Supreme Majesty – Danger

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Reviewed: January 2005
Released: 2003, NA
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aryn

Sweden\’s Supreme Majesty made an impact with me with their 2001 debut TALES OF A TRAGIC KINGDOM. That album introduced a great melodic power metal band in somewhat akin to Twlightning in it\’s catchy guitar hooks and double bass thunder. The most suprising thing about that album with it\’s soaring vocals and dual guitar wizardry and catchy songwriting was that this band rose from the ashes of death metal band Non Serviam.

With the release of DANGER, Supreme Majesty have created a better niche for themselves in the power metal market. Gone are the somewhat prog overtones, and in is what can only be described as a monstrous 80\’s influence. They have taken the sound of their debut and infused it with just enough elements of fellow Swedes, Europe, to make for a entirely pleasing and fun record. Especially listening to songs like \”Danger\” you can just feel the Europe influence dripping off the band, the first time I heard the song the first thought that ran through my head was \”Holy Europe influence, Batman!\”. The excellent vocals of Joakim Olsson fit the songs perfectly with his use of a mid ranged tenor as opposed to the typical power metal falsettos seen in so many groups. The guitar duo of Rille Svensson and Tobias Wernersson amp up every song knowing exactly when to play flashy and when to let the mellow synthesizer tones of Chrille Andersson carry the tune.

The album has it\’s fair share of ballads, each of them posessing enough somber melody and weeping guitar harmonies as to make them effective and great songs. Although the ballads aren\’t up to par with the ones on their debut, one can\’t help but feel that listening to songs like \”Until The End Of Time\” like they were designed to be the power ballad in a love montage to some Swedish movie. The music is so damn catchy and strong that commercial viability may have been their goal, and they have succeeded in writing songs and vocal lines that stick in your head for hours. Such as the aforementioned \”Until The End Of Time\” which closes out with a sing-along not unlike Journey\’s \”Lovin\’ Touchin\’ Squeezin\”.

Which isn\’t to say these guys can\’t pull out the double bass thunder and write badass power metal tunes, which is proven on tracks like \”Heroes Of Our Land\” which proves they are more then the Stratoclones that their first album illicited cries of. The production of the album is huge, each song having an arena-rock feel of reverbed drums and uplifting vocals. I can\’t say enough good things about this album and think it\’s a huge step forward from their debut. If you are a fan of power metal, and don\’t mind it being light and happy with verse/chorus/verse song structures then Supreme Majesty cannot come with high enough recommendations.


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Track Listing:
1. Fallen Star
2. Heroes of our Land
3. Danger
4. Until the End of Time
5. Save Me
6. Cruel Circle
7. Two Against Many
8. After Midnight
9. By Your Side

Vocals – Joakim Olsson
Guitars – Rille Svensson
Guitars – Tobias Wernersson
Keyboards – Chrille Andersson
Bass – Daniel Andersson
Drums – Jocke Unger