Jeff Scott Soto – Lost In The Translation

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Reviewed: October 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Earlier this year came an EP meant to give a sneak peak of this album, BELIEVE IN ME. The strongest track on the EP was the title track, which is also featured on this album. The other four tracks on the EP were bonus tracks that don’t appear on LOST IN TRANSLATION. I think most of you know who Jeff Scott Soto is, but if not you can read more about him in the review I did of the EP.

Like the EP, Soto has worked with the Journey member Neal Schon on this album. Schon plays guitar, but also makes a contribution in the writing process. Soto and Schon have also started a band called Soul Sirkus which includes drummer Dean Castronovo (Journey) and bassist Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake).

Soto has gained a reputation as one of the classier and more polished melodic rock artists around. He is the front man every band wants to have. His energy, vocal ability and writing talents make him THE man. He can actually perform everything from funk to R&B to melodic rock to heavy metal. I’ve always been impressed by Soto’s tremendous voice and there’s not many who can take this man when it comes to melodic hard rock. This album can best be described as melodic hard rock. Even the cover looks great on this brilliant album.

Not only does Soto show his amazing vocal range here, he also played some bass and keyboards and produced the album. Soto has been in the music industry for so long now that he knows exactly what he wants his music to sound like. He has mixed his magical voice at the top of the mix along with some really sharp guitar riffs. Soto & Schon are great together as a writing couple.

Soto doesn’t disappoint anyone, and some of the songs that stick to your brain are “Believe In Me”, “Soul Divine”, “Doin’ Time” and “Find Your Way”. “Drowning”, “Lost In The Translation”, “High Time” and “On My Own” are some faster melodic hard rock tracks with guitar at top. And of course Schon and Soto sneak in some ballads and that’s just what we can expect out of a melodic hard rock album. A couple of up-tempo ballads are “If This Is The End” and “Beginning 2 End”. In these two songs Soto really has the chance to show off his incredible vocal range. The album closes with “Sacred Eyes” which is an almost totally acoustic track.

Soto has made an album for everyone who likes melodic hard rock mixed with some faster melodic hard rock and some ballads as well. The whole album is solid and Soto has created a shocking soundscape.


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Track Listing:
1. Believe In Me
2. Soul Divine
3. Drowning
4. If This Is The End
5. Lost In The Translation
6. Doin’ Time
7. High Time
8. Beginning 2 End
9. On My Own
10. Find Your Way
11. Sacred Eyes

Jeff Scott Soto – lead vocals, bass, keyboard
Neal Schon – guitar
Howie Simon – guitar
Gary Schutt – guitar
Glen Sobel – drums