Walls of Jericho – All Hail The Dead

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Reviewed: January 2005
Released: 2004, Trustkill Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

As WOJ front-woman so brutally intones, “There is no “i” in fuck you!” However, one might point out that there is an “i” in “bitch.” Fortunately, there is nothing to bitch about on this release.
This is Metalcore, plain and simple. It is also crushingly heavy. The average listener is three songs in before they realize that Candace, the vocalist, is female. While female Death Metal vocalists are nothing new, Candace seems to have an edge. She is actually more brutal than Death. This reviewer would certainly never wish to anger her.
The music is fairly standard, but well-played. Walls Of Jericho””a band on the cusp of far-reaching cross-genre success””have not gotten this far by being innovative; they have gotten here by being good…damn good. Perhaps more aggressive and vitriolic than any other band on Trustkill, they have also learned the art of the simple riff. Instead of sixty time-changes and forty breakdown sections, WOJ keep it “to the point,” often accomplishing more with one riff than some Metalcore goons achieve in entire songs. This is well evidenced in the opening title cut (if not throughout the disc).
It is all about atmosphere; and the atmosphere here is absolutely hostile. Be forewarned.


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Track Listing:
01) All Hail The Dead
02) There\’s No I In Fuck You
03) A Little Piece Of Me
04) Another Anthem For The Hopeless
05) Revival Never Goes Out Of Style
06) Day And A Thousand Years
07) Through The Eyes Of A Dreamer
08) 1:43 AM
09) Jaded
10) Thanks For The Memories
11) More Life In The Monitors
12) Fixing Broken Hearts
13) To Be Continued…

Aaron Ruby – bass
Candace Kucsulain – vocals
Alexei Rodriguez – drums
Chris Rawson – guitar
Mike Hasty – guitar