Saxon & Dream Evil Live at KB in Malmo Sweden

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Saxon & Dream Evil

Lionheart world tour 2004/5

Kulturbolaget, Malm? Sweden

October 21, 2004

Review & Pictures by Anders Sandvall


KB was nearly sold out this evening when Dream Evil and Saxon entered the venue. Dream Evil had gotten a more warmer greeting this night compared to the show they did at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen. The audience tagged along immediately when the guys entered the stage and just as in Copenhagen, the guys had the same make-up on from the video “THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL”. The KB stage is bigger than the Pumpehuset stage so this time the band had a lot of space to hang up their big back drop. Niklas and Mark moved a lot all across the stage and Fredrik and Peter stood solid on each side and played almost the whole gig through.

The sound was a lot better this night and you could hear everyone in the band loud and clear and as always delivered the guys a show consisted of very well played heavy metal. The only problem this night was Niklas’ voice, he sounded a bit tired and sore ?cause apparently he had over-used his voice the night before in Stockholm. But that was just marginally, otherwise his registar was totally intact. Niklas is a terrific frontman with an amazing voice, the talk between the songs was lot alike the one he did in Copenhagen. He just thanked and introduced the next song. Before “THE SLEDGE” he had a longer talk about when he was 13 at the beginning of the 80?s and he got hit by a sledge by bands like Saxon, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Niklas did most of the talking during the 40 minutes in Swedish except for a part where he thanked Saxon and their road crew for being so nice and for a very nice tour trough Europe. The things he said in English were for the film-crew who filmed this for a live- DVD.

The set list were exactly the same as in Copenhagen, 9 songs, which 5 songs were from the new album and rest were from the older ones. And again Dream Evil did a brilliant show in how real heavy metal should be played. I think that this show was slightly better than the one they did in Copenhagen ?cause of the massive audience support they got this time.




Chasing the dragon
The sledge
Into the moonlight
Children of the night
Mark U. Black ? guitar solo
The book of heavy metal
Crusaders anthem
Made of metal
Chosen twice


After the break it was time for the legends, Saxon, to enter the stage. The lights came on and Biff and company stood on stage. They started off with the titletrack of the new album “LIONHEART”. Saxon are very loved in Sweden and their new album is at the top ten on the hardrock charts here. Dream Evil had sure raised the temperature into tropical heat when Saxon started plus that some more people had arrive to see their heroes.

Saxon skipped Scandinavia on their last tour and they haven?t played here since the “KILLING GROUND” album therefore they were long awaited by their fans (that?s including me). The band looked eager to play even though they had played for 5 days straight. I guess that most of you already know that they have a new drummer in the ex- Stratovarius drummer Jorg Michael.

Saxons current line-up is: Biff Byford ? lead vocals, Paul Quinn ? guitar, Doug Scarratt ? guitar, Nibbs Carter ? bass, b-vox, Jorg Michael ? drums. The first two guys are original members from the start, but you all probably know that. Saxon was, of course, focused on playing the songs from “LIONHEART” and they didn?t do any greatest hits show. Except the titletrack they did songs like “BEYOND THE GRAVE”; “FLYING ON THE EDGE”; “MAN AND MACHINE” and “SEARCHING FOR ATLANTIS” from the new album. But they also did their old classics tunes like “POWER AND THE GLORY”; “MOTORCYCLE MAN”; “BACKS TO THE WALL”; “HEAVY METAL THUNDER”; “747 (STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT)” and “NEVER SURRENDER”.

Saxon hadn?t a lot of equipment with them, just a lot of speakers and a minor back-drop with the cover of their first album and Joergs enormous drum set of course. They had a lot of space to move around on something that Nibbs, Biff and Doug took advantage of. Biff looked very pleased of the big crowd and he joked around with us and invited us to sing a long in several of the songs. The audience screamed for “CRUSADER” almost the whole gig trough but Biff only shooked his head and told us to have patience. He asked us if we wanted to hear an old or a new song and the crowd screamed for an old one “DALLAS 1 PM” but Biff said that they?re were going to play “AND THE BAND PLAYED ON” but if we screamed loud enough they were going to play both of those songs, and the crowd screamed so they had to do both songs.

Maybe I’ll ruin things for Sweden Rock Festival now but Biff told us that Saxon is going to gig on the festival next year and he hoped that as many people as tonight is going to go and watch them at the festival as well.

He introduced “DOGS OF WAR” saying that it was the first tour and the first album with Doug, then he introduced Jorg in the middle of the show. Biff dedicated “NEVER SURRENDER” to the Dream Evil guys.

He also asked how many of us had bought “LIONHEART” and if we hadn?t we should immediately go and do so. The night before in Stockholm the people been very loud and had screamed a lot – something that he wanted us to do too. By now the temperature had risen even more and the guards had to give out water to the audience to prevent them from fainting. Biff has his incredible and charismatic voice intact and even if he?s started to sound a bit tired during the gig (who wouldn’t in this heat?) he still sounded as good as he did back in the 80?s. It?s pretty hard to believe that Saxon is celebrating 25 years as a band this year when you hear and see them live, they?re are still as vital and impressive as when they started out.

The show lasted for about 1.35 and were finished by the new song “WITCHFINDER GENERAL” and after that it was time for the encores which were “CRUSADER” with sing a long from the audience and an extra long version of “WHEELS OF STEEL” and apparently the Malm? crowd was better that the crowd in Stockholm ?cause here the people sang so loud that you couldn?t hear the band. The encores were finished by “DENIM AND LEATHER” and by that time had Saxon played for nearly 2 hours.

Biff thanked the Malm? audience and said that this was a really pleasant end at the Scandinavian tour. After these shows Saxon are headed down Europe with a new support act.

I have nearly nothing bad to say about this amazing show. The band were so well rehearsed that they didn?t even follow the set list, instead they played whatever they wanted. To sum up this remarkable evening, I have to say that I?ve witnessed a show with a great support act, the sound was really good and so also the huge crowd. Saxon looked and sounded hungry and they had an impressive set list. Brilliant is the word that best sums up this evening!

Many of the people left KB this night with a big smile on their lips and so did also I.

Due to the photo restriction during the show I couldn?t take so many pictures, that?s why they are so few here.

Thanks to Suzan at Playground Music Sweden for help at the show, also thanks to SPV.




Backs to the wall
Power and the glory
Motorcycle man
Beyond the grave
Flying on the edge
Heavy metal thunder
Are we travelers in time
Broken heroes
Man and machine
Searching for Atlantis
Live by the sword
747 (strangers in the night)
Jack Tars
20.000 ft
Strong arm of the law
Dogs of war
Witchfinder general