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Interview with James Christian
Interview By Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Frontiers Records for the promo pictures.
Thanks to Stefan at Atenzia records for the help with the interview.

Here is an interview with James Christian who has recently released his second solo album MEET THE MAN. James released his first solo album back in 1994 and is known for his participation in the band House of Lords who were newly re-united and released a new CD in 2004.


How did media react on your solo album “RUDE AWAKENING” when it was released in ?94?

I believe the reviews were very good. I did not get a chance to see them all, but the ones that I did see were positive.


The info note says that it got re-released with 6 bonus tracks, when was it re-released?

Yes it did, There were some live tracks that I did for “Gods Of Rock”


Is your debut still available today?

Yes, I have seen it frequently on the web.


To quote the info note “you have built up a fine reputation as a songwriter and producer”, would you like to tell us about who you have written to and which acts you have produced?

I have written for ” House Of Lords, Julie Masse(This is an artist that I produced and her CD went Platinum) Black & Blue, EZO, Various Movie tracks such as “Hellraiser 3”


How many songs have you written on your debut album?

All except one which was ‘Brighter Day”.


Have you done any live shows by yourself since the debut been released?

I did one and that was “Gods Of Rock” in England.


How does the co-operation with your label Frontiers go?

It is a very nice relationship. the label signs melodic rock acts and give them a venue to record their music. It is a very successful format.


Why has it taken you so long to follow up your debut? What have you been up in between releases?

I have been doing a lot of production in the years past. I also got married to Robin Beck and we both have a baby girl named Olivia. Time goes by very quickly when you have a child.



How long did it take you to write the new album “MEET THE MAN”?

This CD is a compilation of 10 years work. I did not write all the songs on the CD but I have much more material for future projects.


How many songs have you written on the new album?

I believe three.


Just as on the debut, you have worked with several different songwriters this time too, which ones have you worked with?

Judithe Randall, Robin Randall, Susan Hamilton, Stan Bush.


What are the lyrics about? Have you written about anything in particular?

Lyrics are mostly about Life and Love, these are the subject matter that I prefer in songs that I sing. I am not a big fan of songs that have political messages.


Which studio have you used this time?

My home studio in West Palm Beach Florida.


How long did it take to record the album?

3 months.


Why the title “MEET THE MAN” does it have any special meaning to you?

Meet the Man is not as bold of a statement as some suggest. To me, it means, “Meet The Man’ who has been out of the spotlight for 10 years. Meet the man who is now a father and a Husband. Meet the man that really loves his life?s choices.


Just as on the new album with House of Lords you have chosen to work with the producer Fabrizio Grossi, what makes him special as a producer?

He is part of the Frontiers family and he also understand melodic Rock very well.


Are there any plans on going out on tour right now?

Not right now. I am concentrating on doing my wife’s CD and then we will both decide.


I would describe your music as melodic hardrock, how would you like to describe your music?

The same way.


Do you have any particular favorite track on the album, if so which one and why?

I really love “Leave well Enough Alone”, I think this is a well written song with a strong lyric.


Are you satisfied with the album or do you feel you should have done anything different now that you look back on it?

I always feel I could have done something better. That’s what keeps you from getting stale. I always try harder on the next project.


Have you read any reviews yet? What does the media think of the album?

Very Positive so far. But I always keep in mind that you can’t please everyone.


Do your fans have to wait as long for the next album as long as they have waited for this one?

No, I plan on releasing something much sooner this time.


How does it work when you live in the States and your label is in Europe?

No problem. This is the 21st century and technology has made it much easier to talk to each other.


Which company releases your albums in the States? Is it the same as in Europe?

I don’t know the answer to that question. You might want to ask Frontiers Records.


Why did you release a solo album so soon after the album from House of Lords?

I did not time it that way. Although, I think the House Of Lords CD was released in March and my CD was in October. That is pretty far apart.


Are there any plans on keeping House of Lords alive right now?

Yes, well will do another CD together.


What was the thought behind the cover of the album and who?s done it? Are you content with it?

I love the cover. I did not have any input in the design. The artwork was done by Frontiers.


2004 is coming to an end, what are the plans for James Christian during ’05?

More recording and producing. Me and My wife have signed an amazing new artist to our production company. She is only 14 years old but sings incredible.


Is there anything you would like to say to the reader?s out there?

I would like to say in advance, thank you for picking up my CD. I do appreciate music listeners more than they know.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Thank You.

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