Massmurder – Slaughtered For Snuff

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Reviewed: January 2005
Released: 2004, Unmatched Brutality Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Fans of the Manhunt game will find solace in this, a soothing Satanic soundtrack to their snuff perversions. Superb (disturbing) artwork and ludicrous/murderous lyrics make for a superior underground scum platter from the dedicated Unmatched Brutality label. Over the top, and undoubtedly in questionable taste, this is the sort of release that sets off Federal raids.
Though the “vokills” verge on unidentifiable, everything about the band itself comes together quite nicely to make a vile and vicious, vociferous death-blast mix. The guitar-work, though woefully short on solos, is inspired, thrashy, and violent. It manages to be fierce without sounding sloppy. Guitarist Jan’s tone is superb. If there were any true weakness in the machine-like thrust of the group, it would be the raw-sounding drum tracks. This is not to say that drummer Ramon is anything less than an inhuman powerhouse; it is simply to say that the production fails to capture his potential in a way that properly mixes with the rest of the band. In general, the raw (though sufficiently loud) production remains this group’s primary Achilles’ Heel.
As genre-specifics go, this is nail-into-the-head brutal death metal, start to finish. Thrash-inspired riffing and song dynamics reminiscent of the genre’s early 90’s peak compliment what is surely a band to watch in an increasingly repetitive gore-soaked scene.


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Track Listing:
1.Corpse Copulation
2.Slauhgtered For Snuff
3.Homicidal Whore
5.Meatcleaver Massacre
6.Cadaver Disinterment
7.Soaked In Semen
8.Perverse Molestation

Paul – Vocals, Bass
Ramon – Drums
Jan – Guitars