Pungent Stench, Desecration – UnderWorld London England

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The Underworld, London, England
The 24th of March 2005


The night started very early for this pre-Easter holiday evening –  as many people know, concerts usually start and end very early in the UK. This night was not different, even though Friday was day off for most of the population.

The Underworld united two of the Extreme Metal legends, with some of the upcoming UK acts, and I expected more people would have come down to check this great night out ? after all,  Desecration would play only two dates on this Pungent Stench UK & Ireland tour.

The destruction began with Endless Torment,  a ?old? new band, which means they play old school music but haven?t been around that long. The house was still pretty empty considering the time –  about 7.30pm they began to play, and actually, they didn?t get the crowd going that much. It would have helped if they moved more on stage –  or maybe it was just the time and the place, the fact that they play old school death/thrash, and had  little in common with the other bands of the night.

At the end of their set the band got some headbanging going on with Destruction?s ?Nail to the Cross? cover, but they would still need to improve a lot their live performance skills.

Next on the bill were the UK?s  newest black metal acts Screamin? Daemon, the funny thing about the band is that all their songs are about British mass murderers, you can think of them as the British version of Macabre 2vocals ?fast, and eventhough they call themselves Black Metal, they still have some old school Death Metal influences. Interestingly enough, the band made the deal for Identified with Dental Records, inking the record contract with the band members? blood and semen. The crowd was still waiting for the headliners, so not much action was going on, but some songs from their debut CD called ?The Decline of the English Murder? were played, such as ?The whores that Jack Killed?-  a song about the whores that Jack the Ripper killed and not about Jack; ?Dennis was a homosexual Menace?, ?Excuse me, that?s my brain you?re eating?. Their live performance was good and they proved to be a promising act for the scene here. You?ll probably hear a lot about these guys and their show has some good potencial.

Desecration is a band that basically everyone who likes Extreme Metal should know, and they were probably the most expected band of the night. They were only doing two gigs of this tour so this was likely to be the  main reason why when they played the house was full, or almost full. Back to being a trio, these Welsh extreme boys showed  that Wales still holds one of the best live and studio bands on the scene! Promoting their new record ?Process of Decay?,the band showed a mature live performance making the crowd go wild! Mike is one hell of a drummer, you just can?t believe his playing skills! You?ve just got to see it to believe it. Still, some songs from ?Gore and Perversion 2? that followed  their 1995 debut CD with the same title were the most ?banged?, as were of course songs from the new album such as ?Bacterial Breakdown?, ?Black Putrefaction?,  and at the middle of the set the band invited all the fans to go up on stage and mosh with them!! Man that?s what underground is all about, giving the fans the respect that they deserve because you know what – without the fans, where would a band be? Nowhere that?s anywhere important. So if you don?t like this kind of music you can say as much crap as you want to, but it is not about the money or fame, it is about respect, and if you are in the Extreme Metal scene for the money, you are in the wrong business.

I know this night was about Pungent Stench, but even the people that were not there for Desecration loved the show and for sure found new respect for the band.

So, it was time for the headliners of the night, Pungent Stench. As they entered on stage and shouted ?If you wanted the gayest, you got the gayest, the queerest band in the world:Pungent Stench!? and began with ?Shout it out Loud? – that?s right, you are not seeing things, it?s the Kiss classic song and a very strange way to begin the show . At first most  people around probably took that as a joke but they kept on playing till the end! I guess the old school fans where not so amused by that,  but most of the people actually enjoyed it and sang the song with the band.The band didn?t left out of the set songs from their classics albums such as ?Been caught Buttering? and ?Club Mondo Bizarro?, the band still has a good live energy but maybe some old the more extreme fans have abandoned the band in the last few years for their change in the style, wich I still find good and aggressive. The crowd went wild with ?Viva la Muerte? a true classic. For the final song, the band chose to play Saxon!! Yeah, it was a excellent show but unfortually most of the people left before Pungent Stench played, but the people that stayed did enjoy and started what it was a long weekend with a big smile in their faces.