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Here comes the interview I did with the singer Michael just before the show. I asked him some questions about what has happened since I’ve interviewed him and the bass player Micko earlier this year. I’ve also asked him what they’ve been up to this summer.

Interview & Photos by Anders Sandvall

What has happened in the Debase camp since I talked to you earlier this year?

 We released our album in February and then we have done some shows around Sweden at both festivals and clubs.



Do you have any numbers of how much your album have sold?

No not yet but we had some great reviews from different papers and fanzines worldwide.



How many interviews about the album have you done so far?

Micko has done most parts of the interviews and he’s done between 80 to 100 interviews. The bigger papers haven’t written about us but the interest has been huge among the net-based fanzines.



You have done some live shows around Sweden on Sweden Rock Festival and Metaltown Festival, how did that go?

It has gone overwhelmingly good everywhere.


What are the differences between playing in your hometown compared to other cities in Sweden?

Hometown is always special and we have a lot of fans in Malm?. The crowd is a bit more demanding when we play at home ’cause they expect something out of the ordinary of us but at the end of the day hardrockers are hardrockers everywhere we play.



Are there any plans on doing any shows outside Sweden?

We’re waiting for our label and booking agency to send us out in the world.

In some interviews I’ve read you call your music Debase metal how come?

A very dear and familiar music writer came up with that “label” ’cause it’s hard to put us in a special genre, that’s why.



Have you started to write new material for the next album?

We have started to write a little bit on new songs but nothing is ready to record yet.



When can we expect to see the next Debase album out in the stores?

I hope that we have something new out in the spring/summer 2005



Are there any plans on doing a video to any song?

We are busy doing a video to “RESTRAINED” right now. The most part of the video is done, the missing parts is the parts that I’m going to do.



You filmed your release party in order to make a DVD when is that going to be released?

I don’t really know right now but it’s unlikely at this moment. Maybe parts of the recordings are going to appear in videos.



Have your new label lived up to your expectations so far?

Yes they have within the budget they have.


Is there anything you would say to the readers of metal-rules?

You out there who like real heavy metal ought to by our new album UNLEASHED I’ll think you’re going to like it. Hope I’ll see you out on the road.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

The pleasure was all mine Anders.


Band Website:  www.debase.se

Label: www.noiserecords.com

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