Crematory – Revolution

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Reviewed: January 2005
Released: 2004, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

So after a short break, one of the world’s best known goth-metal acts is back in action. I’ve never been into Crematory as I’ve not had a chance to actually listen to them, aside from a few tracks on compilations. I’ve liked what I heard though, so I was somewhat excited to hear this disc. Well, after having listened to it numerous times, I come away somewhat disappointed. Crematory have so many disparate influences in their music that its almost impossible to like every song on this album. Some songs, like the opening “Wake Up” are both heavy and catchy, while there are other songs like “Reign of Fear” that are decidedly not heavy and have too much influence from techno and dance music to be of much use.
Still, the songs that are metal are very good and even the Rammstein rip-off “Tick Tock” is a highlight. But when the band slips into the dance beats then things take a dive. There is one non-metal song on here that is simply great though: the closing ballad “Farewell Letter”, a wrenching finale of regret. So after sitting through the almost 50 minutes of music on REVOLUTION, what you’re left with is half and album’s worth of good songs and half filler. Not the best ratio, but the good songs almost make up for it. Long-time fans of Crematory are bound to wish for some more metal moments, but those that loved the band’s BELIEVE opus from 2000 are likely to eat this disc up with a spoon. Count me in for the feast, but excuse me if I gag a couple of times.


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Track Listing:
1) Resurrection
2) Wake Up
3) Greed
4) Reign of Fear
5) Open Your Eyes
6) Tick Tock
7) Angel of Fate
8) Solitary Psycho
9) Revolution
10) Human Blood
11) Red Sky
12) Farewell Letter

Felix Stass: Vocals
Matthias Hechler: Guitar
Harald Heine: Bass
Katrin Goger: Keyboards
Markus Jullich: Drums