Cessation of Life – Kill You Again

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Reviewed: January 2005
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Cessation of Life (C.O.L.) is a band formed in California back in 1996. Playing what they call “high velocity speed metal” (a tag which I dispute, hearing more of a thrash/death metal combo in their sound, rather than flat-out speed), the band have made a nice name for themselves over the course of numerous live shows and self-financed albums like AGGRESSIVE BY NATURE…DESTRUCTIVE BY CHOICE. This is my first contact with the, though, so let’s dive in and see what they’ve got for us shall we?
KILL YOU AGAIN is a ten track disc that really has only 8 songs, with two tracks (“The Call” and “I.F.T.W.M.F.A.” being throwaway skit-type things). Thankfully, the 8 actual songs have some worth, as C.O.L. take their thrash/death mix and work it for all it is worth. Songs like the raging “Kill You Again” and “Long Awaited Succession” pound out the bands somewhat groovy riffs to great effect, with vocalist Chris Violence ranting and raving over top with a powerful gravel-throated bellow. It’s hard to pin down exactly where C.O.L. get most of their influence from, as you can hear snippets of Bay Area thrash, N.Y. death metal and various other styles in their melting pot of sound, but to their credit they manage to distill it all into something resembling their own style.
That’s not to say that everything is perfect however. There are a few songs on here that are somewhat dull and could use some tightening up in the arrangements and songwriting, but there is enough on here that shows that these guys have been paying attention over the years. They’ll probably never be one of the top bands in metal, but they have the potential to carve out a respectable career for themselves.


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Track Listing:
1) Forgotten
2) Long Awaited Succession
3) A Minute to Live
4) The Call
5) Kill You Again
6) A New Religion
7) Johnny Wants A Six Pack
8) I.F.T.W.M.F.A.
9) Pulverizing Vortex
10) Hate Exhaust

Chris Violence: Vocals
Travis Anderberg: Guitar
Justin Harrison: Bass
Ron Ostlund: Drums