Glenn Hughes – Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels (DVD)

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Reviewed: December 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records / Atenzia Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall


I’m not a big fan of Glenn Hughes I have to say, but I have to admit that this man still has an enormous voice that hasn’t gone sour through the years as many other older hard rock singers voices have done. The only slightly negative thing with his voice is that he has a tendency to be a bit too scream-ish sometimes like he sounded during the 70’s when he was in Deep Purple. I think he should stick within the limits of what his voice can handle.

I don’t think that this man needs any introduction at all because he has been in the business for so long and been in so many bands that you ought to know who he is and what he has done. Some of the bands he has been part of are Trapeze, Hughes/Thrall, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and now currently the Hughes/Turner Project. He has also done numerous guest appearances and a solo career. He is truly a genuine rock legend no matter what you think of him and his work.

Please see my review of the CD version of this release.

How is this DVD then? Well, it could have been really great but there are some negative things that really makes the rating drop. The musicians seem to be standing and playing in a rehearsing room and they just play, nothing else happens. The concert feeling is zero. In between each song everything fades to black and on the screen pops up the next song title. That takes away the live and concert feeling a lot.

There are hardly any shots of the tiny crowd and you can’t even hear them as well. Alex Ligertwood and Kevin DuBrow only appear on the first three songs and then they disappear. Another questionable thing is the lighting. Sometimes Hughes’ face disappears in the lighting and some of the musicians partly stand in darkness. Maybe the lighting crew should consider a job switch.

The positive things about this DVD are that it’s nicely shot and there aren’t any fast cuts so you have time to see what they are filming. The DVD has shots in many different angles and you can’t see any other camera that blocks your way. Glenn and the guys seem to be enjoying themselves in the rehearsing room and he managed to sing, play bass and at the same time look cool.

This is apparently the second real live show Glenn has done through all the years. The first one was with Deep Purple called CALIFORNIA JAM, which was a festival show from Ontario Speedway in 1974 in front of 300,000 fans.

Glenn had this to say about the DVD: “People in the Purple circles have always spoken how great the Cal Jam gig was and for me of course it’s wonderful that people still remember it, but that show was over 30 years ago! And I’m still here and making music”.

The bonus material features a photo gallery and short interviews with some of the participants about how they ended up on this DVD/CD. There is also a longer interview with Hughes. The two interviewers are Kevin DuBrow and Lark Williams and they ask him some personal questions about his career.

Altogether contains this DVD 90 minutes of playtime and 15 minutes of interviews. Glenn produced the DVD with the well known producer, in melodic rock circles, Fabrizio Grossi. And just like on the CD the production is brilliant. You can hear everyone loud and clear and very distinct.

The cover looks very stylish and clean, it looks like the label have put some money into the cover. There is also a DVD cover pack special limited edition available during a short amount of time. I think that the CD works a lot better than the DVD.

Favorite tracks are “Mistreated”, “Gettin’ Tighter” and “Written All Over Your Face”.


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Track Listing:
1. Can’t Stop Flood
2. Higher Places
3. Written All Over Your Face
3. The First Step Of Love
4. Seafull
5. Wherever You Go
6. Coast To Coast
7. Medusa
8. Mistreated
9. Gettin’ Tighter
10. You Keep On Moving

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Production Year: 2004