Shadow Demon – Shadow Demon

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Reviewed: October 2004
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

A metal scene that has been building for some years down in Seattle is finally making itself known to the world with a number of quality bands making an impression. Shadow Demon is one such newcomer as they burst forth with this self-titled debut E.P.
Harkening back to the 80s with a mix of NWOBHM, a little bit of Bay Area thrash influence, and a huge heaping dose of U.S. power metal, SHADOW DEMON is a swift kick in the nuts to those who think Seattle lived and died with the grunge movement. The best song is of course the first one, “…And the Meek” being a prime slice of aggressive melodic metal featuring a killer riff and some great vocals that are nice and gruff (think forgotten greats like Steve Grimmett). One gripe though is that the vocals sometimes go out of tune with the rest of the band, making for occasionally jarring moments. Other than that though, I have no complaints with these three songs. In fact, I want more!
Overall this is a great debut for Shadow Demon that will certainly not disappoint fans of this style of metal. I definitely want to hear more from these guys!


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Track Listing:
1) …And the Meek
2) My Eyes Fixed
3) Of the Shadows

Blaine Hammond: Vocals
Jeff Helm: Guitars
James Rinker: Bass