Glittertind – Evige Asatro

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Reviewed: October 2004
Released: 2004, New Aeon Media/Sound Pollution
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Glittertind comes from Norway and has been picked up by New Aeon Media which is a sub label of Karmageddon Media. Glittertind is a one man project of Torbjörn Sandvik who does everything on the album. He does the lead vocals, plays all the instruments and does the producing, the mastering and the mixing. He has also written all the 8 songs and 5 of the songs has he arranged because they are old classic Norwegian folk songs.

Torbjörn has chosen to sing in Norwegian on the album and that is a fatal mistake because he limits the market for himself. I don’t think anyone outside Scandinavia has a clue of what he’s singing about. Lyricwise this sounds very patriotic and sometimes it feels like it almost borders on racism.

Torbjörn is a very young artist as he was born in 1985. The name Glittertind comes from one of the highest mountains of Jotunheimen in Norway that’s called Glittertind. According to the info note “Glittertind didn’t want to glorify the past but strongly stands for the belief that to understand the future one has to learn from the past. To set the record straight this does not mean other cultures or histories are less, this behavior is often linked to racism but it’s NOT Glittertind’s point of view (nor the labels)”. Anyway in my book it all seems to be a bit too patriotic for my taste.

Torbjörn went into the Studio and recorded this album between 2001/02 except for “NORGES SKAAL” that was recorded in spring of 2004. Torbjörn has manage to create a perfect match between metal and folk and punk music that sometimes sounds really dirty and quite brilliant. But sadly it sounds like Torbjörn has done an absolutely forbidden thing within the metal scene… it sounds like he has used a drummachine. Skrymer from the Finnish band Finntroll did the cover. It captures the music but yet I think it has a lot more to do with the ancient Nordic mythology than with a cover to an album. Already here you can get the wrong impression of the music.

“KARL DEN STORE”; “FJELLHEIMEN GIR MEG FRED”; “FROSTRIKET” and “SE NORGES BLOMSTERDAL”. Are songs where Glittertind has made a perfect match between heavy metal and noisy punk music. The lead vocals and the guitars are at the top of the mix and on some of the songs there is heavy use of double bass pedals. Torbjörn has not an amazing voice but he can pull this off. “SONNER AV NORGE”; “OLAV DIRGE”; “NORDMANNEN” is a crossover between metal/punk and folk music with the main focus on the folk music.

The negative side worth mentioning is that Torbjörn can’t sing too well. Sure it fits the music but not to anything else. It sounds like he has used a drummachine and only that should drag down the rating to a zero. The material can sometimes, in my personal opinion, be considered too patriotic for my taste. He almost stumbles on the line of being a bit of a racist sometimes. And also the fact that he has limited himself from a world-wide market when he sings in Norwegian is a BIG negative thing. When we are mentioning the positive things about the album it’s worth saying that he has made an interesting mix of metal/punk and pagan/folk music and a few of the songs are of a high quality.

I can recommend this to anyone who likes Finntroll or Storm. Personally I’m a bit skeptical of music in this genre.


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Track Listing:
Karl den store
Sonner av Norge
En stille morgen
Fjellheimen gir meg fred
Olav Dirge
Evige asatro
Se Norges blomsterdal
Om kvelden nard et morkner
Norges Skaal (bonus track)

Torbjörn Sandvik – lead vocals, all instruments