Chastain – In An Outrage

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Reviewed: October 2004
Released: 2004, Leviathan Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Chastain are back with a Vengeance…. 2004 marks the 20th Anniversary of the band and IN AN OUTRAGE is the bands 8th release in that time. Though the band hasn’t released a CD since 1997’s IN DEMETIA David Chastain hasn’t been idle. Besides working with his Leviathan Records label David has also released a CJSS reunion album, 2 discs with his blues-rock band Southern Gentlemen and a number of solo releases. So needless to say Chastain has been a busy man. Not only does IN AN OUTRAGE mark the bands first release in 7 years but it marks a return to the roots of Chastain. I have to admit that I thought that SICK SOCIETY and IN DEMENTIA were a bit out there compared to some of Chastain’s classic earlier releases but with this new release there is no doubt that the band has found a great balance between their classic past and the modern present. Joining David and vocalist Kate French are drummer Larry Howe and bassist David Starr who were previously members of Vicious Rumours.

Sirens usher in the new and improved version of Chastain with the opening track “In An Outrage”. The vintage Chastain sound is back with crunchy yet melodic guitar work that melds beautifully with the gravelly, smoldering voice of Kate French. The new rhythm section of Starr and Howe is punchy and gives David T the solid backbone to highlight his shredding skills. French shines on the mid tempo romping “Lucky To Be Alive” which deals with the fact that most people don’t recognize how good they have it. Even the simple fact of living makes most people lucky. The first single and one of the strongest songs on the disc is “Bullet From A Gun”. The band has even gone so far as to film a video (which is excellent) that introduces the newest line-up of the band as an energetic unit that puts on one hell of a show. Hopefully Chastain will tour behind this release so the metal world can be reintroduced to one of the genre\’s best hidden gems.

Its amazing that it has taken 7 years for Chastain, the band, to release this album. I have also been listening to the remastered, re-release of the classic Chastain albums THE 7TH OF NEVER and THE VOICE OF THE CULT and I think it is safe to say that after forging a more modern sound with their 90s releases, Chastain has returned to a sound that is more akin to these 80s releases. Kate French, though much more rough vocally, is a great replacement for Leather Leone and is the perfect accomplice for David T in his quest to “outrage” the metal world.


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Track Listing:
1. In A Outrage
2. Malicious Pigs
3. Lucky To Be Alive
4. Souls The Sun
5. Bullet From A Gun 10.
6. Women Are Wicked
7. Tortured Love
8. Beginnings
9. Rule The World
10. Hamunaptra

David T Chastain: guitar
Kate French: vocals
Larry Howe: drums
David Starr: bass