Pain Dancing with the dead tour KB Malmo Sweden

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Pain: Dancing with the dead tour
With support act Crucified Barbara

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
Jan. 27. 2005

Review & Live Pics by Anders Sandvall

With a new year, we have a lot of gigs ahead. First up this year was Pain which opened the Swedish tour in Malmo this evening. Pain’s new fourth album DANCING WITH THE DEAD was released the day before the show, I was supposed to interview Peter before the show but he and the crew were late because of a flat tire…so unfortunately there wasn’t time to do the interview.

This time, Pain is the headline act and as a support he had the all female band Crucified Barbara who had released their debut album IN DISTORTION WE TRUST the week before. The last time Pain was in Malmo they were a special guest to In Flames on their REROUTE TO REMAIN tour.

The audience wasn’t too big this evening and most of the people were surprisingly there to check out Crucified Barbara. KB has a capacity for about 750 people and I?d think the venue was only half full this night.

The urge to see Pain live wasn’t as big as it seemed. Perhaps the reason is that there are so many bands that are coming to Scandinavia this spring, so the audience simply doesn’t have enough money to catch every band. Another reason for the small crowd may be that Pain did this show almost before the album was even released, that gives the fans little time to really listen to the album and learn the lyrics and the songs. But the first single was released here in Sweden at the beginning of December and Swedish Radio was there to record the show in order to send it as their live show called P3 Live later this year. All Scandinavian fans of Pain should watch out for that show.

For once, the support act hot the stage as scheduled and ran through their 30 minutes remarkably fast. They did a somewhat unstable impression on me and they sure need more live experience before they can impress me. Mostly the front trio stood on each sides behind the mic and hardly did any talking at all but as soon as they get some more experience I?m sure they can go far. But one thing that I?m NOT a fan of are artist names, the girls in Crucified Barbara are called: Nicki Wicked – battery, b-vox, Ida Evileye – bass, Klara Force – guitar, b-vox, Mia Coldheart – lead vocals, guitar.

The band switch went smooth and fast (only 20 minutes) and after that it was time for the main attraction – Pain. My expectations were really high for what Pain should come up with this time. I was also curious to see what guys Peter brought along in the band. To my surprise there were two anonymous girls on bass and guitar and another anonymous guy on drums.

The show kicked off with the brilliant track “SUPERSONIC BITCH” and continued on with “SHUT YOUR MOUTH”, “SUICIDE MACHINE”, “ELEANOR RIGBY” (and yes, that?s a cover) “ON AND ON”, “IT?S ONLY THEM” and “JUST HATE ME”. Most of the songs came from the older albums and that was a smart move by Peter ?cause most of the people hadn?t listened to the new songs yet. However, he did a few new songs like the single “SAME OLD SONG”, “BYE/DIE” and “DON?T COUNT ME OUT” but it took nearly 30 minutes before the first new song came.

Peter had to work all alone to get the crowd going, the two girls did absolutely nothing, but Peter did a good job after all. He didn?t talk so much, he just introduced the songs and invited us to sing a long in “ELEANOR RIGBY”, “JUST HATE ME”, “SHUT YOUR MOUTH” and “SAME OLD SONG” and he looked really happy to see so much people and he thanked the crowd for being there this time.

In Pain, Peter plays electronic metal but this evening the focus was mainly on the metal. The electronic sound was more toned down live than it is on the album. I couldn?t see anyone that took care of the electronics so I guess that was on backtrack.


Peter proved what an excellent singer he is, he sang everything from brutal to more ordinary vocals, he sounded much better in his voice this time than what he did when he was special guest to In Flames. That could be because this was the first show they did on the Swedish tour…a tour that will visit six cities on its way…and when he toured with In Flames it was shows every day.

The regular playing time was about 1 hour but of course he did encores and it was about then you could sense some tiredness in his voice. They finished off the encores by playing a song they’ve never done live, it was the title track “DANCING WITH THE DEAD” and we noticed that ?cause Peter lost the lyrics and didn’t play right.

KB has a very big and deep stage and Peter didn’t have a lot of equipment with him so they really had a lot of time to move around but as I wrote earlier he had to do most of the crowd work himself.

This show was brilliant compared to the last time I’ve witnessed a Pain gig, but there was more to ask for like better and more charismatic musicians, and if you have electronics in your music, shouldn’t it be someone who actually plays that on stage? I think the end time of 1:15 was a bit too early. Peter has to take care of his voice so he can sing for at least 1.30. I really hope that Pain is going out on tour for another round when the fans have had more time to really listen to the album ?cause this one is the strongest album he’s done so far. My expectations were fulfilled this evening and it was better compared to the last time he was here but he left more for us fans to wish for.

Peter is an amazing treasure with a lot of hit singles that are well played, and well arranged. Peter a musical genius and why should Pain be any different. The band didn’t have any set list but I think I got most of what they played right anyway.

Thanks to Annele Hencz at Stockholm Records for the help at the show.

Set list

Supersonic Bitch
End of the line
Breathing in, Breathing out
It?s only them
Shut your mouth
On your knees (again)
Suicide machine
Don?t count me out
On and on
Save me
Just hate me
Eleanor Rigby
Same old song
Dancing with the dead

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