Dream Evil live in Copenhagen Denmark

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Dream Evil
Support to Saxon
Pumpehuset, Copenhagen Denmark
October 17th, 2004

Review & Pictures by Anders Sandvall

Just before the summer came Dream Evil?s third album which is the ultimate bible of what heavy/power metal is all about. Therefore, it was simply called “THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL”. With that album, Dream Evil consolidates their position as one of the greater newer heavy/power metal acts within the Swedish scene. Everyone who is a fan of heavy metal ought to check out this brilliant act if you haven’t already. Dream Evil is out on tour supporting Saxon through Europe and after a shorter stop the tour went on to Denmark and Copenhagen were I caught them this night.


Dream Evil will follow Saxon halfway through Europe and after the shows in Scandinavia, Chinchilla takes over the support job from Dream Evil.

My expectations for the show were really high ?cause I?ve seen Dream Evil twice before and they did really good shows back then. Also add the fact that guitarist Gus G has since left and is replaced with a new name (for me) made me curious what they might sound like this evening. Gus G is replaced by Mark U Black – a person I?ve never heard of and that made me especially curious on what he could achieve.

I?ve got the chance to interview Mr. Shaw in Copenhagen and it became a really long interview that you can read here. All of the guys are really nice and take the time to sign and talk with people that come up to them.

The gates opened at 20:00 and Dream Evil were scheduled to start 21.00 but already 20 minutes before time they stood on stage and kicked off the show. Saxon had a lot of equipment on stage so Dream Evil hadn?t so much space to move around. Fredrik and Peter stood solid on their side of the stage along with Niklas that moved around a little bit. The guys had their costumes and make-up from the video “THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL” on especially Fredrik and Peter but also Mark had he?s share of make-up which you can see on the pictures.


The band had about 40 minutes on stage and they sure used their time properly. During that time they played 9 songs and one shorter guitar solo which was an excellent way of introducing Mark to the fans.

Niklas shifted between talking English and Swedish in between the songs, the little talking he did by the way. But he held a longer introduction to the song “THE SLEDGE” and he told us about when he grew up in the 80?s and listened to bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon (where the crowd got mad) and Judas Priest which just had hit him like a sledgehammer when he heard them the first time. But all that lack of talking probably depended on the short amount of time they had.

Niklas has an amazing vocal capacity and all the guys have, if it?s possible, grown together even more as a unit and now they are extremely tight. All members seem to be very well rehearsed also Fredrik who looked a bit confused on the first show I saw with them in Lund on their first album.

This night was first and foremost dedicated to the songs from the new album. 5 of the 9 songs were from “THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL” and they were “M.O.M”; “THE SLEDGE”; “THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL”; “CRUSADERS” and “CHOSEN TWICE”. The older songs were “CHASING THE DRAGON”; “CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT” and “MADE OF METAL”.

As I wrote earlier, Mark did a shorter guitar solo and it sounded really good. He does the songs justice and there was no longing for Gus G to come back. Mark pulled off the show in fine form and he sure is a worthy member of Dream Evil. It?s going to be really interesting to hear him playing on the next studio album.

And what about Snowy then, well what can go wrong with such a legend behind the drums? Absolutely nothing. He impresses as always but on other hand isn?t that what geniuses do?

The crowd was a bit thin when Dream Evil entered the small stage at Pumpehuset this cold night. It looked like the rest of the ordiance waited for Saxon to go on instead of looking at Dream Evil.


The sound wasn?t good at all, Snowys drums were a bit too high in the mix and Peters bass play almost drowned in Fredriks and Marks guitars. Niklas had proper sound in his mic but when Fredrik, Peter and Mark sang the back up vocals they were way too high and Niklas almost disappeared.

Once again shows Dream Evil how heavy metal (with a hint of power metal) should be played there wasn?t anything to complain about except for the sound and that maybe it?s time for the guys to head out on a headliner tour of their own, it?s about time now.


Current Line-up:

Niklas Isfeldt ? lead vocals
Peter St?lfors ? bass, b-vox
Fredrik Nordstr?m ? guitar, b?vox
Mark U Black ? guitar, b?vox
Snowy Shaw ? drums

The set list was quite Ok but I missed some of my personal favorites like “THE CHOSEN ONES”; “IN FLAMES YOU BURN”; “INVISIBLE”; “BREAK THE CHAINS” and “ONLY FOR THE NIGHT”.

When the last song was played went everybody of stage except for Snowy who seemed to think it was going be an encore, the other guys had to get him off stage and after that the Dream Evil show was over. The change of things on stage went very fast and then Saxon entered the stage.

A big thanks to Snowy Shaw and the other members for the help, allowing me taking pictures althrough the show and for the interview.



Chasing the dragon
The sledge
Into the moonlight
Children of the night
Mark U Black guitar solo
The book of heavy metal
Crusaders anthem
Made of metal
Chosen twice



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