Arch Enemy – Dead Eyes See No Future EP

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Reviewed: January 2005
Released: 2004, Century Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Arch Enemy\’s influence is far-reaching having helped shape the Swedish metal scene since their first release, 1996’s BLACK EARTH. Perhaps what got them the most attention (wanted or unwanted) was the addition of female vocalist, Angela Gossow, for 2001’s WAGES OF SIN album. While some bands might have played that angle up (ahem, Stratovarius) and, in turn, reduced themselves to gimmickry, Arch Enemy showed up their critics and Gossow delivered the goods on her punishing debut. The band\’s follow-up, 2003’s ANTHEMS OF REBELLION, serves as the catalyst for the DEAD EYES SEE NO FUTURE EP as the track is taken from that release. Essentially, this release is something to get the band’s name out there for its North American tour with Cradle of Filth (and to float a few bucks Century Media\’s way, as well). Included along with the title track are three live cuts taken from a concert an April 2004 show in Paris, France, three cover songs and the music video for “We Will Rise.” This is a tidy little package and the price is certainly right at a mere $8, but this is definitely for fans only.

“Dead Eyes See No Future” is a good selection from ANTHEMS OF REBELLION and the gothic-sounding choirs in the chorus are an excellent juxtaposition to Gossow’s brutal roar. The twin guitar attack from the Amott brothers is out in full force here, as well. It just makes the listener fell all warm and fuzzy inside hearing these two masters at work. As for the live tracks, Gossow’s voice is in surprisingly good form. I have heard her speak and she sounds nothing like her “work” voice. In fact, she sounds downright manly in her stage banter here! Andy Sneap’s mix of the live tracks is superb as usual with each instrument perfectly laid out. In fact, this recording sounds almost too good. Is it live or is Arch Enemy the tightest, most unflawed band in metal history? As for the covers, they are a real mixed bag. The band tackles Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction” and literally butchers it. It is one thing to take a cover song and make it your own but this is so far out in left filed that it just does not work. Sharlee D’Angelo’s thunderous bass is the only good thing I can say about this downtuned mess. Arch Enemy fare much, much better with their take on Manowar’s “Kill With Power,” stepping up the brutality level but maintaining some of the original magic of this classic track. Manowarriors of the world can rest assured the Swedes have not sullied the good name of the furry, bare-chested ones. The most interesting cover is Carcass’ “Incarnated Solvent Abuse”””not because of the song per se, but because Michael Amott was a member of Carcass and performed on the original version found on 1992’s NECROTISM-DESCANTING THE INSALUBRIOUS. Gone is the spoken word coroner intro but every shred of the original has been kept and injected with tighter guitars, better production (duh?!) and Gossow arguably outguns Jeff Walker in the vocal department.

As something to whet the appetites of Arch Enemy fans between releases (and get some bodies to the gigs), Century Media has bestowed this seven-song EP upon metalheads at an affordable price. Not essential by any means but there are some interesting moments worthy of a purchase for fans of the band.


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Track Listing:
1. Dead Eyes See No Future
2. Burning Angel (Live)
3. We Will Rise (Live)
4. Heart of Darkness (Live)
5. Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth Cover)
6. Kill With Power (Manowar Cover)
7. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass Cover)
**\”We Will Rise\” music video

Angela Gossow””Vocals
Chris Amott””Lead Guitar
Michael Amott””Rhythm Guitar
Sharlee D’Angelo””Bass
Daniel Erlandsson””Drums


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