Dauntless – RUINS MMIV

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Reviewed: October 2004
Released: 2004, Self-released
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I´ve got five cliché-ridden words to describe Dauntless: killer deathrashing metal from Finland! Or, how about another 6 cliché-infested, worm-eaten words instead: Mangling, punishing, ripping, murderous, devastating, savage. Alright, I feel mercy for you. Let´s just stick with the aforementioned terminology rather than continue with this nonsense any further, shall we?

Dauntless’ latest 3-track offering will hopefully get them signed to a decent record company. There’s lots of sheer potential in this brand new demo titled RUINS MMIV. Right from the very first riffs of “Ruins”, Dauntless sounds ready to hunt you down and grind your worthless skull to pieces. The band’s remarkable potential shows up in their tight and flawless playing all the way through a demo that is full of deliciously sinister ideas that simply cannot remain unnoticed by an experienced death/thrash metal listener.

Need comparisons? Try to imagine a thrashier version from Deicide… I mean, sort of a thrashier version off the LEGION -era Deicide especially. I think it´s mostly because of the familiar riffs and rhythms that they tend to use in songs like “Blindfolded Solutions” that they remind of Deicide. That comes quite close to describing the deadly and ruthless plague that Dauntless brings to the more extreme side of the underground metal scene. It would be a screaming crime if Dauntless doesn´t land a record deal with a decent record company. This is a damn promising three track bone-grinder and I’m 100% positive something good will come out of this. I for one will definitely keep both my fingers and toes crossed for them from now on.


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Track Listing:
01. Ruins
02. Sickest Victory
03. Blindfolded Solutions

Ari Nieminen – Vocals
Sami Helle – Guitar & vocals
Riku Katainen – Lead guitar
Tuomo Tukkimäki – Bass
Santeri Salmi – Drums