From the Inside featuring Danny Vaughn – Danny Vaughn

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Reviewed: October 2004
Released: 2004, Frontiers Records/Atenzia Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is yet another project like Over the Edge featuring Mickey Thomas who was released earlier this year from the same label. This time the project evolves around Danny Vaughn and here is some back info about him.

He started out in the band Waysted before he moved along to join Tyketto together with Brooke, Jimi and Michael. Tyketto’s debut was called DON’T COME EASY and is a modern classic today. That album was a slightly harder combination of Journey and Foreigner and made two singles “FOREVER YOUNG” and the ballad “STANDING ALONE”. Album number two “STRENGTH IN NUMBERS” wasn’t a commercial success and Danny left the band 1995 to spend time with his sick wife. He was replaced by Steve Augeri who sang on the two last Tyketto albums which didn’t do so well and after that the band was put on hold.

Danny appeared on the Flesh and Blood blues-rock supergroup together with Al Pitrelli (Megadeath) and Mark Mangold (The Sign and Drive She said).

In 1999 the rumors regarding Tyketto’s re-union with Vaughn, Clayton and Scott started to circle but instead of using the name Tyketto they chose to simply call themselves Vaughn. The Project Vaughn released two album SOLDIERS AND SAILORS ON THE RIVERSIDE (2000) and FEARLESS (2001). Those two albums didn’t do so well either and the fans of the original Tyketto weren’t impressed either by the more blues and acoustic based rock on the two albums.

In 2003 Frontiers contacted Danny and asked him if he was interested of a project called From the Inside, something that definitely could bring him back to the spotlight he deserved being one of the hottest vocalists in melodic rock nowadays. According to Danny he was nervous because of many reasons, one was that he was going to work and sing songs that other people had written and also to write his own songs specifically for the project. “I think we took some interesting chances but still that’s one of the most melodic rock albums I’ve done in a long time” Danny says.

The big question is if Danny’s voice is still as strong as it was back then and yes it certainly is. He lifts the music and the lyrics with his enormous vocal capacity and vocal range.

The album contains 11 tracks some of them written by Danny, Fabrizio Grossi and Desmond Child. Fabrizio has also produced the album and besides that he plays both keyboard and bass. Fabrizio has done a brilliant production job and he has left a big space in the soundpicture for Danny’s voice to fill up. To be this kind of music Fabrizio has put the most focus on lead vocals and guitar compared to other productions in this music genre.

“NOTHING AT ALL” and “RELENTLESS” kick off this album and those songs are both heavy melodic rock. Danny has a big part of the soundpicture along with some sharp guitar riffs and the first song is an excellent opening to this album. The other song shifts between being an up-tempo ballad and a more melodic hardrock/ heavy melodic hardrock track.
“SUDDENLY”, “STOP”, “BLESSING”, “IN DISGUISE” and “ALWAYS” is more melodic hardrock tracks influenced by melodic rock with guitar and keyboard at the top of the mix. In the second song Danny shares the soundpicture with JM Scattolin on solo guitar. The third song is more of a melodic rock kind and is also very sing a long friendly. “FIGHT FOR LOVE”, “DAMN” and “BEAUTIFUL GOODBYE” where the first song borders to an up-tempo ballad in mid-tempo. The second song is also an up-tempo song influenced by blues/melodic rock, it also sounds like they have added strings. “LOSING GAME” and “IS ANYBODY WATCHING ME”, the first song is a pure ballad with nothing much going on. The second track has the potential to become a real monster hit with Danny’s incredible voice.

There isn’t so much to complain about here. The project has really competent musicians and well-written material. But again I have to say that these constant love lyrics are so boring, please write about something else. Frontiers should also put some money into hiring some artwork people to make some decent covers.


I warmly recommend this to everybody who’s into melodic hardrock/melodic rock or to anyone who wants to hear Danny’s extraordinary voice again. I think this is one of the best releases from Frontiers so far this year.


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Track Listing:
Nothing at all
Fight for love
Losing game
Blessing in disguise
Is anybody watching me?
Beautiful goodbye

Danny Vaughn – lead vocals, b-vox, acoustic/additional guitar
JM Scattolin – rhythm & lead guitar
Masayoshi Yamasuha – drums
Joachin Cannaiulo – drums
Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi – bass and keyboards
Francis Benitez – b-vox