Gorgoroth, Behexen, Horna, SoulGrind : January 7th 2005, Tavastia Club, Helsinki Finland

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Horna, Behexen, Soulgrind
January 7th 2005
Tavastia Club Helsinki Finland
Review and Pics by Arto Lehtinen

The Sirkkeli Rock MetalWeekend was arranged to present a number of domestic metal bands as well as a few foreign names booked to be headliners of the event during the whole weekend. The whole idea around the MetalWeekend was based on a though of awarding domestic metal bands voted by readers of Finnish Metal Magazines. The whole Metalweekend already faced unexpected problems in the early stage of  the planning as Virgin Steel booked in the first place announced about being unable to arrive due to the recording commitments of a new album Therefore the former original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Dianno was announced as a replacement. Then another cancelletion was caused by the Norwegian black metal combo Carpathian Forest whose booking agent just announced the Finnish date has been cancelled a few days before the gig date for a reason or another. Well instead another Norwegian black metal attackers Gorgoroth were booked to replace Carpathian Forest just on time. Of course everything didn’t turn out  with the  arragements as planned in the first place because all kinds of things happened during that night. Before Gorgos unleashed real hellish forces of satan storm, a legion of Finnish black and not- so-black metal bands conquered the stage by spreading their own blasphemies all around in the Tavastia club.



Due to several delays in the schedule and other unexpected problems, the playing time of the Finnish black metallers was radically shortened. For example Horna hitting the stage firstly was allowed to do only three songs. Despite the shortened time limit, Horna?s set stood for the pure hate and furious energy throughout the three blasphemic battle hymns. The band definitely appeared to be damn pissed off at the shortened playing time and unleashed a real nihilistic maelstrom. Which the audience cheered with the passion. When Horna relied on the power of the raw sadistic blackish approach whereas instead Behexen had brought some extra stuff in order to visualize their stageshow.The Behexen show consisted of all the needed essential stuff required to make the narrow minded religious fundamental people disgust. Already in the beginning of the set the vocalist brought and carried the tremendous looking woody inverted cross, showing it at the audience as a symbol of evilness and satanism. The show continued in the same paved way as the frontman having dressed up to the monk cowl picked up an unholy bowl to baptize the whole bunch of freaks of the front line in blood in the name of unholy evilness and not later when when a couple of damn big white laboratory rats were thrown into the audience, where a few crackpots tried to rip one of rats apart. After all both the rats ended flying between the stage and the audience. Finally the holy Bible was thrown into the audience and got ripped apart. Real unholy blasphemy with the truest meaning, but only causing the long time ban for the band to play in the club.

After the bloody baptising black metallic ritualistic death ceremony, Soulgrind hit the stage to bring their own dark messages. Well Soulgrind does definitely not represent the truest and most nihilistic black metal approach compared to the previous black metal squads, instead the Soulgrind have a lot of melodical dark metal elements tied up in the music. And if both Horna And Behexen had the traditional corpse paints painted on their faces, but instead most of the Soulgrind members haven?t remembered to bring along make up boxes apart from the vocalist. Soulgrind had been forced to short their set quite radically as well.. I have to confess not being that familiar with the Soulgrind stuff, therefore it is kinda difficult for me to pick up any essential tracks. But however the former Lullacry frontlady Tanja made a long visit to the stage to sing the duet with the corpsepainted vocalist. Soulgrind have battled thru several years and face ups and downs, but for some eccentric reason the Helsinki based dark metallers haven?t managed to gain the needed larger support and following and it could be paid attention to the lack of the interest of the audience on the gig? Hmm..  


The controversial Norwegian black metal combo Gorgoroth?s arrival to the stage to unleash one hell of  the grotesque sadistical whipping maelstorm was nothing, but merciless and uncompromising slaughtering from the beginning to the end. The whole band having armed to the teeth was in a damn brutal strike by showing no mercy of any kind. The vocalist Gaalh was a real expectional apocalyptic apparation on the stage. Instead the bald head guitarist had adopted quite hilarious stagemanners as the man kept shaking and trembling like having got a 220 voltage electric shock thru his skinny coprse throughout the whole gig and desperately tried to have the grim evil starring the eyes of dead vision to the audience.
Gorgoroth was definitely merciless and savage as a real black metal band has to be. The band didn?t spend any single minute by giving any worthless speeches, instead let the brutal unholy true Norwegian black metal roll over creating one hell of megalomaniac chaos and mayhem.