Ghost Machinery – Haunting Remains

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Reviewed: January 2005
Released: 2004, Sound Riot Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

The seeds for Ghost Machinery were sown when Burning Point vocalist, guitar player and songwriter Pete Ahonen came away from a Burning Point recording session with an unused song. He felt that it was good enough that it should be recorded and offerered it to a friend for use in his project but that band already had enough material. The song was forgotten until Pete realized that there probably wouldn’t be a third Burning Point release and decided to put together his own band. After a few aborted attempts at starting bands Ahonen had finally had enough and in early 02 brought in Tapsa Pelkonen (Bass Guitar), and Jussi Ontero (Drums, keyboards). In short order they had put together the 12 songs that would make up HAUNTING REMAINS.

Burning Point was one of the better powermetal bands to come along in the last few years and because Ahonen was such an important part of that, its no wonder that Ghost Machinery bears some similarities. Burning Point was a great mixture of powermetal, traditional speed metal and all out basic heavy metal. Ghost Machinery follows in the same footsteps but expands on that with a bit more melody, if that’s possible. “Blinded Eyes”, “Evil Within Us” and “Heaven and Hell” are all as fast as hell and prove that Ahonen has not lost his love of speed. The area where the band is at their strongest is when they play more traditional songs. “Temples of Gold” (the track that Burning Point rejected) highlights Ahonen’s knack for writing catchy riffs and strong melodies. That song, along with “Down in Flames” and “Darkest Hour”, are some of the strongest songs on HAUNTING REMAINS. One of the more interesting tracks on the disc is a cover of Gary Moore’s and Phil Lynott’s “Out in The Fields”. This has been one of my favourite songs for years and though Ghost Machinery doesn’t quite pull it off (there was only 1 Phil Lynott), it is nice to see such a great song getting some recognition.

15 years ago these songs would be bowed down to as classics of the genre. Perceptions change over time and paths become well tread. That shouldn’t mean that good music is ignored because it isn’t groundbreaking. Ghost Machinery might not be the most original band in the world but they are damn good at what they do. It seems that Pete Ahonen has a clear vision for the kind of metal that he wants to create. First Burning Point and now Ghost Machinery have shown that powermetal can still be relevant in today’s metal world.


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Track Listing:
01 – World of Unbelievers
02 – Blinded Eyes
03 – Temples of Gold
04 – Evil Within Us
05 – Down in Flames
06 – Dreamworld
07 – From the Edge of the World
08 – Darkest Hour
09 – Fallen Angels
10 – Heaven or Hell
11 – In your (evil) Dreams
12 – Out in the Fields
13 – Shadows

Pete Ahonen – Vocals, Guitars
Tapsa Pelkonen – Bass Guitar
Jussi Ontero – Drums, keyboards