??were played from their 2002 debut, BATTLE CRY UNDER A WINTER SUN.  Instead, the band pulled out the cream of the crop from ADVANCE AND VANQUISH including ?Deadly Sinners,? ?Revenge Is A Vulture? and ?Wykydtron.?  Pipes was in top form and his ear-splitting falsetto hit all the highs of the studio versions, while Hooper?s blackened screamo shriek offsets it perfectly.  New guitarists Shane Clark and Justin Hagberg fit like a glove and their propensity for dropping solos is always welcomed.  The blend of classic metal with Pipes? Kreator shirt, leather studded gauntlets and Rob Halford/King Diamond-like wail is seen by many as campy retro but 3 Inches of Blood is as serious as a heart attack.  To quote ?Deadly Sinners,? the band?s message is straight and to the point: ?Enemies of metal/Your death is our reward.?  Take it from someone who has followed this band for years?3 Inches of Blood play fast, hard and are 100% molten freakin? metal.  

Fear On The Bridge
Revenge Is A Vulture
Axes of Evil
Isle of Eternal Despair
Deadly Sinners

Corrosion of Conformity
CoC?s evolution from messy punk, to borderline thrash to sludgy Sabbath-inspired swamp metal has been twenty-one years in the making and no one can fault them for not holding up under the ever-changing musical climate.  Woody Weatherman is the only original member left from when the band formed in 1982 (vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan joined in 1991 and bassist/vocalist Mike Dean left for nearly ten years) and a mysterious new drummer sits behind the skins but CoC is as tight as ever.  The new album, IN THE ARMS OF GOD, is a real return to form after the polished sheen of AMERICA?S VOLUME DEALER left many fans cold.  The band?s 45-minute set consisted of nine songs, with half of the material drawn from the new album and the rest from their classic 90s releases, BLIND, DELIVERANCE and WISEBLOOD (nothing was played from AMERICA?S VOLUME DEALER).  Mike Dean is one of the most underrated bassists in metal and his persona on stage is uncharacteristic of the sounds emerging from his four-stringer.  Dean possesses short hair, herky-jerky movements and little acknowledgement of the crowd before him but the low-end rumble is quintessential to the band?s sound.  Keenan still knows his way around his instrument laying down the instantly recognizable riffs of songs like ?Clean My Wounds? and ?Stonebreaker,? while Weatherman picks up some vocals on ?Infinite War.?  CoC?s sound is still underground but many of the fans in attendance were there just as much for them as they were to see Motorhead.  This was my first time seeing an old favorite and they didn?t disappoint at all.

Paranoid Opioid
King of The Rotten
Vote With A Bullet
My Grain
Infinite War
Clean My Wounds
In The Arms of God

Ahhh, Motorhead.  What really needs to be said about this band that any self-respecting metalhead doesn?t already know?  Lemmy is a metal institution and consistently delivers the goods on the band?s albums and in their live shows.  Riding high on a Grammy win and the success of INFERNO, their 17th album, the band?s 30th anniversary tour features a new setlist containing a few tracks that have not been played in years.  Strangely, besides the three INFERNO tracks and ?Sacrifice,? any songs from the last fourteen years of Motorhead?s formidable catalogue are absent from their new live set.  Also gone is ?Orgasmatron? and ?The Chase Is Better Than The Catch??two long-time live staples.  In their place though are such forgotten gems as ?Over The Top,? which Lemmy dedicated to himself, ?I Got Mine,? ?Shoot You In The Back? and ?Love Me Like A Reptile,? so the band definitely pulled a few aces from up their sleeves.  While the tracklist may be different, the black backdrop with the silver war pig remains intact and Lemmy?s wit is just as sharp as ever (upon surveying the crowd??You all look like me?just without the moustache!?), not to mention his ?take no shit? attitude as witnessed in the call out to the beer-tossing fan mentioned earlier (?You’re a fucking cunt you know that?!  If you want to take a swing at me, come on up!  I’ll kick your fucking teeth in!”)  His hammy announcements before the INFERNO material and his pre-encore speech??Here’s the part where we pretend to go away, and you make a lot of noise, and we come back”?show that the band is still having fun together all these years later.  Mikkey Dee is a phenomenal drummer and his solo during ?Sacrifice? really showed what he is capable of.  To top it off, he strapped on an acoustic guitar for ?Whorehouse Blues?!  Who knew?!?!

Doctor Rock
Stay Clean
Shoot You In The Back
Love Me Like A Reptile
Over The Top
No Class
I Got Mine
In The Name of Tragedy
Dancing On Your Grave
Just Cos You Got The Power
Going To Brazil
Killed By Death
Iron Fist
Whorehouse Blues
Ace of Spades

This was the first big metal lineup to roll through Vancouver in 2005 and it will undoubtedly be one of the better outings of the year, too.  The road warriors of Motorhead never disappoint, Corrosion of Conformity has just released their best CD in years, 3 Inches of Blood are just leaving an indelible mark on the metal world and newbies Damn 13 seem to have a promising future with Lemmy?s stamp of approval.  At thirty years and counting, you never know when Lemmy will decide to pack it in but chances are looking good that Motorhead will be around to celebrate their fortieth anniversary, too. 

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