Six Feet Under – Live With Full Force (DVD)

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Reviewed: October 2004
Released: 2004, Metal Blade
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland


Six Feet Under has more than it’s share of naysayers, but dammit, I love ‘em! Always have. That being said, does the world really need ANOTHER live album from the band? Over the course of nine years, Six Feet Under has released five studio albums, two cover albums, a live E.P. and now two live albums. Prolific, yes, but wholly unnecessary is it to have such filler between albums. I will give Metal Blade credit for making the live albums worth it. Last year’s (that’s right…they released a Six Feet Under live album just one year ago!) DOUBLE DEAD included a live CD and a full-length live DVD, as well. LIVE WITH FULL FORCE offers the same, although this time it is more scaled down. The DVD was recorded at Germany’s Full Force Summer Open Air on July 3, 2003 and is only 39 minutes long. The accompanying “bonus audio CD” takes five songs from the same show (some bonus) and tacks on a new song. For the price of a single CD, this is a steal for any Six Feet Under fan, but for the love God…enough with the live albums!!

The DVD footage is quite stunning. The picture is crisp and several cameras were utilized to capture the show. The audio is excellent as well, with the band sounding tight and Chris Barnes’ vocals are also clear and sharp. In fact, I would have to say that this is the best live recording yet of the band. Greg Gall’s drums during “Victim of The Paranoid” are pulverizing and Steve Swanson keeps his riffs swirling throughout the tracks. As a precursor to the band’s upcoming GRAVEYARD CLASSICS 2 release, which is a full re-recording of AC/DC’s BACK IN BLACK album, SFU takes on “TNT” and does a pretty good job. Barnes is no Bon Scott, but they give the song a good reinvention, which is what cover songs are supposed to do. “The Day The Dead Walked,” “Feasting on The Blood of The Insane” and “Torture Killer” are better here than I have ever heard the band do live. “Bringer Des Blutes” is a German version of the title track from last year’s BRINGER OF BLOOD. Since the song basically just repeats its title over and over again, Barnes doesn’t exactly have to be a master of the Deutschland tongue to pull it off.

The bonus CD, as mentioned earlier, hardly justifies the worth of this release. You get five of the same identical songs from the very show the DVD was recorded for. The new song, “Dead and Buried (Living Life In The Grave),” features the typical Six Feet Under groove that I dig so much, but this one is nothing to write home about. Terry Butler’s bass is a big part of this track, so much so that it drowns out Barnes’ vocals in places where he is left almost inaudible. Very strange.

I am a big fan of the band myself and own everything they have ever released on CD and DVD and will continue to do so. For the Six Feet Under completist, another release from the band is probably the best news you’ve heard all year and LIVE WITH FULL FORCE is being spun to death already. For everyone else, this is probably the best live capture of Six Feet Under yet, so it may warrant a purchase, especially at the low price it is being tagged at. Still, TWO live albums in two years?!?!?


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Track Listing:
1. Silent Violence
2. Suffering In Ecstasy
3. The Day the Dead Walked
4. Hacked To Pieces
5. Human Target
6. Feasting On The Blood of The Insane
7. Torture Killer
8. No Warning Shot
9. TNT
10. Bringer Des Blutes
11. Amerika The Brutal
12. Victim of The Paranoid

1. Silent Violence
2. Human Target
3. Feasting on The Blood of The Insane
4. TNT
5. Victim of The Paranoid
6. Dead and Buried (Living Life In The Grave)

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Format Reviewed:
Run Time:
Production Year: 2004




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