Divinity Destroyed – Eden in Ashes

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Reviewed: October 2004
Released: 2004, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Woah, this one has taken me by surprise. This New Jersey band having never shown up on my radar before, I was completely unprepared for the wonderfully intriguing sounds presented on this disc, their third. Combining disparate elements like death metal, prog-metal, folk, and even some pop-ish melodies (and no mallcore or nu-metal for those clowns who might think so), Divinity Destroyed are certainly doing their own thing. They have apparently proved resilient too, opening for such diverse bands as Nightwish, The Misfits, Symphony X, and Lamb of God. Somehow I can’t see Jerry Only’s goth-punk crowd digging this stuff. Fuck’em, it’s their loss.
Anyway, EDEN IN ASHES is quite the head-trip of a disc, going places that even some of the most hardened prog-heads wouldn’t dream of. I mean, when you can go from black metal to death metal to progressive a la Yes in one song, you’re straying somewhat from the beaten path. Don’t mistake me: this is a good thing!
Despite the inherent heaviness of the tracks, there is a certain ethereal quality to the music, as witnessed in album highlight “Threnody” (despite the occasional off-key singing). Still, the band can get downright vicious at times, even featuring Randal from Beyond the Flesh on some shredded guest vocals.
I highly recommend adventurous listeners looking for something different to check this band out, because even though they’re not perfect and could really benefit from a professional production job, they really are forging something original. At the very least, it will open your ears to new metallic possibilities.


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Track Listing:
1) Sweet Heresy
2) Threnody
3) Borealis
4) Nothing but a Shadow
5) Aurora
6) Empty the Sky
7) Crestfallen
8) Disciple

Mark Ward: Vocals/Guitar
Dan Leonard: Drums
Tom Ward: Guitar/Vocals
Sgt. Proft: Bass/Vocals
Jonny Heerema: Keyboards